How To Extract Data From PDF to Excel: Paid and a Free Alternative

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Extracting data from PDF to Excel is the best way to handle data. This article will introduce two methods to extract data from PDF to Excel, professional and free.

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How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel

How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel

At work, especially for data analysts and finance, processing data in PDF documents is an essential skill. Rather than copying the text in the PDF one by one, it is undoubtedly the fastest way to extract the data in the PDF document into an Excel spreadsheet and perform calculations.

Read this article, and you will learn how to use Microsoft to quickly and efficiently extract data from PDF to Excel. Besides, we will also introduce a free alternative PDF tool.

How To Extract Data from PDF Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is widely used in business and personal environments, so inserting PDFs into Excel and extracting data from them is the most direct and fast way without downloading any additional software. At the same time, this method can preserve the original format of the file, and the visual styles such as tables, charts, and fonts can be preserved, and the data operation is more flexible and automated. Below, let’s have a look at the specific steps on how to efficiently extract data from PDF to Excel.

Step 1. Open a Blank Excel

Open Microsoft Excel, and create a new worksheet

Step 2. Select PDF to Import

Click “Data” > “Get Data” > “From File” > “From PDF” > Select a PDF file > Click “Import”.

Import a PDF to Excel

Import a PDF to Excel

Step 3. Extract Data from PDF

Select the data you need from the list and click on the “Load” option. Successfully Extract PDF data into Excel.

Import Data from PDF

Import Data from PDF


Although extracting data from PDF using Excel is a direct and effective solution, it also has limitations. If the data elements in the PDF are too complex, the extraction may fail. It does not support extracting specific pages in a PDF. Additionally, this method requires payment and is not suitable for everyone. Let’s explore a free method of extracting data from PDFs following.

How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel Free

Another efficient way to extract data from PDF to Excel is to convert PDF to Excel first. There are various online tools that allow you to convert PDF to Excel files, such as PDFgear Online Converter.

It accurately converts PDF to Excel and extracts data, text, tables, and images from it. The tool has a friendly interface and is easy to use, just upload the document to achieve the conversion.

Best of all, it’s completely free.

Step 1. Open PDFgear Online Converter

Visit PDFgear’s official website > Navigate to “Products” > Find the PDF to Excel tool > Click to access the PDFgear online PDF to Excel converter.

Step 2. Upload PDF to PDFgear

Click “Choose File” or drag and drop the file to the correct location to upload the data source PDF.

Add PDF to PDFgear

Add PDF to PDFgear

Step 3. Download the Converted Excel

After waiting for seconds, click “Download” to save the file locally.

Download the Converted Excel

Download the Converted Excel

Step 4. Open the File to Extract Data

Open the downloaded file with Microsoft Excel. All elements and data in the PDF are extracted, and calculations and editing can be started immediately.

However, the online converter only supports files up to 20MB and cannot batch process, so we recommend you use PDFgear Desktop. It is completely free and has no file size and quantity restrictions and supports batch processing.

PDFgear Destkop – Free Convert PDF Documents

PDFgear stands as the premier choice for converting and generating PDFs on Windows, Mac, and iOS systems. It’s a free, secure, feature-rich, and user-friendly tool.


Free Download

100% Clean and Safe.


How to Extract Specific Data from PDF to Excel Free?

The easiest way to extract specific data is to copy and paste. Just open the PDF file > Select the specific data text > Click ”Copy” > Paste the data in Microsoft Excel.

Can You Pull Data from a PDF into Excel Automatically?

Yes, extraction automation is possible with PDFgear Converter. Just upload the PDF and wait a few seconds. You can convert the data from PDF to Excel.

How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel Using VBA?

Here’s how to use VBA to extract data in Excel:

Step 1. Right-click on the menu bar, select “Customize Ribbon” > Open or check the “Developer” tool.

Step 2. Click Developer > “Visual Basic” to open the VBA editor. Alternatively, you can press “ALT + F11” on the keyboard.

Step 3. In the VBA editor, enter the code needed to open the PDF, read the content, and extract the data.

Step 4. Go back to Excel and click “Run” in the VBA editor to run the code. Extract data from a PDF to Excel.

How Do I Extract Data from a PDF to a CSV File?

To extract data from PDF to CSV file, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Convert PDF to Excel with PDFgear Online Converter.

Step 2. Open the converted Excel file.

Step 3. Calculate and process data.

Step 4. Go to “File” > “Save As”. Select File format as (*.csv), and then select a location to save the CSV file.

Step 5. Click “Save”. Your Excel data will be saved in CSV format.


Extracting data from PDF to Excel is a valuable skill in many fields. We discussed two ways to achieve this by using Microsoft Excel and PDFgear. These methods can be used both offline and online, and can smoothly extract data from PDF to Excel while keeping the formatting intact. Now you can accomplish this task easily.

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