How to Enable Microsft Print to PDF [A Comprehensive Guide]

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Microsoft Print to PDF not working on Windows? Check out this article for effective solutions and discover PDFgear – a free, efficient file converter to boost your productivity.

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Enable Microsoft Print to PDF

Enable Microsoft Print to PDF

PDF is a highly stable file format, extensively employed in both office and academic environments. People often convert their finished Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to PDF for enhanced readability and easy sharing.

However, You might have difficulty directly utilizing the Microsoft Print to PDF feature on Windows systems. Today’s your lucky day! In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this and offer comprehensive solutions. Take a look at it now!

Quick Answer

❓Why does Microsoft Print to PDF not Work?
🙋Usually, it is because

  • The feature is not enabled in Windows Features.
  • The feature is deleted from Printers & scanners
  • The virtual printer driver for “Microsoft Print to PDF” is corrupted.

You can check for these issues on your computer. In the next sections, we’ll also explain how to resolve these problems, so you might find the answers you’re looking for.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows

Microsoft supports connecting to multiple printing devices. You may have removed the virtual printer Microsoft Print to PDF when you were managing the printers. To make it available again, you need to reinstall it on the computer.

Step 1. Open Control Panel

Type “control panel” in the search box next to the Start button on the taskbar > double click the control panel option to open it.

You can also press Windows + R to open the “RUN” box > type “control” in the box > Click “OK,” and you’re in the control panel now.

Open Control Panel

Open Control Panel

Step 2. Uncheck Microsoft Print to PDF

Select “Programs” in the Control Panel > Choose “Programs and Features.” > Click “Turn Windows features on or off” on the left sidebar > Uncheck “Microsoft Print to PDF” and then click OK.

Get into Programs and Features on Windows

Get into Programs and Features on Windows

A pop-up window will appear, indicating that the setting is renewing. Then, restart (not shutting down and turning on) your computer.

Step 3. Check Microsoft Print to PDF Box

Now, get into the “Turn Windows features on or off” window again > check the “Microsoft Print to PDF” checkbox > Click “OK.”

Check the Microsoft Print to PDF Box

Check the Microsoft Print to PDF Box

Microsoft Print to PDF is now available on your PC. You can check it in the “Printers & Scanners” menu.

How to Set Microsoft Print to PDF

Sometimes, you may find that Microsoft Print to PDF cannot be connected to or displays ‘Unavailable’ in Microsoft. This may occur because the usage permissions for this virtual driver are disabled.

In this case, you can use the method above to restart the printer. You can also make the virtual printer accessible by modifying the properties of Microsoft Print to PDF.

Step 1. Find Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows

In the search box next to the Start button on the taskbar, type “printers & scanners” > Click the “Printers & scanners” > Locate and click “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the list of printers.

Find Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows

Find Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows

Step 2. Adjust the Properties of Microsoft Print to PDF

In the “Printers Setting” menu, click “Printer properties” > Navigate to the “Security” tab > Check if the permissions of print are checked as “Deny” > Adjust the permissions for different user groups > After adjustment, click “Apply” and then “OK” to save the changes.

Adjust Microsoft Print to PDF Properties

Adjust Microsoft Print to PDF Properties

Step 3. Restart the PC

Changes to Microsoft Print to PDF properties may require a restart of your PC to take effect.

Getting Microsoft Print to PDF to function properly on your Windows computer can be tricky. While the two solutions mentioned above offer some assistance, the issue could be rooted in a variety of factors, such as potential software conflicts or outdated system issues.

Hence, apart from relying solely on Microsoft Print to PDF, you can also opt for PDFgear to handle the task of converting files to PDF.

How to Print Files as PDFs without Microsoft

PDFgear is a super handy tool for PDF editing and document conversion on Windows and Mac. It’s free and supports bulk file conversion with no limit.

Its online tools and software enable various file formats to PDF conversions, including Word to PDFs, Excel sheets to PDFs, and even PNG to PDFs. Plus, it applies advanced OCR tech to retain the file formatting in conversion. You can also use it to open any PDF file and print it out. PDFs can be printed in black and white or in different paper sizes.

PDFgear – Free Convert Files to PDF

PDFgear is a handy tool for you to convert different file formats to PDF at high quality. It’s free, safe, full-featured, and easy to use.

It’s pretty simple to transform your files into PDFs with PDFgear:

Step 1. Get into PDFgear’s Converters

Install and launch PDFgear on your computer > Navigate to and click the “Convert to PDF” tab > Choose the converters you prefer below the tab.

Get into PDFgear File Converter

Get into PDFgear File Converter

Step 2. Upload your Files

In the conversion window > Click “Add Files” > Select the documents from your device > When files are uploaded, press the “Convert” button on the lower right.

You can check the converted files by clicking the document icon in the “Operation” section.

Convert Files to PDF in PDFgear

Convert Files to PDF in PDFgear


Does Microsoft print to PDF actually print?

No, Microsoft Print to PDF does not function as a real PDF printer. It enables you to save your files in PDF format on your device without physically printing the documents out. This feature makes your files resemble printed documents, and you can also adjust page sizes and customize other file details within it.

Does Microsoft print to PDF flatten my files on Windows?

No, Microsoft Print to PDF does not flatten files. It keeps your document’s formatting, layout, and layers intact when making a PDF on Windows. It takes a digital picture of your document and turns it into a PDF without flattening anything.

How do I make Microsoft Print to PDF my default printer?

Click Start at the bottom left of the screen > Choose “Settings” > Bluetooth & other devices > Select “Printers & scanners” > Uncheck “Let Windows manage my default printer” > Click Microsoft Print to PDF > Press the “Set as Default Printer” button.


Microsoft Print to PDF might not be working for several reasons. You can fix it by reinstalling this virtual driver or adjusting its properties. Another option is to use PDFgear, a specialized tool for converting files to PDF. It’s free, supports multiple formats, and allows batch conversion.

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