How to Edit Text in a PDF Online with the Same Font

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Learn from the step-by-step guides on how to edit text in PDF documents online for free, while maintaining the original text font.

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Edit PDF with Same Font Online

Edit PDF with Same Font Online

For many professionals and students alike, editing text in a PDF document online with font consistency can be a necessity.

This guide aims to provide clear, step-by-step instructions on how to edit text in a PDF online while attempting to maintain the same font.

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Edit PDF Text Online with PDFgear

PDFgear is a web-based PDF text editor that provides a more detailed approach to editing text in PDFs online, it uses text boxes to add text with customizable text fonts.

Moreover, it allows for copying PDF text without changing font, annotating PDFs, and even inserting fillable text boxes. This process is straightforward and suitable for basic text edits in a PDF file.

❗For more complex edits or to ensure the exact font match, you might need to use more advanced software. If needed, try PDFgear software as well, it allows you to modify existing text in PDF with any font.

Step 1. Go to the PDFgear online PDF editor.

Step 2. You can either click to upload or drag and drop your PDF file into the editor.

Upload PDF

Upload PDF

Step 3. Go to Add or Edit Annotations and select Free Text, drag and drop the text box to where you want it to be.

Add Text Box to PDF

Add Text Box to PDF

Step 4. From the upper menubar, select the text font as the original font in your PDF. Aim to match these settings as closely as possible to the original text for consistency.

Customize Text Box to Same Font

Customize Text Box to the Same Font

Step 5. Carefully review the edited sections to ensure the font matches the rest of the document.

Step 6. Once satisfied with the edits, download the updated PDF to your device.

Edit PDF Text Online with Sejda

Sejda offers a user-friendly interface for basic PDF editing tasks, and it allows you to replace existing PDF text with the exact same font.

It’s a handy tool when you need to make quick edits or additions to your PDFs without much hassle, such as cropping PDFs.

Sejda’s limitation lies in its less extensive font library, which might not offer an exact match for every PDF.

Step 1. Visit the Sejda online PDF editor.

Step 2. Click the “Upload PDF file” button and select your document or drag and drop it into the provided area.

Upload PDF to Sedja

Upload PDF to Sedja

Step 3. Once the PDF is uploaded, you can add or edit text. While Sejda may not have an extensive font library, you can select the closest matching font to maintain consistency.

Edit PDF Text with the Same Font

Edit PDF Text with the Same Font

Step 4. Choose fonts that closely resemble the original. Pay attention to font weight, style, and size.

Step 5. After editing, hit the Apply Changes button to save and download the new PDF to your device.

Download PDF from Sedja

Download PDF from Sedja

Understanding Font Consistency in PDFs

Font consistency is key to preserving the professional appearance and readability of a document.

When editing a PDF, it’s important to match the new text with the existing font style, size, and color. However, this can be challenging, especially when the original font isn’t readily available or when the PDF is a scanned image of a text document.

Identifying the exact font can be tricky, but there are online tools and techniques that can help, such as using font identification websites or matching the font visually based on similar characteristics.

>> See our guide on how to identify fonts in PDF.

How to Maintain Font Consistency

Maintaining font consistency requires a keen eye and some patience. Here are some strategies to help:

1. Font Identification Tools: Use online font identification tools to find the closest match to the original font.

2. Visual Matching: If an exact match isn’t possible, select a font that visually resembles the original in terms of style, weight, and size.

3. Consistent Formatting: Ensure that the font size and color are consistent with the original text. Adjust the line spacing and alignment if necessary.

Remember, online PDF editors have their limitations, and achieving perfect font consistency might not always be possible.


Can I edit the text in a PDF while keeping the original font online?

Yes, many online PDF editors allow you to edit text while attempting to maintain the original font. However, the accuracy of font matching depends on the tool’s capabilities and the availability of fonts in its library.

What are the best online tools for editing PDF text without changing the font?

Adobe Acrobat and PDFgear are popular choices for online PDF editing with font consistency. Adobe Acrobat offers extensive features and a large font library, while PDFgear provides user-friendly, albeit more limited, font-matching capabilities.

How can I identify the font used in a PDF for editing purposes?

You can use online font identification tools or software features to identify fonts in a PDF. Tools like Adobe Acrobat often have built-in font recognition capabilities, while websites like WhatTheFont or Font Squirrel can identify fonts from uploaded images of the text.

Is it possible to edit a scanned PDF document and match the font online?

Editing scanned PDFs online is challenging, especially for font matching. Advanced online tools with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, like Adobe Acrobat, can convert scanned documents to editable text and assist in font matching.

Can I change the text color and size while keeping the original font style?

Yes, most online PDF editors allow you to modify text color and size while retaining the original font style. However, ensure the editor you choose supports extensive formatting options.

What are the limitations of online PDF font editors?

Free online tools like Sejda and PDFgear offer text editing with limited font matching. The main limitation is their smaller font libraries, which may not always provide an exact match for the original font.

How do I ensure the font consistency is retained?

After editing, use the “Save” or “Download” function in the online editor to save your changes. Ensure the final document is reviewed for font consistency before downloading, as the editing process might slightly alter the appearance.


Editing text in a PDF online while maintaining font consistency can be challenging but is feasible with the right tools and techniques.

Remember, while online tools provide convenience, they have limitations, and for more complex editing needs, professional software may be necessary, like PDFgear software.

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