How to Compress PDF with iLovePDF without Losing Quality

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Learn how to compress PDF files using iLovePDF online or offline to free up space. Uncover PDFgear, a free alternative for unlimited and batch compression.

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Compress PDF with iLovePDF

Compress PDF with iLovePDF

To free up space on devices and speed up file loading and transfer times, compressing PDF files is often essential for work or study.

iLovePDF has emerged as a popular option for this task. However, it still poses a challenge for some users when it comes to compression.

Not to worry. In this guide, you’ll find detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to help you navigate iLovePDF. As a bonus, we’ll also introduce an alternative – PDfgear that enables file compression without losing quality. Let’s dive in!

A Quick Glance on the iLovePDF PDF Compressor

Versions Features Limitations Pricing
Online Tool File upload from Google Drive and Dropbox is supported.

3 compression levels are provided.

Maximum file size for upload: 200MB/task

2 files/task


Premium: $9/mo or $60/yr for compression up to 4GB/task

Desktop/App Compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android. The free version serves only as a PDF reader.

Auto-renewal of this software may proceed without a reminder.


Premium: $9/mo or $60/yr with advanced features

Business: Customize pricing

How to Compres PDF Using iLovePDF Online for Free

For people who prefer not to install software or switch between different devices, using iLovePDF’s online compression would be ideal. It’s quick and simple.

Step 1. Upload the PDF

Visit iLovePDF’s official web > Find and click “Compress PDF” in the toolkit.

When getting into the compression tool > Press the “Select PDF file” button or icons on the right side > Choose the PDF from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox to upload.

Go to the Compression Feature of iLovePDF

Go to the Compression Feature of iLovePDF

Step 2. Convert the Files

iLovePDF offers three compression levels to suit diverse needs. You can choose one from the right side of the window and then press “Compress PDF” to start processing.

Compress PDF in iLovePDF Online

Compress PDF in iLovePDF Online

Step 3. Download the Files

After compression, Press the “Download compressed PDF” button to save the file.

Download the Compressed PDF in iLovePDF

Download the Compressed PDF in iLovePDF

Bear in mind that the files are limited to 2 PDFs per task. For bulk compression over 2 files, you shall subscribe to its premium for at least $9/month.

How to Compress PDF in the iLovePDF App

iLovePDF is available in the App Store or Google Play. If you have downloaded the desktop or app iLovePDF on your PC or phone, it can also efficiently reduce file sizes offline, making it easier to manage, read, and share PDF Files.

Step 1. Open PDFs with iLovePDF

Launch iLovePDF > Tap on ‘Tools’ from the bottom toolbar > Select the “Compress PDF” tool > Add the files to it.

Step 2. Compress File in iLovePDF

When the files are added, select your desired compression level > Tap the “Compress PDF” button.

Compress PDF in iLovePDF

Compress PDF in iLovePDF

While iLovePDF speedily facilitates PDF compression, its limits are also perceived. Advanced features are all blocked behind a paywall, which may frustrate a lot of users. Plus, according to some feedback, the UI design is not so user-friendly to navigate.

If you’re on the lookout for a more cost-effective or even free PDF compressor, here we recommend PDFgear as a bonus in this post for large and batch file compression.

Batch Compression: Best Alternative to Get PDFs Compressed for Free

Unlike most PDF compressors, PDFgear offers batch PDF compression functions without subscription, in-app purchases, or ads.

The MRC technology it applies allows you to significantly reduce file sizes to even under 500 KB while maintaining the clarity and detail of your documents.

To ensure a flexible compression, three modes are provided for you to choose from:

  • High/Strong: Smallest file size in lower quality.
  • Medium: Medium file size in high quality.
  • Low: High quality with a relatively large file size.

Step 1. Get PDFgear

Download and install PDFgear. It is a lightweight software that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS. Thus, feel free to have it on your device.

Step 2. Upload the PDFs

Launch PDFgear > Navigate and click “Compress PDF” in “Hot Tools” > Click “Add Files” in the compression window > Select the PDFs to upload.

Get into the Compression Feature of PDFgear

Get into the Compression Feature of PDFgear

Step 3. Compress Multiple PDFs with PDFgear

Now, Select the compression level on the right of the file name (Check the preferred mode in “Compression Level” below for batch customization) > Click the “Compress” button.

Batch Compress PDF in PDFgear

Batch Compress PDF in PDFgear

The new files are now saved in the output path you chose.

There’s no limit for file numbers or sizes when uploading them to PDFgear, greatly saving your time and streamlining workflow. With PDFgear, you can also enjoy advanced services like text editing, highlighting, OCR, file conversion, and more before or after file compression.

For remote and cross-platform work, using PDFgear’s online compressor is much more convenient. Within 2 steps, work is done:

Step 1. Upload the PDF

Head to PDFgear’s online file compressor > Drag and drop the PDF or click/press “Upload your PDF file” to select the files to upload.

Upload a PDF to PDFgear Online Compressor

Upload a PDF to PDFgear Online Compressor

Step 2. Compress and Download the File

Choose the compression level below “Compressing Option” > Click/Tap on “Compress” > Click the “Download File” button when the compressed PDF is ready.

Compress a PDF in PDFgear Online

Compress a PDF in PDFgear Online


How can I resize a PDF for free?

You can resize a PDF for free with PDFgear. It provides both online and software for file compression. Simply

Upload PDFs to PDFgear > Choose the compression level > Click “Compress”

Does reducing a PDF size ruin the quality?

The quality of a PDF can be affected by how much you reduce its size, particularly with significant compression. To prevent unnecessary quality loss, you can use PDFgear, which applies MRC technology to maintain file clarity.

Can I compress multiple PDFs at once with iLovePDF?

Yes, you can compress multiple PDFs at once with iLovePDF, but this feature is only available with a subscription to its premium plan. Otherwise, batch PDF compression is limited to 2 files per task for free users.


This post has introduced the process of utilizing iLovePDF’s online tool and desktop for compressing PDF files. While convenient, the product does come with notable limitations, such as restricted access to upload quantities and advanced features, which are exclusively available through subscription.

However, PDFgear emerges as a highly commendable alternative. Its online tools and software are both free of charge, and users can compress PDFs in it without limits.

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