Top 12 Recommended AI PDF Summarizers in 2024

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Which AI PDF summarizer would be the best for students, teachers, and scholars? 12 AI PDF summarizers, free and paid, online and offline applications are listed here. Get yours.

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Top Recommended AI PDF Summarizers

Top Recommended AI PDF Summarizers

With the invention of the AI PDF summarizers, it’s been much easier to quickly get each PDF file’s main idea without reading sentence by sentence.

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PDFgear is a FREE PDF editor for Mac and Windows that allows users to summarize any PDF with AI.

But not all the AI-powered PDF summarizers will do. Some may leave you with unrelated or redundant words in the output, and some don’t allow you to set criteria. Which would be the best free AI PDF summarizers online and offline?

Compared the 5 Best PDF Summarizers

AI PDF Summarizers  Price Hero Features Compatibility
PDFgear Chatbot Free 100% Free AI PDF Summarizer

Support PDF editing, converting, printing, etc.

Windows, macOS, iOS
QuillBot Freemium Multilanguage

Grammar and Plagiarism checker, Co-writer, Translator

Web, Chrome Extension, Word Add-In
IntelliPPT $5/Month Summarize 3000 Characters or Files Smaller than 1MB for Free Web
GetDigest Free Multilingual PDF Summarizer

DOC TXT supported

Smmry Free Free and Online PDF Summarizer

Accurate Summary without Changing the Original Meaning


# 1. PDFgear Chatbot

PDFgear Chatbot integrates ChatGPT with offline software, marking a revolutionary progress in summarizing PDF files. Ordinary Intelligent PDF summary generators only help give a quick summary of a research article, book, or document in PDF. With PDFgear Chatbot, however, you can literally chat with your PDF file.

Upload one or multiple PDF documents and then ask a question, you will get an unbiased answer from the knowledge of your PDF in seconds, which is more targeted than getting a summary of the whole document.

It may sound too good to be true, but there are more surprises. First, PDFgear Chatbot is currently free because its developers are looking for the growth of its users. Secondly, you can keep track of your workflow.

You can recover your last message anytime and ask new questions based on the old one. Last but not least, your information will not be saved by the program. Use PDFgear Chatbot freely!

PDFgear Chatbot – Free Summarize PDF Documents

PDFgear Chatbot, integrated with ChatGPT 3.5, swiftly summarizes article information in a user-friendly manner, with no file size or page limits.

Take a look at PDFgear highlight features:

  • Free of Charge
  • Quick and Unbiased Answers from the PDF Files
  • Always Keep Track of the Last Message
  • Support OCR and image-based PDFs
  • High Degree of Privacy
Best Free AI PDF Summarizer - PDFgear Chatbot

The Best Free AI PDF Summarizer – PDFgear Chatbot

# 2. QuillBot

QuillBot is designed for individual students, researchers, and content creators to condense long articles into key points or paragraphs. You don’t have to download anything to use it, because it works by a copy-and-paste method on the website. It also works with an extension for Chrome, Word, and Google Docs.

You can also manage the length of your summary. Even if the content is quite confusing, the output will be very easy to understand and match the original meaning.

Key Features:

  • Summary of the Content in Key Points or Paragraphs
  • No Need to Download
  • Accurate Paraphrasing
  • Easy to Manage the Length of Summary
Online AI PDF Summarizer - QuillBot Summarizer

Online AI PDF Summarizer – QuillBot Summarizer

# 3. TLDR This

TLDR This uses AI to analyze texts in any document or webpage and automatically creates a summary. Besides analyzing texts, it also extracts information on images, titles, authors, and date information so that you don’t miss anything.

You have the option to create a summary with only key sentences or generate an AI summary that is easier to read. TLDR This can also help highlight important keywords in the summary to quickly identify the theme of the document.

Still, find the summary hard to follow. The paraphrasing tool rewrites the summary in different voices and styles. You will always have the style you like to read. 100% plagiarism-free. TLDR This is devoted to providing you with distraction and ad-free reading experiences. Most important of all, it is free to use! You can always have 10 free AI summaries and paraphrases.

Key Features:

  • Generate Human-Like Summary
  • Keywords Detection
  • Free for First 10 AI Summaries and Paraphrases
  • Distraction and Ad-free Reading Experiences
Online AI PDF Summarizer - TLDR This

Online AI PDF Summarizer – TLDR This

# 4. IntelliPPT

IntelliPPT, a good online AI summarizer, helps summarize any content. Different from other PDF summarization tools that highlight the key points, IntelliPPT splits long sentences into short phrases and then paraphrases them. That’s to say, you will get not only a shorter but also a more understandable version of a PDF file without missing any sentence.

Once you upload a PDF file, you can customize the summary size. You have absolute control over how many words you get. Hit the summarize button, it also generates a PPT. Use it wherever you want.

The summarizing process takes less than 1 minute. The free trial limitations are 3,000 characters input or 1MB file size maximum.

Key Features:

  • Summarize and Paraphrase the Content
  • Customizable Summary Size
  • Fast Processing Speed
  • Summarize 3000 Characters or Files Smaller than 1MB for Free
Online AI PDF Summarizer - IntelliPPT AI Summarizer

Online AI PDF Summarizer – IntelliPPT AI Summarizer

# 5. All-About-PDF

All-About-PDF makes sure you get a good summary with Open AI’s ChatGPT. When a PDF file is uploaded, it can quickly find all key points and generate summaries in different styles, namely, TL;DR, For Fifth Grader, Meeting Notes, and Keywords. Pick a summary style that meets your needs.

Even though All-About-PDF offers a 14-day free trial, to use All-About-PDF, you must download, sign up for this software, and obtain an API key from OpenAI. That could be very inconvenient for most users.

Key Features:

  • 4 Different Summary Styles
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Fast PDF Processing
All About PDF Summarizer

All About PDF Summarizer

# 6. Genei

Genei is a UK-based AI note-taking, research tool, and content summarizer. It is best for individuals like journalists and content creators to improve their work efficiency. When used as an AI summarization tool, Genei can perform summarization and keyword extraction to help you find crucial information faster.

Besides that, it can also perform both semantic and query-based searches within your documents for a quick summary. There are more features like annotation and citation. Sadly, there is no free version of Genei. A 14-day free trial is for everyone, but the features are quite limited.

Key Features

  • Perform Semantic and Query-Based Searches
  • Multiple PDF Summarization
  • Export Functionality
  • Rephrasing and Paraphrasing Functionality
Multilanguage AI PDF Summarizer - Genei

Multilanguage AI PDF Summarizer – Genei

# 7. Scholarcy

Scholarcy, as its name suggests, is developed for students and researchers. It automatically breaks down an article or research paper into smaller sections so that anyone can identify the key information quickly and accurately. Scholarcy also creates links to open-access versions of cited sources and then downloads them in RIS or BibTex format.

The best feature of all is that Scholarcy can be configured to extract figures, tablets, and images. Your summary will no longer be dull. No need to download summaries. Scholarcy enables you to build a searchable collection of your summary. Save every sentence you read for future use at the cost of $8 per month.

Key Features

  • Summarize Key Points Effectively
  • Creates Links to Cited Sources
  • Able to Extract Figures, Tablets, and Images
  • Able to Build Searchable Summary Libraries
Multilanguage AI PDF Summarizer - scholarcy

Multilanguage AI PDF Summarizer – scholarcy

# 8. GetDigest

GetDigest offers two plans for individuals and businesses. No matter which plans you are in, it quickly digests a PDF document and extracts the most important data for you. You can also customize the summary by adjusting the setups, for example, changing the summary size, whether to extract keywords, links, numbers, or data.

The most amazing thing is that GetDigest understands more than 30 languages. If you are on the Business plan, it understands over 360 languages, nearly all frequently used languages.

What makes GetDigest a good PDF summary is the processing speed. In only 5 seconds, it can analyze and create a summary in any percentage for a document of 100 pages.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual PDF Summarizer
  • Ultra Fast Speed
  • No Core Messages Will Lost
  • Able to Return to Previous Documents
Free Online AI PDF Summarizer - GetDigest

Free Online AI PDF Summarizer – GetDigest

# 9. ChatPDF

ChatPDF, as its name suggests, unlocks the way for you to chat with PDF files. Whether you are uploading a PDF of textbooks, contracts, or manuals, it understands your document thoroughly and is ready to answer all your questions.

ChatPDF understands any language. It is just a piece of cake for ChatPDF to understand one document in one language and answers your question in another. If the language is misclassified, you can even ask it to change it.

The shortcoming is quite obvious. First, ChatPDF doesn’t support multiple PDFs. Secondly, it may have problems understanding images and tables that consist of scanned text.

Key Features:

  • Chat with PDF
  • Supports All Languages
  • Safe and Secure
  • Free PDFs Every Day, Each Up to 120 Pages
Online AI PDF Summarizer - ChatPDF

Online AI PDF Summarizer – ChatPDF

# 10. Summry

Summry also uses AI to produce summaries. It ranks the sentences by importance and then removes transition phrases, unnecessary clauses, and excessive examples. Thus, you get an accurate summary without changing the original meaning or missing any important information.

It doesn’t offer any options to change the summary size, as other AI PDF summarizers do, but you can customize the summary by going to Settings. In one tick, you can choose to avoid questions, exclamations, quotations, or have a quick transition.

Key Features:

  • Free and Online PDF Summarizer
  • Interesting Setting-Ups for Your Summary
  • Accurate Summary without Changing the Original Meaning
  • Heat Map Helps You Identify Important Information

The Heat Map is a must-try! It uses colors to group sentences by importance. You can immediately identify the key information in your PDF. By the way, Summry is an online and free summarizer. To use it, You don’t have to download anything to your computer or pay a penny.

Free Online AI PDF Summarizer - Smmry

Free Online AI PDF Summarizer – Smmry

# 11. Resoomer

You can always turn to Resoomer to get a concise and accurate summary of your PDF file. That would save you from the trouble of going through long and fancy sentences. Don’t even want to read the summary? Resoomer will read it to you. Listen to your summaries in English, French, German, and more languages.

Resoomer enables you to create a library of your own summary. Import all PDFs and access your summaries at any time! No worry about data safety. All your documents uploaded will be encrypted to preserve confidentiality. If you have any questions about the document, ask the reading assistant. It will give you a proper answer that facilitates your understanding.

Key Features:

  • Read the Summary to You
  • Data Safety
  • Enables to Create a Library of Your Own
  • Reading Assistant Answers All Your Questions.
Online AI PDF Summarizer - Resoomer

Online AI PDF Summarizer – Resoomer

# 12. SemanTer

SemanTer creates a summary for you on mobile phones. It uses exceptionally precise algorithms to give you the most accurate summary. Drag the slider, you can also create annotations with predictable volumes. Define how many words you’d like to read.

When a summary is done, you can share it on social media, or send others via email. SemanTer makes summaries in English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, and other 16 languages. The language list is expanding.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual
  • Precise Algorithms Help Create Accurate Summary
  • Easy Annotations
  • Easy Share to Social Media
AI PDF Summarizer App - SemanTer

AI PDF Summarizer App – SemanTer


What is an AI PDF Summarizer?

An AI PDF Summarizer is a tool that uses AI to read through PDFs and summarize them into short, easy-to-read highlights, helping you get the main points fast without reading the whole document.

Can ChatGPT summarize a PDF?

Yes, ChatGPT can summarize PDF documents. You can upload the PDF file you want summarized, and it can provide you with a concise summary of its contents. This can be especially helpful for understanding the key points of longer documents without having to read through the entire text yourself.

What are the benefits of using an AI PDF Summarizer?

The main advantage is saving time; it helps users quickly understand a document’s key points without reading the whole thing. It is great for professionals and students who deal with lots of information. It also makes it easier to understand and organize the most important parts of the text.


The tools mentioned in this article are the best AI-powered PDF summarizing tools in the market. Some of the summarizers are online tools while some of the summarizers are desktop-based software. Some only give you a precise summary of your PDF file with a little customization, while some can make a summary based on your query.

We recommend PDFgear Chatbot best because it gives a more targeted summary of your PDF file and all your data will be safer because this product doesn’t send your information to the third-parties.

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