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Combine multiple PDF documents, images, or Microsoft Word documents into one multi-page PDF without losing quality.

Unlimited and Full-featured PDF Merger Software

PDFgear is a well-received freeware to merge PDF and PDF on Windows and Mac. Aside from being free, PDFgear is also unlimited in terms of input file size/number, using times, and watermarks. Besides, it’s packed with tons of other PDF organizing, editing, and management features.

Custom Page Ranges

With the flexible choices of PDF page ranges, you get to combine PDF in a customizable way. Choose specific page ranges in multiple PDF documents to combine into one PDF. Reordering imported PDFs before the combining is supported as well.

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Organize PDF Pages

If you accidentally make any mistake during the PDF combining process, or if you need to further delete, insert, or rearrange PDF pages, the PDFgear also lets you organize PDF pages intuitively in a drag-and-drop manner.

PDF Joiner without Restrictions

PDFgear PDF Combiner allows you to merge as many PDF files as you want in one go. There won’t be page corrupting/missing or slow combining issues during the process. Additionally, the times of your merging work are also unlimited.

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AI PDF Merger

Work smarter with PDFgear’s AI-powered feature PDFgear Copilot. Get instant answers from the joint large PDFs, extract/locate the key information, or summarize lengthy PDF documents into bite-sized sentences to understand your files better.

Combine Other Files into PDF

With the integrated PDF converter tool, you get to combine multiple images and other document formats like screenshots into one PDF as well. Supported file formats include JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, Word, Excel, PPT, RTF, TXT, etc.

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More than a PDF Combiner

PDFgear is also a powerful PDF split and merge tool that helps you precisely extract pages from PDF. Moreover, as a powerful PDF editor, PDFgear makes it possible to edit PDF text, annotate PDFs, OCR PDFs, fill out PDF forms, etc.

PDF works, simplified. Get PDFgear.

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Combine PDF Online Free Without Restrictions

Merge two or more PDF files into one online straight away, without cost, without signing up, and without downloading or installing software. 

There’s no limit to the number of using times, and the output file doesn’t contain watermarks.

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Your Questions are Answered

Can I reorder PDF pages before or after merging?

In PDFgear, you can reorder the PDF page rearranging feature to reorder the combined PDF file after the merging. On the other hand, before the PDF merging, you can only rearrange the sequence of imported PDF files instead of the specific pages.

Are merged PDFs searchable?

If the PDF files merged were searchable before the merging process, the resulting PDF will remain searchable. If you merge a searchable PDF with a scanned PDF, the output PDF will have both searchable and unsearchable PDF pages.

Can I rotate PDF pages before merging?

Yes, with PDFgear, rotating a particular PDF page before combining it with other PDFs is also feasible. To do this, you need to access the PDF page arrangement feature in the Page feature section.

How to merge multiple images into a PDF?

Aside from combining PDFs, PDFgear also allows you to merge multiple images into a PDF, which can be implemented using the Image to PDF converter feature. Supported image formats include JPG(JPEG), PNG, BMP, and ICO.

Can I combine PDFs without software?

Sure, you can freely merge multiple PDFs into one using the free PDFgear Online PDF Merger. However, for more granular controls such as custom page ranges and page rearrangement, you are recommended to use PDFgear.

Will merging PDFs affect the quality of the content?

Merging PDFs alone does not affect the quality of the content and maintains the same quality as the original documents. However, the quality may be affected if you manipulate the files, resize them, or apply other editing features.

Is PDFgear PDF merger safe?

PDFgear Offline PDF Merger is 100% safe to use, the program is ISO 27001 certified and regulated by GDPR. The online service and desktop software do not save private files unpermitted. Moreover, PDFgear is strong and secure enough to fend off potential security breaches from various types of attacks.