10 Best PDF Editor Add-ons for Google Chrome

Last updated on March 9, 2023

Summary :

Here are 10 of the best PDF editor extensions for Google Chrome. Check the reviews and their features to find the right option for you!

Google PDF Editor Add-ons

In this day and age when chrome extensions are essentially working as an application, there is a lesser need to install a real one. For instance, why use Adobe Acrobat reader, when you can have an extension right?

You do not have to wait to open files. You can open your files directly and start working on them. You can run edits on them as soon as the add-ons access them. In this piece, I will help you my reader to know How to access some of the crazy Google PDF Editor addons and How do you make them work? Here’s your listing below.

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# 1. Adobe Acrobat: PDF edit, convert, sign tools

Adobe Acrobat as we all know is a known PDF creator. The era of PDF became with Adobe. It’s easier to load and access especially for reading. MS Office DOCX at that time was more effective in editing and altercating written material. This extension is great. You can convert to numerous other file systems like DOCX, JPEG, and PNG. You can also edit with other tools by Abobe, on a whole this extension is great for use. It does not clog your browser.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor Extension

Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor Extension

  • Print Feature Available
  • PDF can be read aloud
  • Other PDF Tools assist in document editing
  • Signing feature and document fillup available
  • Use extension offline
  • Visual customization such as Dark Theme available

# 2. Smallpdf – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF

Smallpdf is a great PDF extension and helps in numerous functions pertaining to changing a PDF. It allows for compression, conversion, and many customization accessibilities that are not generally availed. The extension has a redirected window that takes you back to their parent website where you can proceed with the conversion. One stand-alone feature that has appeared to stand out is its ability to open protected PDFs with passwords. You can either access the extension to avail of this feature.

Small PDF Extension

Small PDF Extension

  • Protection and unlock facility available
  • Edit PDF available including merging, redacting, and rotation, changing of pages.
  • Signing feature available along with sending in for a sign-in
  • Conversion and Compression are available

# 3. PDF Editor for Chrome: Edit, Fill, Sign, Print

pdfFiller is another PDF add-on extension that allows you to edit and sign PDFs. You get to edit, create and manage PDFs through PDF filler. With this extension, you will be able to edit, annotate even sign any PDF availed. This extension allows you to edit your PDF, and include many different geometrical shapes on the interface of the document. You get it free for 30 days. Beyond that, you will have to pay for use.

PDF Filler Extension

PDF Filler Extension

  • Ensures proper editing
  • Able to Annotate, Fill in PDFs.
  • Able to manipulate text by erasing, blackouts
  • Conversion facility available
  • Digital signing available
  • Cloud connectivity available

# 4. Online PDF tools | ilovepdf.com

Online PDF tools is an extension that is part of ilovepdf.com. It provides you with all the basic working requirements for your PDF. It can transition and transform your PDF files to any format. It supports the to-and-fro conversion of PDF. The Online PDF tools of iLovePDF are an amazing concoction of compression, merger, and editing tools. It allows a wide list of conversion facilities. It also has an unlock capability which means that you can break open a password-protected document.

iLovePDF Extension

iLovePDF Extension

  • Conversion and Compression are available
  • Able to convert HTML files to PDF
  • Page Numbering Option Available
  • Ability to add watermarks
  • Can extract images
  • Editing PDF is limited to redacting add and shuffle pages.
  • OCR scabbing of documents available

# 5. FormSwift PDF Editor: Convert, Sign, Edit

FormSwift PDF Editor is another amazing editor addon. It specializes in the conversion, editing, and digital signing of documents. You can work on your PDFs and upload the files directly to your Drive and Dropbox. The best thing about FormSwift definitely its easy navigational interface. It can convert your PDF files to Word DOCs, JPG, and WEB formats as per requirement. The same goes for converting from these versions to PDF.

FormSwift PDF Editor Extension

FormSwift PDF Editor Extension

  • Editing available for selection, highlighting, and erasing of texts
  • Has Gmail sending facility
  • Sign-ins are available and all these signatures are easily ESign Compliant.
  • Conversion Available

# 6. PDF Editor Online from Offidocs.com

PDF Editor Online by Offidocs is an open-source extension that allows you to view, edit, create, and altercate PDFs without any difficulty. The extension works as a passway to the back end of the source website. You can work on various documents as per the requirement. One of the best features of this extension is its ability to share files on DropBox and Google Drive. So your work automatically saves itself.

Offidocs PDF Editor Extension

Offidocs PDF Editor Extension

  • Free Open Source Software
  • Assists in Viewing
  • Assists in editing such as adding images, texts, and shapes
  • Annotation feature available

# 7. Online PDF Editor (pdf2go.com)

Online PDF Editor from PDF2go is an amazing add-on. It supports the conversion and editing of multiple documents. It also helps in the compression of PDF documents. It has one stand-alone feature that enables the files edited, and altercated to land in your Gmail account. Apart from conversion and compression this tool also helps in unlocking a password-protected PDF

PDF2GO PDF Editor Extension

PDF2GO PDF Editor Extension

  • Assists in editing the file
  • Assists in conversion
  • Assists further in merging files
  • Also ensures proper compression

# 8. PDF Editor Extension – PDFzorro

PDFzorro is a great add-on for chrome it helps in annotation, drawing, rotating, and adding marks for resemblance in Chrome. You also have the option to convert your PDF to an array of formats in documents and JPG. You can also add images to your PDF. It also helps in sorting, merging, and sorting PDF pages. It allows you to sign as well as assists in sending in a sign.

PDFzorro PDF Editor Extension

PDFzorro PDF Editor Extension

  • Editing of PDF available
  • Annotation facility and addition of images available
  • Conversion facility available
  • Merging of pages is also available
  • Splitting, Sort, and Redaction of Pages allowed

# 9. Xodo PDF Editor

Xodo PDF Editor addon has to be the most versatile of all PDF file editors. The best thing about Xodo is that it enables a wide range of things to do with your PDF. It assists in redacting pages, splitting PDFs, merging PDFs, convert your PDF to almost any file system known to man. It allows conversion from PDF to the following formats: Word, PPT, Excel, PDF/A, HTML, JPG, JPEG, and PNG. It also allows other formats to convert into PDFs like JPG, JPEG, and PNG to PDF.

XODO PDF Editor Extension

XODO PDF Editor Extension

  • Editing of PDF available including redaction, addition, and removal of certain pages
  • Conversion availability
  • Compression available

# 10. Free PDF Editor from fillpdfforms.com

Fill PDF Forms is another add-on that is specifically designed to edit PDFs. It helps in editing texts inside a PDF. It helps you in italicizing words, improving texts, and fill up forms. You can also password-protect your PDF through this extension. It also helps in creating forms and even has sections and tools that assist in highlighting certain written parts of the PDF.

Fill PDF Forms PDF Editor Extension

Fill PDF Forms PDF Editor Extension

  • Fonts specification available
  • Allows forming of PDF-based editable forms
  • Assists in providing security lock


How Do I Find My Chrome Extensions?

Extensions are actually not hard to access and find. You can find them in the side menu options. You can surely access them in settings. But that’s the long route open the side menu involving bookmarks and downloads come a little below you will find the extensions option.

How Do I Install Chrome Extensions?

You need to first go to the Chrome Extensions store. Key in your extension or any relevant word associated with your tool. Scroll through any extension that you like. Once you have picked your selection click on ‘Add to Chrome’. Now after this the file will download and install some directly drop in the extension window which is usually the puzzle piece sign. Some will ask to create an account, even sign up, Once all this is done from the puzzle piece pin the extension on the top menu. Simply Click and access its services.

Can We Install The Chrome Extension On Mobile?

Now you can actually access the Chrome extension on your Phone. Just type in chrome extension mobile web. Click on the first link and do exactly the same things that you did in the PC browser.


PDF Editors are very essential today as PDF is a very commonly associated used file. Yet the conversion of it and the process involved is often confusing for some people. Editing a word document is easier than running an edit on PDF. You do not have to install big software to edit it. Nowadays you can simply access your Chrome extension store and use these tools to do normal edits, conversions, and even some high-end edits.