How to Add Watermark to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro [A Free Alternative Sharing]

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To prevent unauthorized use of articles, adding a watermark is effective. If you’re unsure about the steps, our page guides you using Adobe Acrobat Pro, a free alternative, or an online tool.

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How to Add Watermark to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

How to Add Watermark to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

A watermark, whether text or an image, can be placed in front of or behind document pages. It offers customization options for font, size, orientation, color, opacity, and more. Watermarks primarily serve two functions: safeguarding the document against theft and promoting your brand.

When it comes to editing PDFs, Adobe may be your first choice. The following steps demonstrate how to add a watermark to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Additionally, this page provides two other cost-effective and dependable methods to address this issue.

Add Watermark in Adobe Acrobat Pro

While the free version, Adobe Acrobat Reader, offers numerous solutions for PDF-related tasks like highlighting, splitting, commenting, or signing PDFs, it lacks the capability to add watermarks.

Subscribing to the Pro version is necessary for this feature. Adobe Acrobat Pro supports both image and text watermarks.

Step 1. Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro and click on “Edit PDF” in the right panel. The editing toolbar will then appear at the top.

Navigate to the PDF Edit Toolbar

Navigate to the PDF Edit Toolbar

Step 2: Click the “Watermark” button and select “Add.” This action will trigger a pop-up window with two watermark source options:

💠 Text: Input your desired text directly into the box. Customize the size, font, color, and alignment as needed.

💠 File: Click “Browse” to select an image from your device. Supported file formats include JPG/JPEG, BMP, and PDF files.

Choose the Type of Watermark You Prefer

Choose the Type of Watermark You Prefer

Step 3: Make changes to the watermark’s rotation, transparency, size, and position in the “Appearance” and “Position” panels. You can see how these adjustments affect the watermark in the preview pane on the right.

Customize the Watermark

Customize the Watermark

Moreover, click the “Appearance Options” button to access and configure three advanced settings:

✅ Show when printing.

✅ Show when displaying on the screen.

✅ Maintain the position and size of the watermark text consistently when printing on different page sizes.

Appearance Options of the Watermark

Appearance Options of the Watermark

Step 4: Click on the upper-right button called “Page Range Options” to select where you want the watermark to appear in your PDF. You have the option to apply the watermark to “All pages in range,” “Even pages only,” or “Odd pages only.”

Select the Apply Pages

Select the Apply Pages

Step 5. Hit “OK” to add a watermark on the PDF. Also, you can update or remove this watermark with Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The costly Adobe Acrobat subscription has led to many users’ loss. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a highly useful solution to address this issue.

PDFgear not only provides all its features for free but also offers a simpler and faster method for adding watermarks to PDFs.

Add Watermark to PDF without Acrobat [Free Alternative]

PDFgear is a versatile PDF tool that combines a PDF converter, merger, splitter, editor, cropper, compressor, and rotator. It’s considered one of the top free alternatives to Adobe, offering all its features without cost.

PDFgear is particularly proud of its editing capabilities, allowing you to insert images, annotations, shapes, underlines, signatures, stamps, page numbers, headers, footers, and more.

Moreover, you can edit existing text in your PDF directly with PDFgear without the need to convert it to Word.

Adding a watermark to your PDF with PDFgear is a simple 3-step process.

Step 1. Install PDFgear for Free

Download PDFgear from its official website or simply click the button below to get it instantly.

PDFgear – Free PDF Editor

PDFgear provides a wide range of free PDF editing features, including the ability to edit existing text in PDFs, fill in forms, add shapes, images, passwords, signatures, watermarks, and more.

Step 2. Navigate to the Watermark Button

Launch PDFgear > Select “Open Files” to import a PDF > Head to the “Edit” toolbar, where you’ll find the “Watermark” button.

Find the Watermark Button

Find the Watermark Button

Step 3. Add a Watermark to the PDF

Click on “Watermark” > Choose “Create Watermark” > Input your desired text > Customize its size, color, rotation, opacity, and alignment > Select the page range: current page, all pages, selected pages, all even pages, or all odd pages.

Finally, click “OK” to apply the watermark.

Add a Watermark with PDFgear

Add a Watermark with PDFgear


Can you add a watermark in Adobe Pro?

Absolutely, Adobe Acrobat Pro enables you to add a watermark to your PDF in 7 steps: Open your PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro > Navigate to the “Edit PDF” toolbar > Click on “Watermark” and select “Add” > Choose the watermark type (Text or Image) > Customize the watermark to your preferences > Set the desired page range > Click “OK” to apply the watermark.

How Do I Create a Permanent Watermark in PDF?

You can use PDFgear to create a permanent watermark in PDF by following the steps: Download PDFgear > Import a PDF > Locate “Edit” > Click the “Watermark” button > Choose “Create Watermark” > Enter the text > Customize related settings > Hit “OK”.

Can You Watermark a PDF for Free?

Yes. PDFgear offers a totally free service. You can add a watermark with simple steps in 3 minutes for free.

Why Add a Watermark to a PDF?

Adding a watermark is essential for some special PDF files. There are 3 main reasons:

1. Protect copyright to prevent plagiarism or for document verification

2. Ensure confidentiality marking of special documents

3. Used for brand promotion and to demonstrate professionalism


In conclusion, adding a watermark to a PDF is an essential step for certain files. While Adobe Acrobat Pro is a commonly thought-of option, its cost can be prohibitive. PDFgear offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative for adding watermarks, including permanent ones. You can give PDFgear a try for free without worrying about file size or quantity limitations.

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