How to Crop PDF without Losing Quality

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In this post, several effective methods for cropping PDF files in high quality are introduced, complete with detailed step-by-step instructions and on-screen screenshots.

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Crop PDF without Losing Quality

Crop PDF without Losing Quality

While there are many online and offline PDF cropping tools available, not all of them can maintain the original quality of the PDF file.

However, cropping PDFs while preserving their high quality and removing unnecessary elements such as margins, headers, or footers can significantly improve the readability of the document. Additionally, it can reduce the file size, making it easier to share via email or other means.

By cropping PDFs without losing quality, you can ensure that the remaining content remains clear and professional-looking. This is particularly important for PDF files that contain images or graphics that need to be preserved in their original quality and resolution.

No worries!! The following parts introduce the most effective ways to crop PDF while keeping its high quality.

The Most Recommended Way to Crop PDF without Losing Quality

This method is compatible with Windows computers, macOS devices, iOS devices, and Android phones, as well as Linux.

It’s a free solution that allows you to crop PDFs in high quality without any watermark or software installation. It also supports batch crop PDF pages simultaneously.

One option for cropping PDFs is to use an online tool such as PDFgear online cropper, which is both free and full-featured.

This tool has no limitations on the number of files or time used, and no watermarks to the exported PDFs. Additionally, it promises no quality loss and guarantees the privacy of your documents.

Step 1. Drop a PDF into the Online Cropper

Head to PDFgear PDF online cropper. Then hit the button to upload your PDF file, or drag and drop your PDF document to it.

Choose PDF File to PDFgear Online Cropper

Choose PDF File to PDFgear Online Cropper

Step 2. Crop Multiple PDF Pages

Well, when the PDF file is uploaded successfully, you can preview your PDF pages. There are 3 solutions which cover your needs.

❶ You can apply your cropping to all pages your PDF file has.

❷ Just apply it to the current page.

❸ Get the selected pages cropped.

Crop PDF Pages with 3 Options

Crop PDF Pages with 3 Options

Step 3. Apply Cropping and Download PDF

Now you can download the cropped PDF file to your computer. This won’t take long and you can directly find it from your browser download center.

Download Cropped PDF File to Your Computer

Download Cropped PDF File to Your Computer

Congratulations, you’ve successfully cropped your PDF file using PDFgear free online cropper.

It preserves the high quality of your PDF file by not altering its size or compromising any images within it. This ensures your PDF file remains clear and professional-looking even after cropping.

However, it’s important to note that using an online cropping tool may be subject to internet connectivity issues. Therefore, it is recommended to use a standalone program or desktop application for cropping a PDF offline.

Using Preview to Crop PDF Files with High Quality

Preview is the most significant built-in app on macOS devices. It not only supports PDF reading, but also image glancing.

As a PDF reader, it not only supports simple PDF editing, but also PDF annotating and cropping includes. This program would be the best and simplest PDF cropper for macOS users.

Let’s see how to crop your PDF files with Preview on macOS:

Step 1. Open PDF File on Your macOS Devices

Hit the PDF file on your MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, or other macOS devices.

Step 2. Crop the PDF

In the Preview app on your macOS devices, you will see the Show Markup Toolbar. Hit the Show Markup Toolbar and click the Rectangular Selection button at the first second section.

Open PDF File with Preview

Open PDF File with Preview

Step 3. Apply the Crop and Save

You can move the rectangular selection to choose the portion of the PDF pages you want to keep. And hit the Crop Inspector button at the end of the toolbar to apply the cropping immediately.

Apply the Crop and Save on Preview

Apply the Crop and Save on Preview

There will pop up a window showing the information that you can undo the cropping as the rest of the PDF files are just hidden.

Then you can press the Command + S to save the changes of your PDF.

Save the Cropped PDF File

Save the Cropped PDF File

Preview is a powerful PDF reader for macOS devices, but it has a significant limitation in that it doesn’t support PDF existing text editing. However, it does have a built-in Redaction tool that allows you to redact your PDF content from the Preview toolbar.

One of the advantages of using Preview to crop PDF pages is that there is no loss in quality. Preview doesn’t compromise the size of the PDF file or the resolution of images within it when cropping, ensuring that the quality of your PDF document is maintained. Well. are there

Any Built-in Programs to Crop PDF Files without Quality on Windows?

Nope, there are no default programs on Windows to get your PDF cropped on a Windows computer.

But there are lots of PDF croppers on Windows to choose from. You better choose a free but powerful one. PDFgear would be your best choice.

How to Crop PDF without Quality Loss on Windows 10

PDFgear provides all-around solutions on PDF issues, no matter if you are an online tool user, offline program user, or a mobile phone preferred user. You always have been covered up.

The most significant feature of PDFgear is it is totally free to use. No watermark, no exported watermark on PDF files, and it is AI powered which makes talk to your PDF files possible.

However, you have to note that PDFgear for Windows can only work on Windows 10 and above operation systems. And it supports cropping PDF pages just one page at a time. This would be quite disappointing, but it solved the internet connection issue.

This won’t be the best of PDFgear offline software and mobile apps on cropping. The best part of it is the editing and viewing features.

Here are the steps to get your PDF cropped with PDFgear offline ware on Windows, which also works on macOS.

Step 1. Run PDFgear on your Computer

Get PDFgear from its official website. When the installation is completed, launch the software on your computer.

Step 2. Select your PDF

Hit the “Open File” button at the left panel to open the PDF file you want to crop with PDFgear.

Select PDF Files on Windows Using PDFgear

Select PDF Files on Windows Using PDFgear

Step 3. Crop PDF on PDFgear

A new window will come out immediately which contains all the pages your PDF has which allows you to view all the content. Now click the Page button and choose Crop Page in the toolbar.

Select PDF Page to Crop on PDFgear

Select PDF Page to Crop on PDFgear

Move the mouse to select the portion you want to keep on the PDF page. Click the Done button to apply. Or hit the cancel to re-select the portion on PDF file.

Save the Cropped PDF on Windows

Save the Cropped PDF on Windows

Step 4. Save the cropped PDF

Press the Ctrl+S to save the changes you have made to the PDF file which will save the cropped PDF immediately.


How do I crop a PDF for free?

In this post, all the methods mentioned above are free to crop a PDF.

The most recommended method is to use the online PDF cropper to get your PDF page cropped with quality retained.

No software installation and no cost. No watermark exported or sign-up required.

Can you crop a PDF without Adobe Pro?

Sure, you can crop a PDF without Adobe. This post contains all the best free methods you can choose from to crop your PDF files.

The solutions in this post cover all the platforms you may use, like Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, and Linux.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to crop your PDF files without sacrificing quality, you might think it’s an impossible task. But don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple when you use the right PDF cropper online or offline.

Whether you’re using a Windows, macOS, or mobile device, PDFgear online cropper is a great option that allows you to crop your PDF files anytime, anywhere, while retaining their original quality.

Don’t waste any more time or money on tools that don’t deliver the results you need. Give PDFgear online cropper a try and experience the ease and convenience of cropping your PDF files without any loss of quality.

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