5 Best AI-Powered PDF Editors to Boost Your Productivity

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This article shows you 5 AI-powered PDF editors that make PDF editing tasks easy and effective. Let’s dive in and find the perfect AI PDF editor that meets your needs.

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AI PDF Editor

AI PDF Editor

The AI-powered PDF editor is revolutionizing the way we interact with PDFs. With the integration of ChatGPT, the PDF editor can work well as a great PDF summarizer, translator, and even ChatGPT alternative to generate content, which will significantly improve our efficiency.

Here are the best 5 AI-powered PDF tools for all sectors especially for education and business. Check all their features and pick the best AI PDF editor to try. Let’s get started.

Comparison Table of 5 Best AI PDF Editors

Product Price Supported OS OCR features AI Features
PDFgear Free Windows, macOS, iOS, Online Yes Chat with PDF

Summarize PDF

Edit PDF with AI

Foxit PhantomPDF Foxit PDF Editor has 5 pricing edition(s), from $14.99 to $179 Windows, macOS

iOS, Android, Online

Yes Smart Redact
Light PDF $29,95 billed monthly

$79.95 billed annually

$159.9 billed for lifetime

Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android Yes Talk to PDF

Answer your Question in Tables

Forma In-App purchases from$0.99 to $29.99 iPhone and iPad No Auto-filled form in seconds
PDFelement $79.99/year for PDFelement

$129.99/year for PDFelement pro

Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android Yes Chat with PDF

summarize, rewrite, explain, and proofreads PDFs.


PDFgear has all tools to edit PDFs you can think of. It allows users to edit a PDF in Word without having any formatting problems, you can easily modify or delete existing text in the PDF document. PDFgear not only supports simple edits like adding notes or highlights, but also complex edits like adding passwords, watermarks, and signatures to the PDF. Only have a paper document at hand? Convert it to PDF with OCR feature!

Let’s take one step further from manual editing with PDFgear Copilot. Integrated with ChatGPT 3.5, it can understand your prompt and make edits for you. Send a message and PDFgear Copilot will quickly act on your requests. No worry if PDFgear Copilot will get you wrong. There will always be secondary confirmation.

Other AI-Related Features of PDFgear

  • Interact via chatting
  • Summarize and ask from PDF
  • Edit PDF with a simple command
PDFgear AI PDF Editor

PDFgear AI PDF Editor

Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a multi-feature PDF editor. You can use it to edit any PDF just like editing a Word document with a word processor. Change the text, add pictures and videos, stamps, headers, and merge or split documents within several clicks.

Foxit PDF editor has two special features. One is the collaboration feature. You can collaborate with others to work on the same PDF in real time. The other is creating interactive PDF forms. Statistics input in the PDF can be collected and processed by the creator.

Other AI-Related Features of Foxit PDF Editor

  • Summarize PDF
  • Chat with PDF
  • AI rewriting
  • Smart redact
Foxit PhantomPDF AI PDF Editor

Foxit PhantomPDF AI PDF Editor


LightPDF is an AI PDF editor that works on the cloud. You can work on your PDF document anywhere, any time without registration. Browser-based PDF editor doesn’t mean security issues. It doesn’t store your data so your information will always be safe.

LightPDF provides loads of tools for you to edit PDFs. To name a few, edit the text, images, split, merge, rotate, and annotate. The best feature is converting PDF to Word. The converted Word document will look just like your original PDF.

Other AI-Related Features of LightPDF

  • Summarize PDF
  • Chat with PDF
  • Data Extraction from PDF
  • Create Tables from the Data of the PDF
LightPDF AI PDF Editor

LightPDF AI PDF Editor


Forma is an AI PDF editor specially designed for iPhone/iPad users. Its practical and easy-to-use tools, like adding stamps, signatures, and photos, provide lots of conveniences for its users. There is also a cloud storage option enabling you to access and manage your file with any iOS device.

We all have times when we have to do lots of types to fill the forms. Forma understands it and can save us from the trouble of typing the same information again and again. Now, customize a form template with your personal information and let it fill the forms for you!

Other AI-Related Features of Forma

  • OCR
  • Generate AI Content
  • Chat with PDF
  • Track Pre-Bulit AI Tasks
Forma AI PDF Editor

Forma AI PDF Editor


PDFelement helps you process PDFs effectively. You can open, save, print, write, add page numbers, and bookmarks to PDFs with it. You can also add images or other things from the PDF, change their size, and move them around. By the way, signing without printing is possible at PDFelement.

Moreover, PDFelement allows you to protect your PDF. Set a password on the PDF, others will have no access to it. If you want others to fill out forms in the PDF and collect data, PDFelement is always there for you.

Other AI-Related Features of PDFelement

  • Summarize PDF
  • Chat with PDF
  • Explain Complex Concept
  • AI Content Detection
PDFelement AI PDF Editor

PDFelement AI PDF Editor

AI PDF Editors: FAQs

Can AI edit PDF?

PDFgear is the only option for editing a PDF with AI. PDFgear Copilot, integrated with ChatGPT 3.5, can understand your prompt and help you get PDF editing tasks done right. The only thing you should do is send clear commands l to the PDFgear copilot, then it will do the rest for you.

What is the best free AI tool for editing PDF files?

The best free AI tool for editing PDF files is definitely PDFgear. It is equipped with the strongest AI chatbot to summarize and answer all your questions based on the PDF. It can also help you perform all sorts of editing tasks based on your query, for example, converting, and compressing.

Can AI summarize a PDF?

Yes, AI can summarize a PDF. There are many AI summarizers that can comprehend any text and generate a summary of a PDF, including ChatPDF, PDFgear, and ChatGPT.

How to edit a PDF document with AI?

Upload your PDF to PDFgear Copilot, and click on the Chat Now button. Send any command like convert this PDF to Word and then confirm. Now, wait for AI to finish editing.


That’s all for the top 6 AI-powered PDF editors. PDFgear Copilot is outstanding from the rest. It can help you edit PDFs based on your prompt accurately. It can do more things for you, like summarizing, translating, and explaining concepts. Try PDFgear Copilot and save yourself from arduous PDF editing tasks.

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