How to Convert HEIC to PDF on Mac Step-by-Step Guide

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This guide introduces a hassle-free solution for converting HEIC images into PDF files without any restrictions for Mac users. PDFgear HEIC to PDF Converter is a completely free tool that seamlessly merges HEIC files into high-quality PDFs, all without requiring registration, displaying ads, or adding watermarks.

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How to Convert HEIC to PDF on Mac

How to Convert HEIC to PDF on Mac

HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File Format) is a modern image format developed by Apple, designed to save storage space while maintaining high image quality. However, working with HEIC files can be challenging, especially when trying to open them on non-Apple devices or preparing them for sharing or printing.

In the following sections, we provide a straightforward solutions to make HEIC image conversion to PDF formats a breeze which also works on iPhone.

Convert HEIC to PDF Using Free Online HEIC Converter

I would say it can be really easy to convert HEIC to PDF on Mac by utilizing an online converter like PDFgear.

This method is quick, user-friendly, and doesn’t require any software installation. Online converters such as PDFgear are free to use, don’t necessitate registration, and won’t imprint watermarks on the resulting PDFs.

Keep in mind that they may have some limitations when it comes to batch processing multiple HEIC files, as they typically merge all the HEIC files into a single PDF by default.

Step 1. Upload HEIC Files to Online Converter

Visit the PDFgear HEIC to PDF Converter website. Click the “Upload HEIC” button to select the HEIC files you wish to convert to PDF. You can select multiple files at once.

Upload HEIC Files

Upload HEIC Files

Step 2. Convert and Merge

After uploading your HEIC files, you can only select one HEIC file at the begining. But you can upload more after then.

Select Several HEIC Files

Select Several HEIC Files

Well, after your successfully upload of HEIC files, you can hit the Convert button to get the files converted to PDF.

Process the HEIC Conversion

Process the HEIC Conversion

Step 3. Download the PDF

Once the conversion is complete, you’ll receive a download link for your PDF file. Simply click on it to save the PDF to your device.

Download the Converted HEIC File

Download the Converted HEIC File

Generally Asked Questions When Convert HEIC to PDF

Are there any limitations to using the online converter?

The online converter, like PDFgear, may have limitations when it comes to batch processing and merging multiple HEIC files into a single PDF. It is best suited for individual or small-scale conversions.

Will my PDFs have watermarks when using PDFgear or the online converter?

No, the PDFgear online converter does not add watermarks to the resulting PDF files. Your converted PDFs will be free from any watermarks.

Is PDFgear compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems?

Yes, PDFgear’s online converter is a web-based tool that can be used on both Windows and macOS computers through a web browser, without any platform-specific requirements.


In summary, converting HEIC files to PDF on your Mac with the online PDFgear HEIC to PDF Converter is incredibly straightforward. It’s completely ad-free, comes at no cost, and doesn’t require any email sign-up. Converting your HEIC files to PDF not only conserves storage space but also ensures accessibility for a wider range of users.

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