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Batch convert between documents and images in high quality.

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PDFgear is a free, fast, powerful, and reliable PDF converter that works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

From an intuitive interface, you get to flawlessly convert your files in simple clicks. And with robust security measures, your documents remain confidential and safe.

Extensive Supported Formats

PDFgear supports 60+ document formats, Microsoft Office documents, and image file formats, allowing a wealth of file conversions such as converting images like screenshots to PDF, converting Excel to PDF, and converting TXT to PDF.

Extensive Supported Formats
Original Formatting Retained

Original Formatting Retained

PDFgear retains the formatting of the original file, such as text fonts, font size, text alignment, spacing, special characters, etc. Seamlessly convert Word to PDF without changing text font. Meanwhile, high-quality outputs are also guaranteed.

AI PDF Converter

PDFgear leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help optimize workflows. Now you can intuitively send PDF conversion instructions using natural language, and PDF Copilot will do the rest. Software GUI is now history.

AI PDF Converter
Copy Scanned PDF Text

Copy Scanned PDF Text

The OCR-powered PDF converter models make it possible for you to extract text from scanned PDFs, or convert scanned PDFs into editable Microsoft Word. Moreover, you can copy text from PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, etc., without the text gibberish issue.

Fast PDF Converter

PDFgear boasts 60% faster PDF conversions compared with traditional PDF converters. Additionally, with the native support for batch conversions, PDFgear allows you to convert multiple PDF files at one go, with custom page range settings.

Fast PDF Converter
Competent Editing Features

Competent Editing Features

Get your PDF documents ready before converting them to other formats. PDFgear is also packed with a complete set of PDF editing features to annotate PDF, highlight PDF, edit existing text in PDF, rearrange PDF pages, and more.

PDF works, simplified. Get PDFgear.

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Tips and Tricks to Convert PDF

How to Convert PDF to Word Document without Software

Are you tired of downloading bulky software to convert PDF to Word? We reveal some straightforward methods to help you easily convert PDF to Word without using any software.

How to Copy Text from PDF to Excel

Learn how to extract text and data from PDF documents and paste them into Excel spreadsheets for flawless display, without the loss of text/document formatting.

How to Copy Equations from PDF to Word

You can’t directly copy mathematical equations from PDF to Microsoft Word, you need some tricks. On this page, learn from the step-by-step guide to do so without formatting issues.

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Your Questions are

Your Questions are Answered

Is PDFgear PDF Converter really free?

Yes, PDFgear software and app are completely free to use, and there are no premium versions or paid features and such. So please help share it to spread the love!

Can I convert a scanned PDF to an editable format?

Yes, PDFgear lets you convert a scanned PDF into fully editable Microsoft Word, RTF, TXT, Excel, etc. The support for making scanned PDFs editable is still in development.

Will the PDF conversion affect the security settings or permissions?

Converting a PDF file in PDFgear doesn't carry over its security settings or permissions to the new format. For specific higher-level security settings, they may be preserved after the conversion.

How can I convert a PDF while keeping its hyperlinks active?

PDFgear preserves the embedded hyperlinks in PDF when converting it to a Microsoft Word document. In addition, you can copy PDF links and paste them into other document formats.

Can I extract specific pages from a PDF during conversion?

While it’s not possible to extract a specific section of the PDF “during” the conversion, you can use PDFgear PDF Splitter tool to first extract the required PDF pages, and then conduct the needed conversions.

Is there a DPI loss in the PDF to JPG conversion?

Since JPG is a raster format with a specific DPI, and JPG is a lossy format, it can result in a loss of quality, including DPI reduction. During the conversion, PDFgear will maintain the higher DPI value possible.