3 Free Ways to Convert PDF to Text [Online and Offline]

Last updated on March 11, 2024

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With PDFgear, you can be able to convert PDF to text quickly and easily. You can rely on PDFgear to provide all the value and benefits you need to handle any PDF-related task without any hassle.

Convert PDF to Text

How to Convert PDF to Text for Free Online and Offline

How to Convert PDF to Text for Free Online and Offline

When it comes to editing text in PDFs, it’s a little bit tricky. Text documents consist of text data only, and are a common form of file for any computer system.

After converting PDF documents to Text documents, you can use the data contained in this PDF document on any device, very convenient. Here we will teach you a quick online PDF document into a free method of Text.

ūüĎȬ†To save time, directly get PDFgear, the best free PDF-to-text converter software for Windows and Mac.

How to Convert PDF to Text Offline for Free

For converting uneditable PDF documents or scanned PDFs into editable file formats, a dedicated PDF to Text converter is what you need, and PDFgear is one of the best of them.

Free PDF to Text Converter

Convert PDF documents to fully editable Microsoft Word, TXT, Excel, PPT, etc. for free.

PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF converter as well as editor that allows you to convert PDF to text-based formats, or directly copy text from PDF for further use.

Let’s see how to use PDFgear, a trustworthy PDF-to-text converter. With PDFgear desktop software, you can easily convert scanned PDF to text and save it as a text file.

Step 1. Free Download PDFgear Software

PDFgear software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems, now get the PDFgear Desktop for free now.

After the software is successfully installed on your device, launch PDFgear. Then follow the steps below.

Step 2. Upload Multiple PDF Files

Navigate to “Convert from PDF” > Select “PDF to Text Files” > Click the “Add Files” button to jump to the File Explorer > Choose to upload PDF documents.

Open PDFgear PDF to Text Converter

Open PDFgear PDF to Text Converter

Step 3. Batch Convert PDF to Text

Preset the output file location > Check the “OCR” button to extract the text from images in the PDF file > Tap on¬†the red “Convert” button.

Batch Convert PDFs to Text Files with PDFgear

Batch Convert PDFs to Text Files with PDFgear

PDFgear Converter speeds up the whole conversion process and provides you with accurate conversion results in seconds.

How to Convert PDF to Text Online for Free

No download, no fee, no install, no limitation, no watermark. A browser and a stable Internet connection are all you need to convert any PDF to text. The operation steps are very simple, the specific process is as follows.

Step 1. Open the PDFgear Online Converter

Access to PDFgear online PDF to Word Converter from any browser. Click the Choose files button on the main interface to upload your target PDF files.

Or drag your file into the PDF to Text converter to upload.

Upload the PDF File Online

Upload the PDF File Online

Step 2. Convert PDF to Text Online

Once you have successfully uploaded the PDF document, PDFgear will automatically convert the PDF to Text online in a few seconds.

Convert PDF to Word Online

Convert PDF to Word Online

Step 3. Save the Converted Word File

You can download your file as a fully editable Text document! The whole process is fast and easy and it always provides amazing benefits and quality without any hassle.

Download the New Word File

Download the New Word File

But this method only supports you to convert a PDF file to Text, if you want to batch convert PDF to Text, then please see the next method.

How to Convert PDF to Text Using OCR Tool

For scanned pdf files, the OCR tool in PDFgear Desktop can help you scan the content and extract the text from PDF.

Step 1. Install PDFgear Desktop

Download PDFgear from its official website > Fire up the software > Click Open File to upload your PDF.

Upload the PDF File to PDFgear Desktop

Upload the PDF File to PDFgear Desktop

Step 2.  OCR The PDF

Click OCR in the upper ribbon > Drag your mouse to select the area > Hit done to extract the text from your PDF.

Using OCR Tool to Extract the Text

Using OCR Tool to Extract the Text

Step 3. Save the Text Document

Choose a language you desired > Tap on the Save in the pop-up > Select a location on your device > Name your file > Click Save.

Save a Text File to Your Device

Save a Text File to Your Device

However, this method is only suitable for text-based scanned PDFs without images. Alternatively, you can flatten the PDF to convert it into a text format.


Why Should You Convert PDF to Text?

Plain text files are easy to open and save on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, and the file size of the file format is relatively small compared to PDF. PDF files may need to be converted to text, especially if they don’t require any formatting, fonts, or interactive elements.

Does PDFgear Have Usage Restrictions?

PDFgear online tool and offline software are 100% free, you don’t have to worry about being limited to only a few uploads. With no registration and no watermark, you can use PDFgear online and offline tools to handle as many PDF-related tasks as possible.

What Can PDFgear Do for You?

Our main focus is on users handling any PDF-related tasks. PDFgear provides a one-stop solution for you to convert, edit, crop, merge, compress PDFs, etc. Whether you are studying or working, using a solution like PDFgear really makes a lot of sense.

Is It Free to Convert PDF to Text Online?

It is 100% free to convert PDF to Text. PDFgear does not have any upload or file size restrictions, so we can easily always handle even very large files for you. There are no hidden fees either, the whole process is offered for free and you will always be very happy with the results.

Is It Safe to Use PDFgear?

We never keep your data, the safety of your files is our number one guideline. After you leave or refresh your browser, all your uploaded files are automatically deleted from our servers. This enhances privacy and it gives you all the control you want, no questions asked.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to PDFgear¬†PDF Editor, it’s easy to get the highest quality file conversion service. All the services offered on our website are free of charge and all you have to do is give our tool a chance. If you have a lot of PDF files that you need to convert to text quickly, then go ahead and download the robust PDF tool to improve your productivity.

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