How to Add a Link to a PDF [Easy and Efficient Way]

Last updated on February 6, 2024

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Imagine if hyperlinks can be combined with PDFs, then your work will become very efficient. The following article will introduce you in detail to the three methods of adding links in PDF.

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How to Add a Link to a PDF

How to Add a Link to a PDF

It is time for you to build in some content links to increase the integrity of the PDF file for additional explanations to enhance persuasiveness and fullness.

Please read on to learn more about how to add links in PDFs.

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How to Add a Link to PDF for Free

If you’re looking for a free and easy solution to adding links to a PDF, PDFgear is definitely the fitting option. It allows you to insert customizable hyperlinks into any part of a PDF document for free.

Free PDF Link Editor

Insert hyperlinks that link to webpages or local files into PDF documents for free.

PDFgear is a free PDF editor program that offers a variety of PDF editing features such as link insertion, typing on PDFs, adding annotations, etc.

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Step 1. Download, install, and launch PDFgear. Click the Open Files button to open the PDF you need to work with.

Click Open File

Click Open File

Step 2. Go to the Edit section from the upper menubar, hit the reverted triangle on the Link button, and click Create/Edit Link from the dropdown.

Create Edit Link in PDFgear

Create Edit Link in PDFgear

Step 3. From the Create Link window, customize the link style, stroke style, navigation URL, file path, etc.

Customize Link in PDFgear

Customize Link in PDFgear

How to Add a Link to a PDF by Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing tool that comes with Microsoft, and it has very powerful features. If you can use it reasonably, then you will find that the work of many documents will be a very simple thing to deal with. Next, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word to insert hyperlinks in the PDF.

Step 1. Although Microsoft Word can open PDF files directly, it may affect some formatting or layout in the PDF when opening. Therefore, it is recommended to use PDFgear (a completely free one-stop PDF processor, online or offline) to convert PDF to Word.

Convert PDF to Word in PDFgear

Convert PDF to Word in PDFgear

Step 2. Add links in Microsoft Word. Select the words and phrases you want to use as anchor text, then click “Insert-Hyperlink” above and paste the website URL into the pop-up box and click “OK” to finish adding the link. Of course, you can also select the phrase after clicking the right mouse button in a button below the partial click “Hyperlink” or direct keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + K” can also summon the hyperlink paste pop-up box. Maybe you want to learn how to add comments in PDF.

Three Ways to Add Links in Microsoft Word

Three Ways to Add Links in Microsoft Word

Step 3. When you finish adding the link, click the top left “Files-Save as” and select the file format as PDF to save the Word document as a PDF file.

Export as PDF from Microsoft Word

Export as PDF from Microsoft Word

How to Add a Link to a PDF by Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a very useful tool for PDF files that almost everyone knows. No matter what kind of operation you need to do on PDF, Adobe Acrobat can achieve it for you. For example, you can combine PDFs through Adobe Acrobat, add comments and signatures or rotate the PDFs and so on. In the following, we will introduce you to how to achieve Adobe Acrobat to add links in the PDF.

Step 1. First, you need to enter the official website to download and install Adobe Acrobat to your device.

Install Adobe Acrobat

Install Adobe Acrobat

Step 2. Double-click to open the Adobe Acrobat program, and then in the “Tool” select “Edit PDF-Open” to open a PDF document to be added to the link.

Import PDF Documents into Adobe Acrobat

Import PDF Documents into Adobe Acrobat

Step 3. In edit mode, click the “Edit” tab and then select the “Link” drop-down menu, and then select “Add/Edit Web or Document Link” to add a hyperlink to your PDF.

Add Links in PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Add Links in PDF in Adobe Acrobat

How to Add a Link to a PDF by pdfFiller

pdfFiller is a utility that allows all users to have access to online PDF solutions. pdfFiller allows you to manage and share PDF files online, edit and create, convert and read, split and merge, etc. PDFFiller is available in free and paid versions ($8/$12/$15 per month). The following steps are how pdfFiller can help you add links to PDFs.

Step 1. Because pdfFiller is an online tool, you just need to directly enter the pdfFiller website to start the operation directly. These 12 best PDF editors are also available for you to choose to try.

Go to the PDFFiller Website

Go to the pdfFiller Website

Step 2. Upload the PDF you are ready to edit to pdfFiller. You can upload PDF files in many ways. You can choose to upload PDF files from your computer local device, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Email, URL, or PDF Library, but PDFFiller prompts you that the PDF files you upload should not exceed 25MB. If your files are too large, then PDFgear online editor can be your first choice.

Upload PDF to PDFFiller

Upload PDF to pdfFiller

Step 3. Wait for a few seconds to enter the PDF reading mode, the step-by-step wizard will show you step by step to let you quickly understand some common features in pdfFiller. Click on the top left corner of the “Text” and you will enter the editing mode, when you double-click the text in the PDF, you will find a text box will be the word box and the toolbar will become rich. Click “attach a link” and copy the URL in the pop-up box to complete the addition of hyperlinks.

Add Links to PDF in PDFFiller

Add Links to PDF in pdfFiller


Is It Possible for Me To Add a Hyperlink to a PDF for Free?

For people who only want to add some hyperlinks to a PDF once in a while, it is not affordable to buy some paid version of the tool. So you can choose a free solution like PDFescape editor to help add links: just drag the link you want to add to the text after uploading the document.

How To Add a PDF Link to a Google Doc?

Google Doc is now also a great online document editing tool for teamwork. So, is it possible for you to insert a PDF link in a Google Doc? First, you need to upload the PDF to Google cloud hard disk, click the right mouse button to get the link, then in Google Doc by “Ctrl+K” will paste the link in to set the hyperlink.

How To Add a Link to a PDF in the Preview?

Preview is a very useful tool that comes with Mac users. Add a link to a PDF in Preview by following the steps below: upload your PDF to Preview, go to edit mode, and click “Tools/Annotations/Text” to add a hyperlink in the text box.

How Do I Make a Clickable Link in a PDF Without Acrobat?

When you do not have Acrobat installed on your device, Google Doc will become your best assistant. You just need to select the sentence or word you want to link by mouse, click “Insert-Link” to copy the link to the pop-up box, and click “OK”.

Why Is My Link Not Clickable in PDF?

When you open a PDF document with a hyperlink but find that after clicking the link you can not jump, how do you do it? At this point, you just need to open the conversion tool in the settings option to be successful in opening the hyperlink.


You have learned about the three ways to add links in PDFs. The combination of hyperlinks and PDF documents can undoubtedly make your expression clearer and your arguments more powerful. If you are still struggling with how to add links in PDF correctly and efficiently, please choose one of the three tools from this article to try according to your device system requirements. You will reap the joy.

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