Boost Productivity: 7 Best Image to PDF Converters

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Discover the top 7 converters to get an insight into their key features. Elevate your file sharing and storage experience with efficiency and reliability!

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Best Image to PDF Converters

Best Image to PDF Converters

Visual media has covered most communication in people’s daily lives, and it’s vital to convert image-based content to a more stable and compatible PDF format for document sharing.

Whether for photography assignments, research graphs, educational materials, or document screenshots, the demand for reliable and efficient tools, particularly for offline and large file conversions, is paramount.

Today, we’ve listed 7 highly beneficial converters with their main features, pricing, and platform compatibility. Each offers distinct features to cater to your specific needs. Now, take a look at it!

A Quick Comparison for Efficient Image-to-PDF Converters

Converter Traits Pricing Platform Compatibility
PDFgear Online tool and software, 10 + image formats supported, advanced OCR tech applied, AI-powered, retain file formatting in conversion. FREE Online tool: any type of device

Software: Windows, Mac, and iOS

Zamzar Compatible with multimedia formats, supports less-known image formats,

Straightforward conversion.


Basic: US$18/mo

Pro: US$30/mo

Business: US$49/mo

Online tool: any type of device

Desktop: Mac and Windows

LibreOffice Open-source, intuitive interface, and supports diverse vector images. FREE Windows, macOS, and Linux
Adobe Acrobat Comprehensive features, allow file customization, and top-notch file encryption. Individual: US$19.99/mo

Team: US$23.99/mo/license



Android, and


Google Docs Web application, enables image editing, and synchronizes file operations. FREE Android, iOS, and ChromeOS


PDFgear is an all-around image converter. Its online conversion tool and software accommodates users across the spectrum, from PC to mobile. There is no sign-up requirement, ads, or device limitations during conversion.

Supporting over 10 image formats, this converter frees you from the constraints of rare image file conversions. You can upload HEIC, WebP, BMP, and more.

Quality conversion is ensured in PDFgear. The converter applies advanced OCR technology to accurately extract content from any image format file; even multi-layered PSDs can be transformed with high resolution.

Batch conversion and AI technology of this software have freed up your hands in a big way by entering a prompt in the PDFgear Copilot chatbox. To optimize file storage, PDFgear provides a compression service to resize PDFs after conversion. The intuitive interface design enables an even smoother workflow for conversion.




Zamzar is an online converter capable of transforming images, documents, and videos. You can find almost all file conversion pairs here.

Collaborating with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, this tool simplifies group work and remote work.

Conversion is straightforward in Zamzar. With just 3 buttons clicking, images are turned into PDFs within seconds.

Performing at a great speed, this converter enhances your work efficiency. However, image files shall be under 2MB. For free conversions over 2 files every 24 hours, account sign-in is required.




As an open-source office tool, LibreOffice has gained popularity among many developers. This software specializes in graphic and image drawing and editing and supports various vector image conversions.

Due to its professionalism, LibreOffice is suitable for individual and business use. The constant updates let you always have enhanced file management functions and the ability to work on multiple platforms.

The interface design of this program may seem a bit old school, considering it’s freeware, but it still offers reliable and efficient functionality.



Adobe Acrobat

Being a major player in the PDF editing market, Adobe Acrobat offers professional and full-featured image-to-PDF conversion functions.

It supports an extensive array of image formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF.

Adobe Acrobat ensures that the output PDFs maintain visual fidelity, reflecting the original images’ clarity and resolution. Additionally, it provides professionals with significant flexibility by allowing customization of file size and orientation, facilitating more personalized image conversion.

Integration with other Adobe services results in convenient file editing and sharing. However, the high-priced subscription is beyond the budget of most users, hindering access to its advanced features.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat


For Mac users, Preview is a handy pre-installed tool you shouldn’t miss. Beyond just viewing files, it can convert images in 18 different formats into PDFs.

Complied with minimalism, the features of Preview are displayed in a simple but clear way. The interface keeps things focused on your file content, making the process a snap. Just a few clicks and your images are transformed into polished PDFs.

It also handles a bunch of image files at once. The sidebar lets you preview, rearrange, or remove files with ease. It’s all laid out clearly, so you’ll never feel lost in the process.



Google Docs

The file conversion feature is often overlooked in Google Docs. While it does not offer direct conversion of image-based files to PDF, you can still conveniently compile multiple images into a single PDF file using its Insert feature. This makes it a versatile tool for managing your documents.

It is accessible to everyone with a Google account and is readily available through your browser, and best of all, it’s completely free to use.

The synchronization of file operations online is another user-friendly facet of Google Docs. Any edits to the images are automatically saved, allowing you to switch between devices without losing progress.

It’s worth mentioning that while Google Docs supports various image formats, such as JPEG and PNG, certain formats like WebP may require insertion via Google Drive before adding them to your Google Docs document.

In essence, Google Docs offers a convenient solution for image-to-PDF conversion. If you’re after a finer conversion, take a look at the following tool.

Google Docs

Google Docs


Canva is an online design tool, that consists of various features from graphic creation to social media posts.

As a professional visual suite, its colorful interface gives you a sense of the tool’s artistic nature, while the simple navigation ensures effortless conversion for users of all skill levels.

Supporting various image formats like JPEG, PNG, and SVG, Canva guarantees compatibility with a wide range of file types.

Users have the flexibility to personalize their files before or after image conversion. Whether adjusting layouts, adding text, incorporating graphics, or more, it empowers users to tailor their creations to perfection.

Both free and paid subscription options are provided in Canva, catering to different needs.




What is the easiest image-to-PDF converter for beginners to use?

PDFgear’s online converter is the simplest tool to convert images to PDF. it offers a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, no prior experience is needed.

Users can effortlessly convert images to PDFs in just a few clicks, making it perfect for newcomers

How do I convert multiple images into a single PDF file?

To convert multiple images to a single PDF file, you can utilize PDFgear. Both its online converter and software support bulk conversion.

Simply select and upload the images to this converter > Click the “Convert” button, and you can obtain a well-transformed PDF file.

Which image-to-PDF converter is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems?

PDFgear software is an image-to-PDF converter that is compatible with Windows, and Mac.

For other operating system users, PDFgear’s online tool is also available.


Among the mentioned converters, PDFgear stands out as the top recommendation.

It efficiently converts various image formats to PDFs with high quality. It’s compatible with multiple operating systems, free, and user-friendly, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

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