How to Extract Fonts from PDF for Free [Online and Offline]

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This article presents 3 font extraction methods from PDFs for further uses, online and offline. It includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots for a user-friendly experience.

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How To Extract Fonts from PDF

How To Extract Fonts from PDF

PDF files encompass many elements, such as images, videos, tables, etc. Text is generally the most common type of data. In order to highlight the key points or increase the design of the PDF, using some special fonts is a shortcut. But when you see these attractive fonts, do you want to apply them to your own documents?

At this time, what should you do? This article will guide you. Before starting, you may want to identify fonts in PDF to check if it’s the font you need.

Extract Font From PDF Online Free with ACONVERT

Utilizing online tools is unquestionably the most convenient approach for font extraction, without software downloads, installations, or registrations.

It functions wherever an internet connection is available, without consuming storage space or posing concerns about potential malware threats.

Edit PDF Text with the Same Font

If you need to edit existing text in PDF with the same/customizable font, get PDFgear for free now.

ACONVERT.COM is a free, application-independent PDF file extractor. It allows you to effortlessly extract attachments, images, text, and font details from PDF files. No registration, downloads, or subscriptions are needed to extract fonts from PDFs.

Step 1. Go to ACONVERT.COM PDF font extractor tool with your web browser.

Step 2. You have 3 options to upload the PDF file.

👉Click “FILE” and hit the “Choose Files” button to select a PDF from your device.

👉Click “URL” and paste the PDF link into the box

👉Click “URL” and choose a PDF from Dropbox.

Various Ways to Upload the PDF

Various Ways to Upload the PDF

Step 3. Navigate to the “Type” > Choose “Fonts” > Click “Submit” > A zip file appears in the “OUTPUT RESULTS” > Click the output file to download it > The fonts extracted from the PDF are listed in a folder.

Extract the Fonts from PDF

Extract the Fonts from PDF

Click the fonts file, you can see the detailed information.

Check the Information of Each Font

Check the Information of Each Font

Extract Font From PDF Online Free with ExtractPDF specializes in extracting images, text, and fonts from PDF files. You can easily upload PDFs by selecting files or pasting URLs. Its straightforward page design and user-friendly operation require minimal learning effort.

Please note that ExtractPDF is suitable for processing PDF files up to 25 MB in size.

Step 1. Go to the official website of

Step 2. Upload the PDF by clicking the “Choose File” button or entering a URL.

Add a PDF to ExtractPDF

Add a PDF to ExtractPDF

Step 3. Click “Start”, and the tool will automatically extract the fonts in the PDF. Choose the Fonts tab, you can see all fonts in the PDF are listed here. Download the by hitting the font name.

Download the Extracted Fonts

Download the Extracted Fonts

If you are without Internet access, you can download trustworthy and free software to use offline.

Extract Font From PDF Offline Free with FontForge

FontForge, being open-source, is freely accessible, eliminating subscription concerns. It runs seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux, offering font editing, conversion, extraction, and creation functionalities.

Extracting fonts from PDFs requires just a few straightforward steps.

Step 1. Go to to get and install the software.

Step 2. Fire up the FontForge > Navigate to the “Filter” category> Choose “Extract from PDF”.

Choose a Filter Option

Choose a Filter Option

Step 3. Choose a PDF from your device and click “OK”. FontForge will automatically extract the font info for you as a list.

Get a List of Fonts Extracted from PDF 

Get a List of Fonts Extracted from PDF


Is It Possible to Extract Font from PDF?

Certainly! Numerous third-party tools are available for extracting fonts from PDFs. Among them, ACONVERT and ExtractPDF stand out as two efficient and cost-free options. Additionally, for those without internet access, FontForge serves as a viable offline alternative.

How Do I Find Out What Font Is Embedded in a PDF?

You can find out the fonts embedded in a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. Open a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader > Navigate to File > Choose Properties > Hit Fonts tab in the pop-up windows.


In conclusion, the three methods discussed here offer a hassle-free and cost-effective way to extract fonts from PDF files. Whether you opt for the simplicity of online tools or the versatility of offline software, the choice is yours. Rest assured, all of these methods empower you to achieve your font extraction needs without any financial burden or steep learning curve.

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