Top 9 Online DOCX to PDF Converters[Free and Paid]

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Due to the convenience and privacy of PDF files, more people tend to use this document format. But the diversity of formats makes format conversion tools popular. Which format converter is better to use? This page will list 9 treasures online tools for DOCX to PDF conversion.

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Best Online DOCX to PDF Converters

Best Online DOCX to PDF Converters

Word documents and PDF files are crucial in work and study, with PDFs gaining favor due to their privacy and non-editable nature, effectively protecting source documents.

As the need for conversion between DOCX and PDF grows, entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity, leading to a saturated market of converters.

To simplify your choice, we present 9 reliable online DOCX to PDF converters in this article.

Comparison of the Best Online DOCX to PDF Converters

Converter Rating Cost Conversion Features
PDFgear 4.8 Free Offer 16 file format conversions without losing formatting
Zamzar 4.5 Free, range from $18 to $49 per month Various file upload options and high-quality output
Online2PDF 4.5 Free Free to upload 20 files and all files together must not exceed 150MB

1. PDFgear – Fast Response PDF Converter



PDFgear provides an uncomplicated online PDF converter that requires minimal time to learn. It facilitates seamless conversion between formats such as Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, Heic to PDF, PDF to JPEG, PDF to Word, and more, without any restrictions. Whether you opt for drag-and-drop or file selection, PDFgear offers a hassle-free solution.

This online document conversion tool, PDFgear online converter, is highly recommended and includes support for document resizing. With no watermark, subscription, or registration, you can confidently upload your files and achieve successful conversions without any concerns.

Visit PDFgear Website

Applicable Users: Suitable for all users who want to achieve fast conversion between DOCX to PDF.

Pricing: completely free.

Advanced Features

▶️Interconversion between various popular formats

▶️Cross-platform applications

▶️Fast Response

Safety: PDFgear allows you to operate without an account and promises to strictly follow the website privacy policy, so visitors do not need to worry about information leakage at all. All the files you uploaded will be completely erased the moment you close the web page.


  • No watermarks and no ads.
  • Fast response speed
  • No limit on the number of files per day


  • Some detailed features are still to be developed

Given that PDFgear’s online toolkits only accommodate files up to 50MB and an offline version is now available, consider trying it out for enhanced features without any cost or limitations on file size and quantity.

This includes functionalities like converting PDF to HTML, OCR for documents, adding passwords to a PDF, editing existing text in a PDF, and more. Additionally, it offers a free batch-processing feature for everyone.

PDFgear – Free Convert PDF Documents

PDFgear is an excellent choice for converting or creating PDFs on Windows, macOS, and iOS. With its free, secure, full-featured, and user-friendly advantages, feel free to try it without any concerns.

2. Zamzar – Small File Support PDF Converter

Zamar DOCX to PDF

Zamar DOCX to PDF

Zamzar is an online tool that facilitates the conversion of DOCX to PDF file format. The website features clear and simple buttons throughout, making it easy for users to navigate and make their selections.

With its straightforward and elegant interface, Zamzar allows you to swiftly reach your destination, initiating file conversions with minimal clicks.

Visit Zamzar Website

Suitable Users: users who need to convert smaller files.

Pricing: free and paid version (range from $18 to $49 per month).

Advanced Features

  • Format classification for easy locating.
  • Custom conversion of image sizes.
  • The conversion quality is very good.

Safety: you are protected by Zamzar web pages with TLS and Zamzar uses multiple employee authentication mechanisms.


  • A large number of available file formats
  • No crashing of web pages
  • Proactive service team response


  • File size limit even the paid version
  • Only two conversion opportunities in one day (free version)

3. Online2PDF – Batch Processing PDF Converter

Online2PDF DOCX to PDF

Online2PDF DOCX to PDF

Online2PDF provides users with straightforward operation steps. This online PDF editing tool facilitates successful conversion between various formats, supporting the upload of PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, images, PPT files, and more.

While Online2PDF may be less familiar to users compared to other popular tools, its functionality is no less impressive.

Visit Online2PDF Website

Suitable Users: visitors with batch processing needs.

Pricing: free.

Advanced Features

  • Upload up to 20 PDF files at the same time.
  • Customized settings and personalized service.
  • Two different conversion modes: hard disk and web.

Safety: strictly comply with confidentiality policy.


  • Support six languages
  • Stable performance
  • High-quality output


  • The file size should not exceed 100MB
  • The interface is a bit crowded and not simple enough

4. Convertio – Multi-format Support PDF Converter

Convertio DOCX to PDF

Convertio DOCX to PDF

Convertio distinguishes itself as a versatile platform that effortlessly handles over 300 diverse file formats, including video, audio, image, ebook, archive, and more. This capability makes the conversion of multiple Docx files to PDF a straightforward task. Its streamlined operation ensures swift conversions, creating a seamless and efficient process.

This online service offers professional-grade solutions, boasting high-quality conversions with an extensive range of over 25,600 conversion methods. With cloud-based processing and collaboration capabilities, visitors can enjoy a worry-free experience while ensuring full security throughout the entire process.

Visit Convertio Website

Suitable Users: people who need to work with a large number of different file formats.

Pricing: the free version and paid version ($14.99 per month).

Advanced Features

  • Source files can originate from devices, dropbox, file managers, and even URLs.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Built-in OCR tools.

Safety: Convertio hedges the risk of user data being altered or transferred by enabling HSTS within a secure channel (SSL).


  • Both online tools and desktop software options are available
  • 17 different language options
  • No limit on the number of conversions


  • The file size is limited to 100MB
  • May cause crashes when uploading large files

5. Docupub – Free Experience PDF Converter

Docupub DOCX to PDF

Docupub DOCX to PDF

Docupub is a fully free online document conversion tool that requires no registration. It serves as an excellent online solution for various file conversions, including Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, and image to PDF. Achieving a quick solution is as simple as a mouse click.

Visit Docupub Website

Suitable Users: visitors who just need to convert files under 20MB or less.

Pricing: free

Advanced Features

  • Very fast conversion speed.
  • Share as a link sent by email.

Safety: visitor login allows all your uploaded files to be deleted the moment the site is closed.


  • Two output methods to choose from
  • Easy to use for newbies and direct access


  • Batch conversion is not available
  • There is a limit on file size (20MB)
  • Only English and German language options are available

6. iLovePDF – High-Quality PDF Converter



iLovePDF is a feature-rich online PDF editing tool with a straightforward interface. Like many other online PDF tools, it supports file format conversions, including Word to PDF. The iLovePDF converter is highly powerful and especially ideal for users who want to convert a variety of file formats.

The upgraded version offers a batch processing feature as it helps save valuable working time. Additionally, you can explore alternative options to iLovePDF for some free experience.

Visit iLovePDF Website

Applicable Users: people who want to spend the least amount of money and get a quality solution.

Pricing: free version and upgrade version ($4 per month)

Advanced Features

  • Batch conversion support.
  • 25 languages in different countries and regions.
  • Data recovery features.

Safety: ilovePDF uses HTTPS/SSL, and end-to-end encryption also further protects user privacy. ilovePDF promises not to save copies of user files.


  • Very fast conversion
  • Very easy to use and makes work easy
  • Mobile support


  • The free version cannot batch-process files
  • Loss of picture quality during conversion

7. SodaPDF – Easy to Handle PDF Converter



SodaPDF is an online PDF editing tool that offers users quick and easy operations. It is accessible to all visitors through any web browser, without being restricted by the device.

SodaPDF serves effectively as a DOCX to PDF converter, ensuring not only swift conversion but also maintaining the quality of the converted files—an aspect worthy of commendation.

Visit SodaPDF Website

Applicable Users: people who just need simple processing and need to save time.

Pricing: A basic version and a paid version ($6.5 per month, billed yearly).

Advanced Features

  • Comes with OCR tools.
  • The batch conversion feature improves user efficiency.
  • Multiple subscription payment plans to choose from.
  • 16 language settings.

Safety: SodaPDF uses SSL encryption technology to protect user information.


  • 14-day trial period
  • Multiple sharing channels are available: OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Advertisements are interspersed throughout the site
  • Customer service is not very instant
  • Occasional program crashes when batch processing

8. PDF Converter – Safe and Reliable PDF Converter

PDF Converter DOCX to PDF

PDF Converter DOCX to PDF

For all your file conversion needs, PDF Converter is the ultimate solution, supporting various file types. Experiment with the free trial of the online PDF converter to convert files to and from PDF without any cost. Alternatively, consider signing up for a membership to gain unlimited access to the comprehensive suite of tools offered by the file converter.

With the membership, you’ll experience benefits like unrestricted file sizes and the ability to effortlessly upload and convert multiple DOCX files to PDF simultaneously.

Visit PDF Converter Website

Suitable Users: privacy-conscious users.

Pricing: $6 per month.

Advanced Features

  • Powerful document processing features.
  • Powerful protection policy.
  • No file size or number restrictions.

Safety: PDF Converter uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect visitors’ files 100%. The moment you end a task on a web page, your data is deleted from the library. It does not keep any copies of it.


  • The two-step test formula allows inter-conversion between different formats
  • Complete all conversions or operations in a few seconds.
  • Offer batch conversion feature


  • Sometimes unresponsive
  • Registration required

9. Smallpdf – PDF Converter for Sharing

Smallpdf DOCX to PDF

Smallpdf DOCX to PDF

Smallpdf is an online tool enabling you to convert document formats using the internet. It supports converting PDF to/from Word, PPT, Excel, and JPG. As for more conversions, you need to download it to get.

The features of Smallpdf’s Basic Edition are nearly sufficient to meet your daily work and study requirements for document conversion. However, if you desire additional or advanced features, you will cost $9 per month. Explore some Smallpdf alternatives that you might find noteworthy.

Visit Smallpdf Website

Applicable Users: users who need to share their writing.

Pricing: $9 per month (7-day free trial)

Advanced Features

  • 12 languages to choose from.
  • An encrypted connection keeps your privacy well-protected.
  • The size of files will not be limited.

Safety: encrypted connections are used within the SmallPDF website so that your data privacy is protected.


  • Easy to use, only need to have the internet to approach
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based services are provided


  • The free version has feature limitations
  • The conversion function is limited to Word, Excel, JPG, and PPT formats

Best DOCX to PDF Converters: FAQs

Why You Should Convert Word to PDF?

Converting Word to PDF preserves formatting, ensures universal compatibility, secures content, reduces file size, and allows easy sharing and printing. It also maintains document integrity, enhances accessibility, and meets legal and professional requirements for official and professional documents.

How to Convert Docx to PDF on Mac?

To convert a Docx file to PDF on a Mac, open the file in a word processing software like Microsoft Word, go to “File,” choose “Save As” or “Export,” select PDF format, adjust settings if needed, provide a name, and save the PDF file.

How to Convert DOCX to PDF in Google Drive?

To convert a Word document to PDF in Google Drive, upload the file, open it in Google Docs, go to “File,” select “Download,” and choose “PDF Document.” The conversion will begin, and the PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.

How to Convert DOCX to PDF in a Laptop?

These online DOCX to PDF converters introduced in the article can help you complete the conversion task on your Laptop. In the case of no network connection, PDFgear software can also easily help you convert DOCX to PDF without quality loss.


In conclusion, our comprehensive guide showcases the top 9 DOCX to PDF converters, encompassing both free and paid options. Take your pick from these fantastic tools, effortlessly converting your DOCX files into PDF format.

Among them, PDFgear stands out as the best free online Word-to-PDF converter, offering unlimited conversion without any restrictions.

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