Crop PDFs on iPhone: Improve Efficiency with PDFgear

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Learn how to crop PDFs on iPhone easily and efficiently. This guide explores online and offline options using the powerful PDFgear to enhance your editing experience.

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How to Crop PDF on iPhone

How to Crop PDF on iPhone

One of the common PDF editing needs isย Cropping PDF. Whether it is to remove unnecessary information or adjust the PDF page format to make it more beautiful, it is crucial to know how to perform effective cropping. The most convenient and fastest way is to complete this requirement directly on a mobile device. So how to crop PDFs on iPhone?

In this guide, we’ll explore both online and offline methods, focusing on PDFgear as a versatile tool for editing PDFs on iPhone.

Crop PDF on iPhone with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a powerful offline solution for cropping PDFs. Adobe Acrobat is compatible with different device models and can be downloaded and used on almost all iPhones.

It provides a smooth editing experience even without an internet connection, allowing users to crop PDFs without losing quality. Its versatility and speed make it ideal for demanding users.

Step 1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat from the App Store.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 2. Click the “+” in the lower right corner > Select “Open File” > Click “Browse more files” and select and upload files locally from the iPhone.

Open the PDF That Needs to Be Cropped

Open the PDF That Needs to Be Cropped

Step 3. Click “More tools” in the toolbar below > select “Crop pages”.

Enter Crop Mode

Enter Crop Mode

Step 4. Drag the cropping box to crop the PDF. If you need to reselect the cropping range, just click “Reset” in the lower right corner. You can also choose to apply cropping to all pages.

Determine Cropping Range and Pages

Determine Cropping Range and Pages

Step 5. Click “Crop” after cropping is completed.

Crop PDF with Adobe

Crop PDF with Adobe


While Adobe Acrobat provides effective PDF cropping, it comes at a price, necessitating an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Moreover, Adobe Acrobat is a piece of substantial software that significantly consumes phone storage.

In contrast, we highly recommend opting for PDFgear Online Cropper. This superior tool not only comes at no cost but also enables online PDF cropping without the hassle of downloading any third-party software. Choose PDFgear for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Crop PDF on iPhone Online

The usefulness of PDFgear online Cropper is very prominent when you want to crop PDF online on iPhone. PDFgear is a multi-functional PDF online cropper that also provides a variety of PDF editing tools. Its advantages include ease of use, no downloads, full functionality, completely free, and no watermark.

PDFgear allows you to crop multiple pages or even specific pages to meet different editing needs without losing quality. At the same time, PDFgear is committed to respecting user privacy. Uploaded PDF files will always receive the best protection. All user information will be automatically deleted after editing and downloading.

Step 1. Visit PDFgear Online Cropper > Click “Select PDF File” > Select and upload the PDF that needs to be edited locally from the iPhone.

Open PDF Online

Open PDF Online

Step 2. Use your finger to click and drag on the PDF page to adjust the cropping rectangle to determine the cropping range. To reselect the cropping range, just click “Cancel Selection” from the menu bar on the right.

Note: Enhance operability by rotating the phone screen to landscape orientation.

Determine the Cropping Range

Determine the Cropping Range

Step 3. Select the trimmed page in the menu bar on the right. You can choose to apply clipping to: all pages, the current page, or a specific page range.

Select Cropping Page Range

Select Cropping Page Range

Step 4. After confirming the cropping, click “Apply and Download” on the right to save the cropped PDF to your iPhone.

Save PDF Online

Save PDF Online

Much More to Expect With PDFgear

In addition to helping users quickly crop PDFs, PDFgear is a comprehensive PDF tool that provides various other practical functions, allowing users to process PDF documents more efficiently.

๐ŸŒŸ Highlight PDF: Highlight text and images. Even in scanned PDFs or image-based PDFs, PDFgear allows you to apply highlighted areas.

๐ŸŒŸ Annotate PDF: Support adding text annotations, graphic annotations, notes, and drawings on PDFs directly. PDFgear even supportsย adding stamps to PDFsย to enhance the legitimacy of the PDF.

๐ŸŒŸย Sign PDF: Supports adding three types of signatures: handwritten signature, text signature, and picture signature.

๐ŸŒŸ Form filling: Supports form filling and can add text and pictures. There is also support for creating fillable forms from scratch.

๐ŸŒŸ PDF conversion: Supports PDF conversion in various formats. Convert PDF to Word, TXT, PNG, and JPG within seconds.

๐ŸŒŸ Add and extract pages: Provides advanced functions for PDF page editing. Supports extracting specific pages or adding pages in PDF. You can even merge/Split pages.

PDFgear supports multiple languages and is completely free without any restrictions. With it, almost all PDF editing needs can be completed.


Can I Crop Multiple Pages in a PDF at Once on My iPhone?

Yes, with PDFgear you can crop multiple pages at the same time.

Open the PDF in PDFgear Online Cropper > Determine the cropping range > Select the cropping pages, you can select all pages or enter specified pages > Download and save the PDF.

How Do I Crop PDF to Special Size on iPhone?

PDFgear allows precise cutting, including adjusting to specific dimensions.

Open the PDF in PDFgear > Drag the cropping box to select the cropping range. You can customize the cropping range to A4 or any other size.

Is There a Built-in Feature on the iPhone for Cropping PDFs?

No, the iPhone does not have built-in PDF cropping capabilities. Therefore, we recommend the practical PDFgear. PDFgear provides a complete solution for cropping and editing PDFs on iPhone.


Turn your iPhone into a PDF editing center with PDFgear. Whether online or offline, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the specific steps on how to crop PDF on iPhone using PDFgear. PDFgear’s versatility and additional features make it the ultimate choice for enhancing your iPhone editing skills.

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