How to Convert Gujarati PDF to Word without Changing Font Effectively

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Always get nothing when turning Gujarati PDF into Word? Keep reading to explore the most efficient way of converting PDF to Word in Gujarati without changing font and format.

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How to Convert Gujarati PDF to Word

How to Convert Gujarati PDF to Word

Gujarati, a relatively less-studied and resourced language, can be very challenging to recognize and work with, compared to other widely used languages.

When converting PDF to Word in the Gujarati language, the font and layout of the file may not transfer accurately, which leads to issues with the final Word document.

Most PDF to Word converters do not actually perform as well as they advertise when it comes to converting Gujarati font documents.

This article outlines two reliable methods to convert PDF documents to Word files for content in the Gujarati language, preserving the original formatting and font properties.

PDFgear Software- Free Convert PDF Documents

PDFgear is the top-notch option for you to convert or modify PDFs on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. It’s free, safe, full-featured, and easy to use.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro to Convert Gujarati PDF to Word

Adobe Acrobat Pro must be the one that can’t be bypassed when changing PDF to Word while retaining the font. Most third-party PDF converters out there are proven unable to maintain the original font when changing Gujarati PDF to Word.

On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat Pro offers robust PDF conversion capabilities, allowing users to easily transform PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, or other file formats while maintaining the original font, layout, and formatting.

Step 1. Download PDF to Word Converter

Go to the Adobe official website, download Adobe Acrobat, install and launch the app on your computer, and fill in an email to start a free trial.

Run Adobe Acrobat Pro on Your Computer

Run Adobe Acrobat Pro on Your Computer

Step 2. Open a Gujarati PDF File

Navigate to File, choose Open… or use the shortcut “Ctrl/Command + O” to open a PDF in Gujarati. Then select the Export PDF tool from the right toolbar.

Open a Gujarati PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Open a Gujarati PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 3. Export the Gujarati PDF to a Word Document

An exporting dialog will appear to select the desired format. Choose Docx Document from the Microsoft Word menu, and hit the Convert button afterward.

Export the Gujarati PDF to Word without Changing Font

Export the Gujarati PDF to Word without Changing Font

Step 4. Save the Gujarati Word File

In the Save As window, choose a suitable location to store the Gujarati Word document. Choose a Different Folder if your desired folder is not listed.

Select a Location to Store the Gujarati Word File

Select a Location to Store the Gujarati Word File

Bonus – Editing Gujarati PDF Directly with Original Fonts Kept

Instead of exporting a Gujarati PDF to a Word file with paid Adobe Acrobat, editing a PDF in Gujarati directly with a full-featured PDF editor software would be preferred.

PDFgear is a comprehensive PDF editing tool that supports users in editing and changing existing text in PDF without losing the format, adding new text to a PDF, and more.

Additionally, PDFgear is a free OCR PDF editor and converter, which allows users to extract text from PDF in Gujarati. You can also utilize the OCR functionality to copy text from scanned PDFs at no cost, unlike most paid applications such as Adobe Acrobat.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS, PDFgear can be downloaded and used for free, allowing you to conduct your PDF work anywhere without an email sign-up.

Edit and Convert PDF Documents with PDFgear

Edit and Convert PDF Documents with PDFgear

FAQs About Convert PDF to Word with Gujarati Font

Why can’t I Convert Gujarati PDF to Word?

Gujarati is hard to recognize for most PDF converters in the market. Most of the converters do not support the Gujarati language.

You can use Adobe Acrobat to export the PDF to Word while maintaining the original format. However, it is a paid method but worth trying.

Why doesn’t a converted PDF file carry Gujarati fonts?

Most converters do not have the Gujarati font installed. You can purchase Adobe Acrobat, where the Gujarati fonts are embedded, to create a PDF.

How to convert PDF to Word for free?

You can utilize PDFgear to complete the PDF-to-Word conversion for free. PDFgear is a completely free PDF management tool that allows you to modify your PDFs anywhere, without any limitations and watermarks.

How do I convert a PDF to Word 100% free online?

PDFgear provides users with free online tools for PDF-to-Word conversion. Open PDFgear PDF to Word converter, upload a PDF file to transform and then download the Word file to save it. No email sign-up required or size limitation.

How to convert PDF to Word without Adobe Acrobat?

You can try PDFgear. It is a free PDF converter that allows mutual conversion between PDFs and other formats like Word and images. No sign-up, no purchase, just download the PDFgear software to your device.


To sum up, the process of converting a Gujarati PDF into a Word document while preserving the original font has been clearly demonstrated using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Compared to transforming a Gujarati PDF into Word for editing, we suggest directly using PDFgear, a free PDF editor, to modify your PDF without any limitations.

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