[2024] How to Convert PNG to PDF File for Free Online & Offline

Last updated on April 18, 2024

Summary :

For different reasons, many people will have the need to create PDFs from PNG images. Can I convert a PNG to a PDF? The answer is definitely YES. In this post, you can find four ways to convert PNG images to PDF on Windows and Mac, online and offline.

Convert PNG to PDF File

How to Convert PNG to PDF

How to Convert PNG to PDF

PNG uses a special encoding method to mark recurring data so that it can be saved repeatedly without degrading the image quality. But to share pics in this format across platforms, it’d be better to save the PNGs in a lighter PDF format. This file type can be viewed on almost any electronic device. Unlike most image file types, PDF files can be easily encrypted with passwords.

The resolution or quality of the result files is sure a concern. But don’t worry, we’ve collected 4 methods for you to convert PNG files to PDF in high quality, and on any device. Some of them can even implement bulk conversion, which will greatly boost productivity.

How to Batch Convert PNG to PDF Online Free

If you want to batch-convert PNG images to PDF, using an online converter is one of the preferred choices. No registration or personal information such as email address is required, PDFgear will ensure the security of your files. Simply drag and drop PNG images into the converter and leave the rest of the work to PDFgear.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and all you need to access it is a stable Internet connection. The converted file is of high quality for printing or further PDF editing.

Step 1. Upload the PNG Files

Get into PDFgear Online PNG-to-PDF Converter > Click “Select PNG pics” or¬†directly drag and drop the files to the online converter. For multiple pics uploading in one go,¬†click your mouse and drag it over the icons of the pics in the folder.

Upload PNGs to PDFgear Onlilne

Upload PNGs to PDFgear Onlilne

Step 2. Convert the PNG to PDF

When the pics are uploaded, the new conversion window will indicate whether to add, delete, or rearrange the pics.

After the settings, click the “Convert” button to start conversion.

Convert the PNG Pics to PDF

Convert the PNG Pics to PDF

Step 3. Download the PDF file

PDFgear will complete the PNG to PDF conversion task with lightning speed and provide you with a download button. Click the “Download” button to save the new PDF file to your device.

Download the PDF from PDFgear

Download the PDF from PDFgear

How to Convert a PNG to a PDF in Windows 10

No need to rely on third-party applications to convert PNG images to PDF, Windows 10 PC’s printing capabilities allow you to convert PNG images to a portable document format. Check out the following steps to complete the PNG to PDF conversion task easily.

Step 1. Open PNG with Print

Find the PNG images you need to convert to PDF files in Explorer, you can hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple PNG images. Right-click and select Print, which will open the Print window.

Step 2. Set printing Options

Select Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer, and then click Print. At the same time, you can choose the paper size, quality, and layout of the PDF file to be generated. Check the Fit picture to frame button to adapt your picture to the paper size.

Microsoft Print to PDF

Microsoft Print to PDF

Step 3. Save PNG as PDF file

Then, click the Print button at the bottom right corner of the window. Then a window will pop up, allowing you to choose the location to save the PDF file and give the PDF file a name. When you are done, click Save.

Save Print Output as PDF

Save Print Output as PDF

How to Convert PNG to PDF in Mac Preview

Just like Windows, macOS has a built-in program in the Preview application, Preview can help you handle all PNG to PDF conversions. Without any complicated steps, you can develop your PNG images into PDF files in batches within a few clicks.

Step 1. Open PNG with Preview

First of all, you have to open the image you want to convert using the Preview app. Double-click the PNG image and by default, it is opened by the Preview application.

Step 2. Export PNG as PDF

Go to the top menu bar and select File>Export as PDF.

Export PNG ad PDF in Mac Preview

Export PNG ad PDF in Mac Preview

Step 3. Save the new PDF file

Compress or encrypt the PDF output as needed, then customize a file name or use the default value. After presetting the file save location, click Save.

Save PDF as PNG in Mac Preview

Save PDF as PNG in Mac Preview

How to Convert PNG to PDF Offline in Bulk

For some users who prefer to use offline software, you can’t miss PDFgear software. Compared to online tools, PDFgear has more stable performance and is also able to handle larger Word files.

There is no need to create an account and all the features of the application are free to use. With a simple user interface, anyone can easily convert any image, including PNG and JPG to PDF on PDFgear software.

Step 1. Download and Install PDFgear

Click the button below to download PDFgear to your Windows or Mac device and launch the software after its successful installation.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Upload Multiple PNG Images

Under the “Convert to PDF” column, find the “Image to PDF” icon, and click it to open the converter window. Click “Add Files” button to add your PNG images in batches, and then specify the file output location. Besides, PDFgear also supports users to do page setup before conversion.

Open PDFgear for PNG to PDF Bulk Conversion

Open PDFgear for PNG to PDF Bulk Conversion

Step 3. Convert PNG to PDF

After making sure everything is ready, click the Convert button to start the conversion. PDFgear has advanced conversion technology and will finish the conversion task in seconds.

Bulk Convert the PNGs to PDF in PDFgear

Bulk Convert the PNGs to PDF in PDFgear

The converted PDF files will be opened in “File Explorer” and there will not be any quality loss during the conversion process.

The Conclusion

With modern conversion technology, you can easily convert PNG images to PDF, and HD quality is an important factor to consider in the conversion process. The four methods introduced above are reliable and effective, choose the one that is most practical for you. If you need more advanced conversion features, you can download PDFgear software to your computer for free. Far more than just a converter, PDFgear offers more than 20 PDF-related features to help you manage and create PDF files efficiently.