4 Simple Ways to Convert HTML to PDF on Mac

Last updated on December 19, 2023

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This article outlines 4 methods for converting HTML files to PDF format, including free online and built-in browser converters, as well as more advanced paid software that enables batch file conversion.

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How To Convert HTML to PDF on Mac

How To Convert HTML to PDF on Mac

HTML files are meant to be viewed in a web browser. PDF files are a better format for printing and sharing documents. By converting from HTML to PDF, you can take content made for the web and make it easy for people to print out or pass around a nice-looking document without needing access to the internet.

PDFs keep the original formatting and layout, while allowing the content to be downloaded, printed, and shared. So HTML to PDF conversion takes web content and makes it simple for anyone to view it on their computer or in printed form.

After converting your HTML to PDF, you can use PDFgear to make any changes to the PDF.

PDFgear – FREE PDF Editor for Mac

PDFgear is a completely free PDF editor. You can use it offline on your Mac devices to annotate, crop, highlight, and merge PDFs with ease.

Convert HTML to PDF Online for Free with PDFgear

PDFgear is a robust file converter that supports over 20 formats for mutual conversion, including PDF, Word, PNG, JPG, TXT, PPT, HTML, Excel, PSD, EPUB, and more. Beyond conversion, it serves as a versatile PDF editor, compressor, splitter, merger, cropper, and sign tool.

Notably, PDFgear is entirely free, providing all its features without any cost, and there are no time frequency or action limits associated with its usage. When it comes to converting HTML to PDF, PDFgear offers an efficient and user-friendly solution.

Step 1. Upload a HTML to PDFgear

When using the PDFgear Online HTML to PDF Converter, you have two options for uploading the file. You can either copy and paste the URL or select an HTML file directly from your Mac. The choice is yours.

Add HTML to PDFgear Online Converter

Add HTML to PDFgear Online Converter

Step 2. Download the PDF File

The conversion process will initiate automatically. Once completed, you can click on “Download” to save the converted PDF file from PDFgear.

Save the Converted PDF on Your Mac

Save the Converted PDF on Your Mac

Step 3. Edit the PDF and Share

Visit the PDFgear Online Editor to make modifications to your PDF. This tool enables you to add highlights, strikethroughs, underlines, shapes, text, stamps, images, signatures, comments, and drawings to your PDF. Additionally, you can change the text size, font, color, align, bold, and so on.

Once you’ve completed the edits, you can easily share the updated PDF with others.

Customize the PDF with PDFgear Online Editor

Customize the PDF with PDFgear Online Editor

Export HTML as PDF on Mac Using Safari

Safari is a browser designed for Apple products on macOS and iOS. As the default Mac browser, it delivers a top-notch web experience with fast page rendering and seamless device compatibility. It even checks spelling and grammar for you.

And, of course, Safari is powerful enough to convert HTML to PDF effortlessly.

Step 1. Find the HTML file on your Mac > Right-click the mouse > Hover over “Open with” > Choose Safari to open it.

Step 2. Click the top left “File” drop-down menu > Select “Export as PDF…” > In the pop-up box, choose the storage location > Click “Save” to complete the conversion of HTML to PDF.

Convert HTML to PDF in Safari

Convert HTML to PDF in Safari

Save an HTML Webpage as PDF with Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser similar to Safari. In addition to the standard search function, you can extract PDF pages or split PDFs using Google Chrome. The best part is that you can add plugins (either self-contained or external downloads) to enhance the browser’s functionality.

Why do we mention Google Chrome here? Because you can also use it to convert HTML to PDF.

Step 1. Paste the HTML URL directly into Google Chrome to open it or select the HTML file and choose the open method for Google Chrome by right-clicking.

Step 2. Position your mouse on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Click the “Print…” button in the drop-down box. Or you can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+P” to go directly to the print settings box.

Find the Print Button in Google Chrome

Find the Print Button in Google Chrome

Step 3. Click “Save as PDF” in the Destination menu, then hit “Save” to convert the HTML to PDF successfully.

Convert HTML to PDF with Chrome

Convert HTML to PDF with Chrome

Create PDF from HTML on Mac Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat stands out as a robust and highly valuable tool designed to offer comprehensive PDF solutions. With Adobe Acrobat Desktop, users can effortlessly perform tasks such as hyper compression, adding signatures and comments, editing, cropping PDFs, and seamlessly combining multiple PDF documents. Notably, converting HTML to PDF using Adobe Acrobat is a straightforward process.

Follow the simple steps to convert HTML to PDF in Adobe Acrobat:

Create a PDF from Web Page

Create a PDF from Web Page

Step 1. In Adobe Acrobat, go to “Tools” and choose “Create PDF“. Then select Web Page as the conversion type.

Step 2. Input the URL of the webpage or choose the browse option to manually locate an HTML file.

Step 3. Clicking the “Advanced Settings” button, Acrobat will display a dialog box with conversion settings. Adjust the settings according to your preferences.

Step 4. Click the “Create” button to initiate the conversion process.


Can I convert PDF to HTML for free?

Yes, the PDFgear desktop application provides a PDF converter tool that allows you to convert HTML to PDF without any cost. Open the PDFgear application on your computer, then look for the option “PDF to Webpages” in the “All Tools” column. Select the PDF file you want to convert. Start the conversion process by clicking the “Convert” button.

Will the formatting in my HTML file be preserved in the PDF?

There is no formatting loss when you convert HTML to PDF online with PDFgear. PDFgear aims to maintain the original formatting, and complex layouts or dynamic content might always convert perfectly.

Is it possible to batch convert multiple HTML files to PDF?

Yes, Adobe Acrobat supports batch conversion, allowing you to convert multiple HTML files to PDF simultaneously. Choose File > Create > Multiple PDF Files… Select your input HTML files; lots of formats are supported here. Click the OK button, and a window will pop up to allow you to choose your output options. You can even add a prefix or suffix to your file names. Then click the OK button to start the batch conversion.


Converting HTML files to PDFs is simple with several free and paid options. PDFgear’s online platform allows you to convert HTML to PDF online without signup. Safari and Chrome also include built-in converters for individual files. For more advanced batch conversion, Adobe Acrobat provides robust tools, albeit at a cost.

With these straightforward methods, HTML files can easily be turned into polished PDF documents for sharing or printing. Choose the optimal solution based on your technical skills, platform, and number of files needing conversion.

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