2 Simple Ways to Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Last updated on February 6, 2023

Summary :

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to convert your PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides. We will lead you through two free, straightforward ways to convert your PowerPoint to Google Slides in this article. To guide readers through the converting process, the page includes thorough instructions and screenshots.

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Google Slides is a powerful online presentation tool that allows users to interact in real time on a presentation. It’s no wonder that many individuals desire to convert their PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides. Fortunately, it is straightforward to accomplish with only a few basic steps.

In this article, we’ll go through a couple of methods for converting your PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides. We’ll also go over some tips and tricks for making your presentation look its best. Let’s get started!

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Convert A PowerPoint to Google Slides by Uploading it to Google Drive

Google Drive’s feature of converting PowerPoint to Google Slides is usually very useful. The conversion process is usually fast, and the converted Google Slides files are usually similar to the original PowerPoint files.

However, sometimes there may be some differences in the converted files due to formatting differences or compatibility issues, and a few modifications are needed. Generally, text, images, tables, and basic typography will be converted correctly. But some advanced features, such as animations and videos, may need to be manually re-added.

Step 1. Upload PowerPoint to Google Drive

To access Google Drive, you must first into your Google account.

Upload PowerPoint to Google Drive

Upload PowerPoint to Google Drive

You can choose “File upload” from the drop-down menu by clicking the “New” button once you’ve navigated to Google Drive. The PowerPoint file can then be located on your PC and uploaded to Google Drive.

Step 2. Open the PowerPoint with Google Slides

Once your PowerPoint file has been uploaded, you can choose “Open with” and “Google Slides” from the context menu by right-clicking on it. Then your PowerPoint presentation will then open in Google Slides.

Open the PowerPoint with Google Slides

Open the PowerPoint with Google Slides

Step 3. Check the Google Slide

You might need to make adjustments if your PowerPoint presentation contains charts, pictures, or diagrams in order for them to appear correctly in Google Slides. As some typefaces are not supported by Google Slides, check the fonts and text styles that might have changed during the conversion.

Step 4. Save as a Google Slides file

When you make all the necessary edits, Google Slides will automatically save all your changes. You can also download the document in multiple formats including Word, and PDF in the File menu at the top.

Download the Google Slides

Download the Google Slides

Now that your presentation has been saved in Google Slides format, it is available for collaboration and sharing with others.

Convert A PowerPoint to Google Slides by Importing Slides

You can use Google Slides’ “Import” feature to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides. You can effortlessly convert your presentations to Google Slides format and take benefit of all of its fantastic features. Here are the measures to take to accomplish this.

Step 1. Start a new presentation

Go to the Google Slides website (https://www.google.com/slides/) and sign in using your Google account to access Google Slides.

Start A New Presentation

Start A New Presentation

Once you’ve signed in, click the “+” button to start a new presentation.

Step 2. Import slides

After you’ve made a new presentation, go to the “File” menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

Click to Insert Slides

Click to Insert Slides

Select “Import Slides” from the drop-down menu that opens. This will open a window where you can select the PowerPoint presentation to convert.

Step 3. Locate the PowerPoint presentation

Navigate to the location of the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to convert in the Import Slides window. Once you’ve located the relevant file, pick it and press the “Open” button.

Import Slides

Import Slides

After you’ve chosen the PowerPoint presentation, you’ll be given the chance to choose which slides to import. After making your selection, click the “Import” option. If you want the converted Google Slides to have the same theme as the original file, remember to check the “Keep original theme” button.

Step 4. Edit or share the slides

The PowerPoint presentation will be added to your new Google Slides presentation.

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

The imported slides will have approximately the same layout and content as the original slides. But you can then edit and share the presentation as needed. Then Google Slides will save your changes automatically.

Tips for Converting PowerPoint to Google Slides

Preview the presentation: Make sure all elements have been imported correctly before sharing the presentation with others.

Check for embedded videos: If your PowerPoint presentation includes embedded videos, then check that embedded videos are in a Google Slides-supported format.

Track the missing formatting: Some PowerPoint fonts might not be available in Google Slides. Check for missing typefaces and replace them with a similar font if necessary.

Take advantage of Google Slides features: Utilize Google Slides features such as collaboration, real-time commenting, and cross-device compatibility.”

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, switching from PowerPoint to Google Slides is a quick and useful tip. You may quickly share and update your presentations on Google Drive by using the two ways described above to convert your PPT files to Google Slides format. Then you can share and collaborate with others while having access to and being able to edit your files from anywhere and on any device.

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