How to Compress PDF Files with Foxit and the Best Alternative

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Compressing files isn’t just about saving storage space-it also amps up file transmission efficiency. Dive into mastering file compression online or offline with Foxit. And for streamlining large batches of files, consider leveraging the power of PDFgear.

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Compress PDFs with Foxit

Compress PDFs with Foxit

File compression is the best solution for the cluster of large PDF files on devices. Foxit, rivaling Adobe Acrobat, is a popular option to manage and edit PDF files.

The current services of Foxit available for PDF compression are Foxit PDF Editor and its online compressor.

For newcomers, utilizing these tools might still pose a challenge. Hence, in today’s post, we’ll offer clear and detailed guidance to assist you in effectively compressing files.

How to Compress PDF Files in Foxit Online for Free

Foxit has launched a free online app for reducing PDF file size, allowing you to compress files on any device. The whole process is simple and quick, without further ado, let’s get started:

Step 1. Upload a PDF File

Visit Foxit PDF compressor online > Drag and drop a PDF to the compression box.

Upload a PDF to Foxit Compressor Online

Upload a PDF to Foxit Compressor Online

Step 2. Compress and Download the File

When the PDF is added, press the “START NOW” button > Wait for the compression to complete > In the pop-up window, click “DOWNLOAD YOUR FILE” > Customize file name and save locate > Click “Save”.

Download the Compressed PDF from Foxit Online

Download the Compressed PDF from Foxit Online

This online compressor is beneficial for small and a handful of PDFs. When files are large, the compression speed slows down noticeably. Meanwhile, the compression level is fixed and all files are processed with the same compression mode.

For flexible compression, you may need to turn to Foxit PDF Editor.

How to Compress PDFs with Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor provides a PDF optimizer for users to compress their documents. It contains a basic file reduction option and advanced features for you to customize the compression details. Even scanned PDFs can be resized.

However, the greater PDF editing functionality often comes with a higher price tag. This software charges at least US$109.99/yr, making it less of a good deal for most users.

If you have subscribed to it and had it on your PC, keep reading to discover how to leverage it for enhanced file compression.

Step 1. Open a PDF with Foxit Editor

Right-click the PDF on your device > Choose “Open with” > Select Foxit PDF Editor.

Or, launch the software > Click “File” on the topmost menu bar > Choose “Open” > Select the PDF from your device > Click the “Open” button.

Open a PDF in Foxit

Open a PDF in Foxit

Step 2. Compress the PDF

Now, navigate to PDF Optimizer in the “File” tab > Based on your needs, choose the compression mode from the follow-up three options

  • Reduce File Size – basic file size reduction
  • Advanced Optimization: unembed fonts, greyscale images, discard objects…
  • Optimize Scanned PDF
Get into Foxit PDF Editor PDF Optimizer

Get into Foxit PDF Editor PDF Optimizer

Step 3. Save the PDF

When the setting of compression is made, click “OK” > customize file name and save locate > Press “Save”.

Customize PDF Compression Setting in Foxit

Customize PDF Compression Setting in Foxit

You can right-click the new file > Choose “Properties” to check its size.

The interface and operations of Foxit may still seem somewhat complex for non-professional users. For streamlining your compression work, PDFgear is recommended as the best alternative.

How to Batch Compress PDF Files for Free without Foxit

PDFgear is an AI-powered PDF processor compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS. It offers comprehensive features to allow you to edit PDFs, organize PDFs, and even chat with PDFs.

Whether for remote work or offline tasks, you can get files compressed with its online tools and software. All is free.

PDFgear – Free Compress PDFs

PDFgear enables efficient and safe PDF file bulk compression on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. High fidelity of the files is guaranteed.

Step 1. Access PDFgear’s Compression Tool

Install and launch PDFgear on your device > Navigate to the “Hot Tools” tab > Click “Compress PDF” below.

Get into PDFgear Compressor

Get into PDFgear Compressor

Step 2. Compress PDF Files

In the compression window, click “Add Files” > Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click on the files you want to select > press “Open” > When the files are uploaded, opt for the compression level for individual files or at the left bottom of the window:

  • High: hyper-compress files to even 10%, the output file is of lower quality
  • Medium: The output file is of medium size and higher quality
  • Low: light compression, significantly preserving the original quality of the file

Then, click “Compress”.

You can check the compressed documents in the pop-up window or by clicking the doc icon on the right side of the compression window.

Compress PDFs with PDFgear

Compress PDFs with PDFgear

If you prefer non-installation, the online compressor of PDFgear is also pretty easy for you to utilize.

Step 1. Upload a PDF

Navigate to PDFgear’s online compressor > Click the “Upload your PDF file” button / drag and drop the PDF from your device to the compression box.

Step 2. Compress a PDF

When the file is uploaded, choose and check the compression level you need > Press the “Compress” button below.

Step 3. Download the New PDF

After compression, you’ll be redirected to the file download page > Click “Download File” to save the compressed PDF.

Upload a PDF to PDFgear Online Compressor

Upload a PDF to PDFgear Online Compressor

Both high file quality and data security are guaranteed in the PDFgear online compressor. Without sign-in or credit card required, you can feel free to get PDFs compressed.


How to reduce PDF file size free offline?

As mentioned in this post, PDFgear provides effective software for you to reduce PDF file size for free offline. Simply install and launch it on your device > Get into the compression tool > Upload files > Choose the compression level > Press “Compress”.

Is the Foxit PDF compressor free to use?

The online PDF compressor of Foxit is free to use but the compressor in Foxit PDF Editor demands a paid subscription for accessibility.

Does Foxit offer batch compression for PDF files?

Yes, Foxit PDF Editor offers a batch compression feature for users to reduce file sizes for multiple PDFs. In the PDF Optimizer tab, click “Reduce File Size” > Choose the “Multiple Files” icon > Choose the files to compress.

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