Transform Your Documents into Portable and Secure PDFs: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating PDFs

Last updated on March 31, 2023

Summary :

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to create a PDF from various sources, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and images.

How to Create A PDF

PDF is a widely compatible document format, so users can open it with any operating system or device. The size of the PDF files is always small, so it’s more portable than other file formats. It’s safe enough because it provides a special way to send the document including important data.

Besides, the PDF is more difficult to edit, so it can ensure the data integrity of certain content. Therefore, based on the advantages of PDF, many users would like to create a PDF. In this post, you can get 4 useful methods to create a PDF file.

Method 1: Creating A PDF Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application produced by Microsoft, it mainly works the word documents. As a commonly used tool, Word can perform the basic word document managing functions.

Besides, you can create and edit together with others. Since the files will be stored on OneDrive, you can easily access them everywhere. What’s more, this tool can create a PDF file. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Create PDF from Word

To transform your document into a PDF file, firstly, access the document.

Create PDF in Microsoft Word

Create PDF in Microsoft Word

Then, click on the File tab, select Export, and choose Create PDF/XPS.

Step 3. Publish the created PDF

Next, opt for PDF as your file type, and decide on a level of optimization – Standard or Minimum size.

Publish the Created PDF

Publish the Created PDF

Once done, name your new file, specify its storage location, and hit Publish to create the PDF file.

Method 2: Creating A PDF with Multiple Images

PDFgear is another professional tool to create a PDF file. Being used in Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, this functional freeware can meet the user’s needs regarding PDF files, such as editing PDF files, converting JPG/Word/Excel/PPT to PDF, etc.

Besides, if you do have not enough space to install and run this tool, you can perform the operation online. After dragging the target files to the specified bar, you can successfully create a new PDF file with any file of a different format.

Here, we take creating a PDF with an image as an example.

Step 1. Add the target files

Open the PDFgear online Images to PDF converter, and drag the target images to the online converter.

Upload Images to Online Converter

Upload Images to Online Converter

Alternatively, click the “Select image files” button to select and upload the images you want to convert.

Step 2. Convert multiple images to a PDF

Click the Convert button when everything is ready, then the conversion process will start.

Convert Images to PDF

Convert Images to PDF

Step 3. Download the new PDF files

PDFgear will provide a download button after successful conversion, then click it to save the newly created PDF file with the image.

Save the Image PDF

Save the Image PDF

If you don’t want to trash this PDF file, please click the “delete” icon.

Method 3: Creating A PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is an application designed to view, create, and manage PDF files. It can be used on many devices, so for Windows users, it’s a good choice to manage their PDF files.

With this tool, you can create a blank PDF file but also convert other types of files to PDF files. Besides, it also supports quickly creating PDF files by converting the clipboard data.

Let’s see how to create a new PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Create A PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Create A PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Step 1. Launch Acrobat and navigate to the “Create PDF” option under “Tools”.

Step 2. Select whether you want to create a single PDF file, multiple PDF files, scanned PDF files, or other options.

Step 3. Choose “Create” or “Next” according to the type of file you have chosen. Then proceed through the instructions to change it to a PDF, and save it where you prefer.

Method 4: Creating PDF from Google Docs

Google Docs is a word manager online, it provides the service for users to create and edit documents. Since it’s an online application, it allows users to collaborate with other users at the same time.

It allows users to open and edit document formats including OpenDocument, Rich text, compressed HTML, and others, then you can save the Google documents in PDF or EPUB format. If you want to create a new PDF file with Google Docs, please follow the steps displayed.

Create A PDF in Google Docs

Create A PDF in Google Docs

Step 1. Open your Google Docs file or create a new one. Make sure that the document is completed.

Step 2. Next, navigate to the File tab, select Download, and then choose the PDF option. Save the downloaded PDF to a folder of your preference.


To conclude, if you want to create a PDF file, there’re two suggestions to do it: converting the other types of files to PDF and creating new blank PDF files. In this article, we have recommended 4 tools to create new PDF files, you try and choose the most suitable one.