Top 8 Printing Apps For Android in 2023

Last updated on March 9, 2023

Summary :

Almost all printing apps can be accessed through WiFi, you can print out documents without having to turn your computer on and navigate through your files. So, here goes the list of the best Android Printing Apps along with their Overview, Features, Pros & Cons.

Printing Apps For Android

The need for printing copies has grown to the point where it is now a crucial prerequisite that will continue to develop even in the upcoming years. The growth of organizations necessitates a variety of documentation procedures, such as the mailing of applications and the shortlisting of resumes.

Mobile applications have gained popularity in recent years since they are simple to use and do not take a long time to boot up. In this article, we’ll go in-depth on some of the best printing apps for Android that you’ll need to make sure your printing is both safe and effective.

Comparison Table of Printing Apps For Android

App Compatibility Print Quality Ease of Use Additional Features
Samsung Mobile Print For all Android Phones and Devices High Fairly Easy
  • Allows both sides to print
  • Print through odd and even numbers
  • Relatively safer in terms of data collection
NokoPrint – Mobile Printing For all Android Phones and Devices High Easy to navigate
  • Allows Photo Printing
  • Long location printing
Bluetooth/USB Printer, Receipt For all Android Phones and Devices As per the thermal printout quality Very Easy
  • Of Kind invoice creator for businesses such as Thermal Printers
Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY For all Android Phones and Devices High Fairly easy
  • Wireless connectivity enables printing
  • Enhanced command systems like cleaning headliners are available
Epson iPrint For all Android Phones and Devices High Fairly easy
  • Allows a very wide array of drive support
  • Command printing works amazingly well.

# 1. Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print came into being to serve users who were trying to get print copies and fax outposts to Samsung’s LaserJet models. With time it has been seen that this application has brought about the necessary changes to keep floating in the market, and slowly became the best Android printing app. It is one of a kind for many reasons. Starting with its ability to enable a user to fax through wire any official PDF document to any Samsung laser jet printer in any part of the world.

The application enables you to print out a host of typical files including webpages, PDFs, and even content that is part of your social media.

As far as security features are concerned here are some pointers you need to keep in mind:

  • User cannot delete their data on the app.
  • Data is not shared with any third-party website or entity.
  • The developer does not register any of the device data while initiating the installation.
  • Data is encrypted while being on the network from one device to another.
The User Interface of the Samsung Print App on Android

The User Interface of the Samsung Print App on Android

Features of Samsung Mobile Print

  • Enables data encryption on the go
  • Fax to any Samsung laser printer in the world and any type of document
  • Easy to use and navigate the interface
  • Inbuilt scanner and has the option to save documents in PDF, JPG, PNG, etc
  • Data is protected for quick access when needed


  • Data encryption on the go
  • Enhanced data safety
  • Magnetic, trackless timeline
  • The scanner also included


  • Reviews are not that great in Play Store considering the brand of the company
  • There are some issues regarding mobile devices connecting to a Samsung Printer

# 2. NokoPrint – Mobile Printing

Noko Print is an Android printing app that is easy to use. Noko Print is well known for the printing of both images and documents. The image prints are big and enable amazing clarity in the photos with an emphasis on the better projection of the photo. It allows you to print boarding passes, images, and documents of all forms and types.

Easy to set up connectivity and easy to use. If we browse through its security-laden features here are its performance markers:

  • The data transfer done here is completely encrypted.
  • It however unlike Samsung Print does take out some data from your personal account especially info about App activity.
  • App info and performance, and Device or other IDs.
Noko Print Android app interface

Noko Print Android app interface

Features of NokoPrint 

  • Maintain the high-quality while printing the photo
  • Allows printing of all documents files, invoices, and boarding passes on any form of paper
  • Enables a user to print and transfer files through WiFi
  • Bluetooth connectivity act as an enabler for file transaction
  • Transfer enormous amounts of data via USB


  • Enables photo printing
  • Have all forms of transfer assistance
  • Very user-friendly interface


  • Part of its services are cost based
  • Collects data of some form including device ID

# 3. Brother Mobile Connect

Brother Mobile Connect is another efficient printing tool that enables you to open any form of document online. It has both sides printing options available. It enables you to Fax to any Brother Printer around the world. With 4.5 stars on Play Store on the printing apps segment which is often thought of as least scored among reviewers, this really takes Brother Mobile Connect to the top.

As far as data safety and collection are concerned here are some detailed pointers:

  • It does take important forms of data and this includes IDs of other devices and technical know-how of the app.
  • The pronounced feature as far as security is concerned is that user data on the app can be deleted, unlike other printing apps that we have discussed.
  • Does not allow any third-party collection and encrypts data completely on a set network while traveling.
Brother Mobile Connect

Brother Mobile Connect

Features of Brother Mobile Connect

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Fax on the go
  • Applicable to request clearing of the internal data
  • The app collects user data, especially of the application and user ids
  • Data encryption is available when file transaction happens


  • Good average rating on Play Store
  • Allows optional deletion of data from the application database
  • Does not share data with any third party


  • Takes user data regarding app activity and device IDs

# 4. Bluetooth/USB Printer, Receipt By Mate Technologies

Mate Technologies enabled Bluetooth USB Printer Receipt is like a one-stop shop for the printing of all types of receipts. This printer transacts files to and from Thermal Printer and once the connection establishes either through Bluetooth or USB you can simply make an invoice on your own and access the services of this app.

It has an app purchasing pack that allows some premium services of the application to be bought. If you have any requirements to make receipts or labels this printer will serve that purpose. There are free templates to formulate your invoice. Systems are easy to key in and print receipts without any problem.

As far as the security angle is concerned regarding the app here is its data sharing and use policy:

  • Does not take personal data.
  • User data on the app cannot be deleted.
  • Data is not shared with any third parties.
  • Data is encrypted while sending files on a network from one device to another device.
Bluetooth/USB Printer, Receipt

Bluetooth/USB Printer, Receipt

Features of Bluetooth/USB Printer

  • Have customizable invoice and label templates
  • Easy to feed details and create invoices on the go
  • Easy to use the app and fairly easy to access interface
  • The app is free for the most part, especially printing.


  • Templates are already available for receipt
  • Free printing app designed for receipts
  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity


  • Can only print labels and receipts, hence best to connect it to Thermal Printers

# 5. Printer On

Printer On stands out from the rest because it has an automated geo-location tagging feature where you can feed in your Printer citing its availability and location at a particular spot. Printer On also has its own board local database network that makes it easier for any person to access Printers to be found in close proximity to do some editing.

The biggest limitation however for Printer On is its inability to share how it treats user data. That will definitely remain a very big drawback.

Printer on’s Android User Interface

Printer on’s Android User Interface

Features of Printer On

  • Has two variants of mobile applications of Android and iOS OS.
  • Good for both photo and documentation printing
  • 10,000 accessible print locations in its directory.
  • Have specialized corporate printing plans for big and entrepreneurial organizations and public institutions.
  • Enhanced methodology of email printing.


  • Easily accessible printing option through 10,000 offshore printing spaces
  • Print through a wireless connection
  • To assist in printing photos


  • Nothing informational about data safety
  • Very bad rating stars on Play Store
  • The interface is hard and bad to navigate

# 6. Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY

Canon Print Inkjet Selphy printing app allows users to print their documents through Canon Printers which includes the model releases of printers such as PIXMA, MAXIFY, and SELPHY. The only point of concern regarding the product however is its connection issue since the USB feature to enable connectivity is not part of the process in general. The Canon Printing app also allows users to ensure proper cleaning of the header. You can initiate a response cycle of cleaning, and filling reservoir inks with just a few taps on your mobile phone.

The security concerns however remain with the application. As far as features are concerned here it’s in pointers

  • Data transfer to the third party can be done specifically for your app activity, device ID, and personal info.
  • Data collection will also be done in similar areas well.
  • You can raise requests to delete your app data from the company’s servers.
  • It enhances security also by encrypting data when traveling in an end-to-end network.


Features of Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY

  • Allow printing from AMD processor Computers
  • App use is limited to geographic availability
  • Allows the printer to initiate requests while being on a network like cleaning headers
  • Easy use guide document access at the web platform
  • Connect through WiFi and Bluetooth to initiate printing


  • Have a command function to direct the printer over a WiFi range distance to carry out printing tasks
  • Quality of Print is of high-quality
  • Mobile application is relatively faster


  • Geographical limitation and only works on AMD processors in computers
  • The issue with wireless connectivity and also the absence of wired connections
  • No feature for two-side print both front and back

# 7. Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint is the Epson-created version of its printing apps. Epson iPrint allows printing of DOCX, JPG, PDF, and Microsoft Excel among other file formats without any hindrance or specific problems. The stand-alone feature that deserves a lot of recognition is the number of cloud services that it supports: Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, Box, Evernote, etc.

EPSON however despite doing well in drive support becomes terrible when security and data concerns are concerned. Let’s look through its privacy protection policy:

  • Epson has categorically stated that it will share the info with the third party including location, photos, videos, files; app info, and performance and app activity.
  • The platform and the printing app collect data even now. The data it collects is user data.
  • You cannot delete user data from the platform.
  • Data is encrypted via the network.
Epson iPrint on Android

Epson iPrint on Android

Features of Epson iPrint

  • Support multiple drive connections to host files and access for printing
  • Able to print a host of files even MS Powerpoint
  • More customization options available for a different sets of images
  • Convenient Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity


  • Enhanced drive support
  • Wireless printing instructions
  • Excellent quality of the print


  • Connection problems
  • Host of security breaches including providing user data to the third party

# 8. Xerox Workplace

Xerox Workplace is another great printing app that is made exclusively for printing purposes. Xerox MFP gets enabled through its app. You can access and print all your files in Xerox’s Workplace also via connecting to the Xerox drive suite. It offers a lot of customization features with your image among other things.

The security and privacy concerns of the product are in following:

  • Xerox does not collect data on your phone during installation and late app use.
  • It does not allow data deletion of the account etc.
  • No data is shared among modern parties.
  • No data is collected for app research and analysis.
  • Data is not encrypted.
Xerox’s home interface on Android OS

Xerox’s home interface on Android OS

Features of Xerox Workplace

  • Allows extensive customization tools
  • Drive support is available in Xerox Cloud and the suite
  • Backbone of MFP
  • Scanning, Printing, and even lock features available in the printer


  • Has a cloud suite for support
  • Best for Xerox Printers
  • Has a lock printer features further from any printing done


  • Encryption is not available in data transmission
  • Collects user data of the ap


Printing has become more accepted when done on a mobile phone in recent times. It does not take a single time frame to put it into use, unlike PCs that take time to boot systems. I have mentioned 8 amazing apps which have received a good rating of 4.0 and above. 7 of these apps have a ratting assurance of the high-end printing world of Android.

These printing apps contain scanners, and cloud access storage systems in the best ways possible. You can work in bulk, transfer files through USB, and Fax someone among other things. I hope amidst this sea of good apps you find a great one for yourself.