The 10 Best Full-Length Audiobook YouTube Channels That Will Keep You Hooked

Last updated on March 9, 2023

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Ever wanted to listen to free audiobooks in English online on YouTube without downloading? Check out the 10 best free audiobook YouTube channels we have for you!

Audiobook YouTube Channels

Best Free Audiobook YouTube Channels

Best Free Audiobook YouTube Channels

Most people nowadays are spending a lot of time on the go, whether it’s traveling to and from work, managing several jobs, or dealing with domestic duties. People regularly look for activities to entertain themselves, particularly when commuting. The popularity of audiobooks has skyrocketed in recent years for just this reason. For modern people living in cities, audiobooks are a very meaningful technology! With an easier method to read, readers are more likely to read more, and audiobooks make books more accessible.

On YouTube, there are many free audiobooks available. This article provides a list of YouTube channels that offer free audiobooks for people who are looking for listening to audiobooks online.

For Book Lovers

The Best Free Audiobook Channels

Channel Name Channel ID Subscribers Audiobook Videos Best Choice For
Audiobooks Youtube Free @audiobooksyoutubefree3310 15.4K 892 People who love classic literature in different languages
Bookstream Audiobooks @BookstreamAudiobooks 11.9K 995 Science fiction lovers
Sleep Audiobooks @sleepaudiobooks 9.74K 37 Those who are having problem falling asleep
Love Audiobooks @loveaudiobooks5614 6.45K 28 Romantic audiobooks fans
Storyvision Studios UK @storyvisionstudiosuk191 37.6K 77 Parents who need children’s audiobooks
Books To Read @bookstoread5036 5.42K 18 Readers who want pursue self-improvement
Greatest AudioBooks @GreatestAudioBooks 909K 913 History buffs
RightMind Media @YouAreCreators2 759K 289 Healing mental problems
Audio Books @Audio-Books 382K 13K Readers who ask for book resources
Soothing Pod @SoothingPod 86.9K 230 Listening to relaxing sleep stories for both adults and children

1. Audiobooks YouTube Free

On Audiobooks YouTube Free, you may find literary works from many different countries, the majority of which are well-known works of literature.

From short children’s novels and poetry to the works of Shakespeare, O’Henry, Mark Twain, and Sherlock Holmes stories, it includes a wide range of audiobooks and different genres. In addition, a range of literary genres, including fairy tales, horror novels, adventure audiobooks, etc., are served by the channel.

Have you listened to English audiobooks too much? The greatest option for you is Audiobooks YouTube Free. The audiobooks on it originate from many different nations (including Russia and Japan, etc.) and are played in the languages of the original countries. Subscribe and you can learn new languages while listening to stories, get yourself a fantastic reading experience on Audiobooks YouTube Free!

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Audiobooks YouTube Free the free audiobook YouTube channel

Audiobooks YouTube Free the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

2. Bookstream Audiobooks

Four audiobook fans who are dedicated to sharing their love of audiobooks on YouTube founded the channel Bookstream Audiobooks. Bookstream Audiobooks simply provides audiobooks to its audience, with a focus on science fiction, including Brett Fitzpatrick’s Galaxy Dog.

In addition, there are also Holmes series novels in the channel- the creators have specially offered a collection of audiobooks of Holmes novels: a total of 85 videos in two series, all of which are in full-length. No wonder die-hard Sherlock Holmes fans will be very much delighted with this channel. Also, readers can find other classic pieces from this channel. These videos are presented according to the author’s name, such as renowned authors like Charles Dickens, T. A. Hoffmann, Edgar Wallace, etc., which is very convenient for the audience.

The creators of this channel welcome book lovers to communicate with them. You can go to this channel to leave a comment or DM them to share your ideas. Maybe the next video on this channel may feature audiobooks of your favorite novels!

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Bookstream Audiobooks the free audiobook YouTube channel

Bookstream Audiobooks the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

3. Sleep Audiobooks

As its name suggests, Sleep Audiobooks might be useful for those who have trouble falling asleep: The channel’s creator, who had problems falling asleep for many years, decided to take an action. That’s why he made this channel. This channel features a carefully curated collection of soothing audiobooks and relaxing background sound to help fall asleep fast. Each audiobook is chosen for its soothing narration and understandable subject matter. To be the most calming, narration is slowed down and decreased. To provide a peaceful atmosphere intended to preserve peace and tranquility, additional high-quality ambient noises are added.

For the audience, the audiobook’s blank screen is the finest feature. Listening to the audiobook might help you fall asleep or just relax. The screens of all audiobooks are all black, so there is no extra light. Originally served as a YouTube channel, Sleep AudioBooks is currently developing tools and gathering materials to make it simpler for you to fall asleep. If you are also one of the audiences who struggle to sleep at night, subscribe right now! Besides, you may want to check out the “Sleep App” to learn more.

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Sleep Audiobooks the free audiobook YouTube channel

Sleep Audiobooks the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

4. Love Audiobooks

Undoubtedly, there is still a sizable readership for love stories today. Love Audiobooks is a love-themed audiobook channel that was created in 2012 and has a history of more than ten years, and is still releasing new content.

Listeners will be engaged in tales of romance and mystery thanks to the producers’ elaborate selection of innovative and intriguing romantic audiobooks for subscribers. Among them, the most popular audio novels are the office rom-com, The Hating Game, by Sally Thorne, as well as other very popular classic contemporary love novels.

The intimate narration, compelling characters, and swoon-worthy narratives in these romance stories will appeal to listeners who are looking for an immersive experience. Pick a new romantic right now and start listening while driving, going for your daily walks, or relaxing in bed.

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Love Audiobooks the free audiobook YouTube channel

Love Audiobooks the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

5. Storyvision Studios UK

In addition to the types of audiobooks mentioned above, children’s audiobooks are also very popular nowadays. Many people regard listening to audiobooks as the key method of helping their kids start the very first step to learning. If you are one of them, Storyvision Studios UK could be a very good choice.

Storyvision Studios UK offers reliable, enjoyable, interesting, and beautifully illustrated audiobooks, making it a wonderful resource for parents, caregivers, and educational settings. These books play a beneficial role for children, such as teaching children how to deal with anger, face mistakes, and science popularization of animals. They also create their own stories and illustrations in an effort to enchant young readers with their captivating tales and vibrant works of art.

When you come home from a busy work day, it is undoubtedly the best thing to enjoy bedtime with your children while they can learn some knowledge by listening to audiobooks.

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Storyvision Studios UK the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

Storyvision Studios UK the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

6. Books To Read

People are so occupied with working in an increasingly today’s hectic society that we neglect to set aside time for our improvement. World’s Top Books (Self Help, Leadership & Motivational) English/Hindi Summaries are the focus of this channel- Books To Read. Discovering some incredible books that can help people succeed in life, develop, and stay connected to the outside world is possible in Books To Read.

As reading also broadens our understanding, subscribers can make progress academically and personally. This channel is for you if you’re one of the numerous people who pick up a book but never make it to the last page. Stop making excuses for yourself that you don’t have enough time to grab a book as audiobooks can solve your problem easily. You’re about to go on a journey of realizing self-worth and maintaining personal growth.

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Books To Read the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

Books To Read the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

7. Greatest AudioBooks

Greatest AudioBooks started its journey of posting audiobooks YouTube on October 30, 2012, and as of today, it has posted 913 videos till now. This makes it a trustworthy source for those looking for audiobooks to listen to.

There are a lot of categories of books, among which there is a collection called BLACK HISTORY. It’s about African American culture and aims at voicing for black people, and you can find Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup and Putting the Most into Life by Booker T. Washington…Besides, this channel also offers some content that is good for your mental health, festival-themed books, children’s books, etc. Greatest AudioBooks also prepared many choices for you: The Einstein Theory of Relativity, Helen Keller’s works, the history of wars, American history…

Subscribe to enjoy the rich content and please stay tuned for their next author interviews, book reviews, and writing lesson videos!

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Greatest AudioBooks the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

Greatest AudioBooks the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

8. RightMind Media

Do you enjoy watching sporting events? Have you ever been inspired by any athletes? RightMind Media is an audiobook channel focusing on mental health, and several full audiobook videos have received large number of views. It’s committed to comprehending how athletes’ minds work. They think that a person’s “MIND” is what ultimately determines whether they succeed or fail.

What defines a Champion? What psychological characteristics characterize a Hall of Famer? With this channel, the audience can read about that how famous athletes deal with their desires for money and fame, and how to overcome physical and mental problems to achieve a better state of life. One interesting feature of the audiobooks is that they are all going with quiet background music and the voice always echoes a little, creating a feeling of exactly being in a large gymnasium for listeners.

By listening online to their stories on RightMind Media, you can not only know more about the athlete’s life stories but also going to figure out your way to cure yourself!

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RightMind Media the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

RightMind Media the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

9. Audio Books

Among all the YouTube audiobook channels recommended in this article, Audio Books is the earliest one with the largest number of subscribers (382,000 subscribers) and views. The book resources are so rich that there are 13,000 videos for you to choose from. You can literally take it as a library!

Audio Books mainly offers public domain full audiobooks, among which the most streamed one is The Art of Money Getting written by P. T. Barnum: For those who want to learn from a significant historical business leader’s own personal accomplishment and for those looking for some great motivation, this book is fantastic. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about mythology, you may consult a well-known primer to Greek and Roman mythology- Stories of Old Greece and Rome. In addition, the channel also contains the works of many well-known writers from all over the world, including the Russian writer Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol-Anovskii and the British writer Charles Lamb, and it also provide Short Science Fiction Collection.

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Audio Books the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

Audio Books the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

10. Soothing Pod – Sleep Meditation & Bedtime Stories

Soothing Pod was created in 2020 and has gained so many subscribers in just a few years. It is committed to assisting you in getting more rest and improving your quality of sleep, and it protects your mental health by giving sleep and rest time the top priority. If you are suffering from much pressure in your life and having a hard time falling asleep, it’s always rewarding to enjoy moments of relaxation and calmness every night. Soothing Pod has prepared some useful collections for you: relaxing sleep stories (including love stories), as well as bedtime stories for you and your kids. Besides bedtime stories, you can find soothing relaxation music, nature sounds, and ASMR ambiance both for adults and kids.

Lack of sleep or insomnia, are very harmful to physical health, and will also affect mental health. For a long time, these problems will form a vicious circle. We hope that readers who have difficulty falling asleep can find their solutions on this channel and have high-quality rest time. Subscribe now and have a mindful day and restful night with Soothing Pod!

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Soothing Pod the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

Soothing Pod the Free Audiobook YouTube Channel

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So that’ll be all about the best Audiobook YouTube channels for you to discover free audiobooks on YouTube! I hope you like it and please share the article if so. Addtionally, if you’re looking for other solutions to listening to free audiobooks with or without internet, the PDFgear blog have other useful posts you need.

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