How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Free

Last updated on October 8, 2023

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Want to convert JPG to PDF on Mac for free? Discover how to effortlessly convert your JPG files to PDF on your Mac using two straightforward and cost-free methods in this article.

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How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Free

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Free

Why convert JPG to PDF? From the document characteristics of PDF, it is the pre-press standard of the printing industry. Secondly, in a variety of printers, PDF format is more accurate enough to ensure the color and print effect. PDF is a universal file format that can be used in macOS and Windows.

If you need to convert your JPG images into easy-to-print PDF files on the Mac, you’ve come to the right place. This article shows you how to easily save images as PDFS for free on any Mac.

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Free with PDFgear

PDFgear is a web-based tool that you can use on any system or on any device. With this PDF tool, you can convert your JPG images to any format including PDF. No need to download and install third-party software, no need to register, you can complete the conversion task within a few clicks for free.

Step 1. Access PDFgear on Your Browser

Type PDFgear Online JPG to PDF Converter into the search box of your browser to go to the tool website, or click the button below to jump to the tool website.

Find JPG to PDF in the PDF tool, and click Convert Now.

Step 2.  Upload JPG Images to PDFgear

You can click “Choose files” on the pop-up window to add the JPG images that need to be converted, or drag and drop the JPG files directly into the box.

Upload the JPG Image to PDFgear

Upload the JPG Image to PDFgear

After the JPG image is added, click the “Convert” button, and then the conversion will start automatically, and the tool will also show you the conversion progress in the form of a percentage.

Step 3. Save the PDF File from PDFgear

When the progress bar shows 100%, it means the conversion is successful, and then the “Download” button will appear. You can click this button to save the PDF file to your computer.

Next to the “Download” button is a trash-shaped icon that you can click to delete your converted files. Deleted files will not be visible to anyone.

Click to Download the PDF File from PDFgear

Click to Download the PDF File from PDFgear

Moreover, you have the option to batch-upload multiple JPGs to create a single PDF. Press the “Ctrl” key to select multiple JPGs for uploading or you can add more JPGs after uploading by clicking the “Add Files” button.

Batch Process JPGs

Batch Process JPGs

Please note that PDFgear Online Converter supports files up to 20MB in size. If you have a large number of JPGs to convert, we recommend downloading PDFgear Desktop, which is compatible with Mac (requires macOS 10.14 or later), iOS, iPhone, and Windows.

PDFgear Desktop offers over 30 types of conversions without any limitations on file size or quantity, and it is completely free with no watermarks.

PDFgear Destkop – Free Convert PDF Documents

Convert JPG to PDF for free and process your files in batches. Experience a powerful tool for resolving PDF-related issues.

How to Convert JPG to PDF with Preview

The preview program also helps you convert JPG to PDF on Mac. Please refer to the following methods to convert JPG images into PDF files.

Step 1. Open JPG Image with Preview

Double click on any image and it will open in preview. Select the JPG image you need to convert, then click Open, the image will be opened in Preview by default.

Open the JPG with Preview

Step 2. Adjust your JPG Images

Adjust the image appropriately to avoid the problem of the inconsistent orientation of the image in the PDF file. Select all JPG images after clicking the thumbnails in the Hide Sidebar, then click the “File” > “Print” button on the top menu.

Uncheck the Auto Rotate in Preview

Uncheck the Auto Rotate in Preview

Uncheck the Auto-Rotate button in the new pop-up so that your image is not rotated.

Step 3. Save the JPG as PDF

Finally, click the “PDF” option at the bottom and select “Save as PDF”, then you can rename your PDF file or choose the output path.

Save JPG as PDF on Mac from Preview

Save JPG as PDF on Mac from Preview

Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Free FAQs

In order to know more about converting JPG to PDF on Mac, please keep reading some frequently asked questions below.

How Do I Convert a Multiple JPG To PDF on Mac?

If you want to convert multiple JPG images to PDF on Mac, Mac’s built-in Quick Actions can help you perform the task. Select the multiple JPG images you need to convert > right-click and slide to select Quick Action in the menu bar > move the mouse to select Create PDF.

How Do I Convert a PDF To a JPG on a MacBook?

PDFgear can help you convert PDF to JPG online, and it will keep your images as sharp as the original during the conversion process. You can convert PDF files to JPG images in just a few clicks: select PDF to JPG and click Convert Now > Upload PDF files to PDFgear > Save JPG images to your computer.

How Do I Add PDF to Email and Send It on iMac?

Start by opening the file you want to email: Navigate to File > Click Print. In the new window that pops up, find the PDF menu and swipe to select Send in the mail. Enter your shipping address and add an accompanying message, then click Send to send your message.

To Sum Up

The above has introduced two reliable and effective solutions on how to convert JPG to PDF on Mac. You can refer to these two methods to complete the task of converting JPG to PDF.

PDFgear is a simple and effective tool, you don’t need any skill to use it, and it is suitable for all kinds of office workers. In addition to providing PDF format conversion functions, it also provides various functions such as compressing PDF, editing PDF, reading PDF, and so on.

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