How to Save Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos

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Having trouble saving scanned documents from Notes directly to Photos? No worries! Here are two quick and foolproof methods to get it done.

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Save Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos

Save Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos

The Notes app on Apple devices is such a helper for capturing inspiration and faxing important information. Its Scan Document feature quickly identifies documents in the camera and adds them to Notes.

Sometimes, you may want to save these scanned documents to your photo album for further use. Unfortunately, since the documents scanned are digitalized in PDF format, you can’t just click on the image to save it.

But don’t worry, it is still feasible with the methods below. We’ve explored 2 effective techniques to help save scanned documents from Notes to Photos. Have a check now!

Save Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos with the “Save to Photos” Option

To save the scanned documents from Notes directly, you need to enable the “Save to Photos” option in the Notes settings beforehand.

This method automatically saves the images to Photos when you use the phone’s camera to capture documents, eliminating the need for manual image storage.

Follow the steps now.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2. Navigate Notes, and scroll down to find “Save to Photos.”

Step 3. Tap the toggle switch to green to enable the feature.

Enable Save to Photos

Enable Save to Photos

Now, when you scan documents in Notes, the pics will be saved to Photos.

Not only scanned documents, this feature also helps to save photos and videos to Photos. Please note that you have to complete the setup before document scanning, or, you need another tool-PDFgear to facilitate file saving.

Save Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos by Converting Them to Images

Given the scanned documents are in PDF format, you can also convert them to popular image formats like JPG or PNG if you want to save them to your Photos.

iPhones don’t have a built-in feature for converting PDFs, but the third-party app PDFgear can handle that for you.

Unlike other converters, PDFgear processes PDF-to-image conversion in an ads-free and safe way. Both its online PDF converter and app are free to use, providing an efficient and high-quality file-converting experience.

Here’s how to do it with PDFgear

Step 1. Download PDFgear from its official website or App Store. It’s a lightweight application without frills.

Step 2. In Notes, tap the arrow above the scanned document and select “Save to Files.” Choose the folder where you want to store the documents, and tap “Save.”

Save the Scanned Document to Files

Save the Scanned Document to Files

Step 3. On your iPhone, or iPad launch PDFgear. Tap the Plus icon to add the scanned documents from Files to PDFgear. Once the file is open, tap the three-dot icon and select “Convert” from the dropdown menu.

Step 4. In the conversion menu, select either JPEG or PNG as the desired image format for the scanned document. Confirm the format, then tap “Convert” to start the conversion process.

Convert the PDF to Image on iPhone with PDFgear

Convert the PDF to Image on iPhone with PDFgear

Step 5. After the conversion, the new image file will appear in the folder. Tap to open it, then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select “Save to Photos.”

Save the Image File to Photos

Save the Image File to Photos

Additionally, PDFgear allows for batch conversion of PDFs to images. Simply select the scanned documents within PDFgear, tap the “More” button at the bottom, then “Share” > “Convert from PDF.” Choose your desired format and tap “Convert.”

Beyond simple PDF-to-image conversions, PDFgear offers a robust set of features for reading and editing PDFs. You can add annotations, stamps, and images to your scanned documents before saving them to your Photos. Additionally, the stunning AI-powered Chatbot within PDFgear can analyze and summarize your documents, providing an extra layer of functionality.


How do I convert a scanned document from PDF to JPEG in Notes?

As mentioned in this post, you can convert a scanned document from PDF to JPEG using PDFgear. Simply save the documents from Notes to Files, then upload them to PDFgear for high-quality conversion.

Can I export Notes with embedded photos as a PDF or other format for sharing?

Yes. the Notes app supports making the notes with embedded photos as PDFs. Get into the note > Tap the share icon at the top of the screen > Scroll through the sharing options and choose “Save to Files” > Choose a folder to save. The note is in PDF once saved in Files.

Is there a way to save scanned documents directly to iCloud from Notes and then download them as pictures?

Yes, you can save scanned documents from Notes to iCloud and download them as pictures. But before that, you need to enable iCloud for Notes and turn on the “Save to Photos” feature of Notes in Settings.

Is it possible to manually adjust the cropping or orientation of a scanned document in Notes before saving it?

Yes. The Notes app allows you to crop, and rotate the scanned document before saving it.

Tap the thumbnail icon on the upper-right corner. Tap the thumbnail of the scanned document and you will see the orientation and crop page options in the menu.

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