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Compress your PDFs and reduce sizes by up to 90% without losing quality. 100% free with no limits!

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Experience top-tier PDF compression on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad with PDFgear's free software. Equipped with Adobe-level technology and innovative ChatGPT integration, it delivers high-efficiency compression and intelligent editing for your PDF works.

Supreme Compression Performance

Thanks to diverse compression modes and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC-level technology, you can experience up to 90% size reduction and batch compression features. With PDFgear, your PDF files remain intact and of high quality, even after significant size reductions.

Supreme Compression Performance
Innovative ChatGPT Technology

Innovative ChatGPT Technology

Elevate your productivity with AI-powered assistance. PDFgear doesn't just compress; it smartly analyzes, summarizes, and suggests quick edits, transforming the way you manage your PDF documents on your computer and mobile devices.

Redefining Free PDF Tools

Say goodbye to watermarks and ads, or sign-up requirement. PDFgear offers a truly free experience with unlimited access to all its features, setting a new standard for free PDF software without compromising on quality or functionality.

Redefining Free PDF Tools
Beyond PDF Compression Software

Beyond PDF Compression Software

With PDFgear desktop & mobile, compress and edit your PDFs anytime, anywhere - even without an internet connection. Your data is secured, and you will have access to a comprehensive suite of PDF editing features, beyond compression.

Free Online PDF Compression with PDFgear

Effortlessly reduce PDF sizes directly in your browser with PDFgear's online PDF compressor. No downloads, no installations, and entirely free – a convenient solution for fast and efficient PDF compression. 

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Tips and Tricks about PDF Compression

How to Hyper Compress PDF 90% for Free

Drag and drop to fast extremely compress PDF files online to 10% with 80% quality retained.

How to Compress PDF on Windows & Mac

This article will introduce 3 free methods to efficiently compress PDF files offline

How to Compress PDF to 300 KB (or Less)

Fast compress PDF to 300 KB or less on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

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Your Questions are

Your Questions are Answered

What platforms are PDFgear Desktop on?

PDFgear Desktop is a piece of cross-platform PDF compressor software that works flawlessly on Windows 11, Windows 10, and Mac computers/laptops.

Can I compress PDF documents offline?

Yes, as long as you’ve installed PDFgear for Windows, PDFgear for Mac, or PDFgear iOS app, you’ll be able to compress PDF offline on Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad, any time you want.

How to reduce the size of scanned documents?

Scanned documents are usually large in file size, and you can reduce their size of it by downgrading DPI, or using PDFgear Desktop software or Mobile app. For more details, please check our guide to reducing the size of scanned documents.

How to compress PDF without image quality loss?

To compress PDF documents without compromising the visual quality of images and text, you need a lossless PDF compressor like PDFgear. And make sure to choose a lower compression level.

Is PDFgear PDF Compressor safe to use?

Apart from being free to use, PDFgear PDF Compressor is completely safe, clean, and secure. There won’t be advertisements or foisting software, and PDFgear programs has passed the app validation and safety tests by app stores like Microsoft store and Apple app store.

What can you do with the PDFgear PDF Compressor?

Not only can you reduce file sizes, but PDFgear also allows you to comprehensively edit your PDF documents. Add text, images, forms, signatures, and more with ease. Moreover, PDFgear offers a multitude of additional features, such as page organization, PDF format conversion, and interactive chat with PDF, all for enhancing your overall PDF document management experience.