How to Crop and Convert PDF to JPG [Easy and Free]

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If you want to crop a PDF and convert it to JPG format, this post will show three efficient methods that perfectly resize PDF to JPG.

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How to Crop and Convert a PDF to JPG

How to Crop and Convert a PDF to JPG

Whether to minimize PDF size, extract specific images from PDF, or facilitate sharing on social media platforms, cropping the PDF to a JPG would make them much easier.

As online and offline toolkits are getting improved, cropping a PDF to JPG has become so easy these days, and this post guides you through three quick and detailed methods to crop and convert a PDF to JPG.

Best Online Cropper and Converter for Free

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Detailed Steps to Crop a PDF to JPG Online

The PDFgear online tools let you free from installation and device barriers, and if you have other PDF-to-image needs, PDFgear also supports PDF to PNG, PDF to PSD, and more.

Now you’ve got into the online cropper, and let’s get started.

Step 1. Add Files to Oline Cropper

Navigate to PDFgear online cropper straightforwardly. Upload a PDF file by dragging or selecting it from your device.

Add PDF to PDFgear Online Cropper

Add PDF to PDFgear Online Cropper

Step 2. Crop PDF Pages

When the file is uploaded, three different cropping styles are offered based on your needs.

  • Apply crop area to all pages
  • Crop only the current page
  • Apply crop area to customized page range

Click Apply and Download to save the cropped PDF.

Crop PDF in PDFgear Online

Crop PDF in PDFgear Online

Step 3. Save the Cropped File

Now, click Download File to save the cropped PDF to your device.

Download Cropped PDF from PDFgear Online Cropper

Download Cropped PDF from PDFgear Online Cropper

Now you have a cropped PDF file which already got rid of the unwanted parts. How can you convert a PDF to a JPG? Easy! Follow the steps below.

Step 4. Convert PDF to JPG

Head to the online PDF to JPG converter. Add the cropped PDF by clicking Choosing files or dropping it to the converter box.

Upload Cropped PDF to PDFgear Online Converter

Upload Cropped PDF to PDFgear Online Converter

Step 5. One-Click JPG File Save

Click the Download button after conversion, and get the JPG file to your device.

Save PDF to JPG in PDFgear Online

Save PDF to JPG in PDFgear Online

Though the online tools utilize new techniques to prevent lag or delay, the exact performance still gets impacted by the Internet conditions.

A bonus method is provided if you’re suffering from a bad Internet connection or large file issues. Try PDFgear, which has advanced PDF cropping and converting features while charging nothing.

PDFgear – Crop & Convert PDF Documents for FREE on Windows and Mac Computers
Crop a PDF in PDFgear

Crop a PDF in PDFgear

Crop a PDF to JPG via Preview and Adobe Acrobat: Detailed Steps

If you’re a regular Mac user or already an Adobe Acrobat subscriber, there’s no need to look around for other alternatives. The following will guide you step by step to cropping PDF to JPG via Apple Preview and Adobe Acrobat.

Apple Preview is a pre-installed software for PDF editing and image viewing. Mac users can edit a PDF or convert it to other file formats using it.

In addition, the classic and intuitive UI design may suit your aesthetic preferences, enhancing the ease of navigation to the core functions.

How to Crop a PDF to JPG Using Preview

  • Open a PDF on Preview
  • Click the Markup Toolbar button> Hit the Rectangular Selection button
  • Select crop area> click File> Export> Format> JPEG> Save
Crop PDF to JPG in Preview

Crop PDF to JPG in Preview

Preview is an ideal tool for simple PDF cut and conversion. But if you’re a Windows user or require advanced features, Adobe Acrobat may be a better choice.

As one of the most qualified PDF software, Adobe Acrobat provides users with comprehensive features for file cropping and converting, and it attracts many people to make monthly or annual expensive subscriptions.

If you already own this valuable PDF software, congrats! You can get a PDF cropped to JPG with the following steps.

Crop a PDF to JPG via Adobe Acrobat

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat> File> Open> Edit PDF button
  • Crop Pages> Drag cropping area> Double-click to crop> OK
  • Export PDF> Image> JPEG> Export
Crop PDF to JPG in Adobe Acrobat

Crop PDF to JPG in Adobe Acrobat

Among the three options, Preview is limited to Apple users only. Adobe Acrobat may be too expensive for most of us. Therefore, we recommend PDFgear online tools, which are free and accessible to everyone on any device. If you want to crop a PDF to JPG without limitations, that’s what you should try.

During PDF cropping and converting, you may encounter some other issues. Don’t worry, get into the common questions people have, and find the answers for you.

Quick Answers about Crop a PDF to JPG

Does converting PDF to JPG reduce size?

Yes, when converting a PDF to a JPG, the file size will be reduced, which is because compression occurs during file conversion. The reduction of file size depends on the extent of compression and the original file content.

How do you save a PDF as a JPEG without losing quality?

All the methods in this article enable you to save a PDF as JPEG without quality compromising. Our top recommendation is PDFgear online cropper, which is beginner-friendly, free to use, and requires no sign-up.

Is there a way to crop multiple pages from a PDF and save them as separate JPG images?

Yes, as we mentioned in the first part of this article, PDFgear online cropper and converter enable you to crop all pages or crop selected pages in a PDF and convert the file to individual JPG images.

Go to PDF to JPEG converter > Upload the PDF file> Download. You can get PDF changed into JPG maintaining original quality.


The 3 methods mentioned above are all efficient and professional for you to crop and convert a PDF file to a JPG.

Among all of them, PDFgear online tools are highly recommended for their accessibility across all devices and are free to use. It is no doubt a handy tool to streamline your work with multi-page cropping and meet more requirements of conversion.

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