How To Add Page Numbers To a PDF on Windows and Mac

Last updated on January 13, 2023

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Page number is a kind of digital tag that assists search and facilitates users to locate the PDF. Especially for when you want to browse a large PDF file with more than twenty pages, page numbering shows its advantages. So, is the PDF to add digital page numbers? Through the introduction of this article, you can be informed of the two ways of Windows and Mac to add page numbers.

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Adding numeric page numbers to PDFs not only makes it easier for viewers to locate them but also for users to sort them. When you need to print a PDF document, if the document has page numbers, then you will find it very convenient and easy to organize and bind. So, when you create a PDF document you need to encode their pages to facilitate their own or your work partners’ access. So, how to efficiently add digital page numbers to PDF? Please read on, you will find a suitable and practical solution in this article.

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How To Add Page Numbers to a PDF on Mac

PDFgear is a cross-platform, one-stop solution for PDF for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can export any format to PDF or convert PDF to any other format with PDFgear. Also, you can compress, crop, scan, delete, read, or write on PDFs with PDFgear Editor. If you want to experience more features, then you can download the desktop application from PDFgear’s official website to use. Whether it is an online tool or an offline application, PDFgear provides you with a completely free service and you can enjoy the joy of batch-processing files quickly. Of course, it is easy to add digital page numbers to PDF files through PDFgear (the following is an example of the desktop software, the online steps are similar).

Before adding page numbers if you find your PDFs wrongly located, you can use PDFgear to first rearrange PDF pages.

You can get PDFgear desktop software with one click by clicking the button.

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Step 1. Open PDFgear Tool

Double-click the PDFgear desktop logo to open PDFgear. You can find all the solutions for PDF in the main interface or covered by PDFgear. Click the “Open File” button above to import PDFs.

Add PDF to PDFgear

Add PDF to PDFgear

Step 2. Add Page Numbers to the PDF by PDFgear

After you upload the PDF to PDFgear, you will automatically enter PDF editing mode. Click “Insert-Page Number-Add” in the toolbar above to add the page numbers. Under this ribbon, you can also add a signature to the PDF. This may be useful for you in the future for contract or project book signing.

Hint: Converting pages to PDF to create customized PDF documents is also supported in PDFgear.

Add Page Numbers in Edit Mode by PDFgear

Add Page Numbers in Edit Mode by PDFgear

Step 3. Set the Page Number in PDFgear

After clicking the right button according to the steps, a pop-up box will pop up to remind you to set the page number you want to add. You can set and change the specific parameters of Style, Position, Alignment, Range, Subset, and Margin. Click “OK” at the bottom right corner of the pop-up box to automatically add digital page numbers for you after the settings are completed.

Set Page Numbers Parameters According Your Needs in PDFgear

Set Page Numbers Parameters According Your Needs in PDFgear

Step 4. Save PDF from PDFgear

Generally, you only need a few seconds to successfully add the digital page numbers to your PDF file. You can view it by previewing it, and then clicking the “save as” button in the upper left corner to select and save the location of the file. Sometimes when you want to assign work, you can also choose to save one page of a pdf.

Save PDF Files to Your Device from PDFgear

Save PDF Files to Your Device from PDFgear

How To Add Page Numbers to a PDF on Windows

EaseUS PDF Editor is a PDF software for Windows systems. It is an all-in-one PDF reader, editor, converter and maker. So, if you want to find a solution for PDF files, EaseUS PDF Editor is also a good choice. Generally speaking, the free version has most of the features you need, if you want to get more benefits, then you can spend $19.95 for its Pro version. Next for you to list how to add digital page numbers for PDF in EaseUS PDF Editor.

Step 1. Install EaseUS PDF Editor through the official channel. then click “Open Files…” at the bottom left corner Upload the PDF you need to add page numbers to EaseUS PDF Editor.

Upload PDF to EaseUS PDF Editor

Upload PDF to EaseUS PDF Editor

Step 2. After you upload the PDF, click “Page” in the EaseUS PDF Editor function area to summon the right menu, and click “Header&Footer-Add” to enter the process of adding digital page numbers.

Position the Function of Adding Page Numbers Button in the EaseUS PDF Editor

Position the Function of Adding Page Numbers Button in the EaseUS PDF Editor

Step 3. In the pop-up window, you can choose to save the file location, set the page number size and spacing, etc., you can also see the preview window to display the preset. After the completion of the settings click “Insert Page Number” to complete the addition of page numbers.

Set Specific Page Preferences in the EaseUS PDF Editor

Set Specific Page Preferences in the EaseUS PDF Editor


Is It Possible To Automatically Add Page Numbers to a PDF?

For a large PDF file, it is a complicated operation to add page numbers, if you can add page numbers automatically then it will become very efficient. When you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your device, you can directly click Tools > Edit PDF > Header & Footer > Add to automatically fill in the digital page numbers.

Can I Add Page Numbers to a PDF Online?

If you have limited storage space on your device or only occasionally need to add page numbers to a PDF file, then you can add digital page numbers to your PDF through PDFgear’s online editor: Upload PDF File > Insert > Page Number > Add.

How To Repair the Page Number in the PDF?

If you find that you have created or received a PDF in the page numbering problems, then what should you do? It is recommended that you need to correct the page number the following way: first of all, the need to correct the page number of the page selected, and then click the menu to select the number of pages, in the page numbering tab, select the number style of the code to drink the starting page number (you can choose the default 1, if you make a mistake from the middle, then you will start the page to adjust to the corresponding number), and finally click OK to do so.

Can You Edit Page Numbers in PDF?

Have you ever been confused about how to add page numbers to a PDF? PDFgear can help you solve this problem. you can upload a pdf file, enter the editing mode, click the Insert button, select the Page Number, and then add the page number. Whether you are Windows, Mac, or iOS, it is supported, and if you don’t want to download the client, you can also use PDFgear’s online tools.

Why Do Page Numbers Not Show Up in a PDF Sometimes?

Have you ever encountered a situation where the page numbers do not show up in a PDF after opening it? In this case, you can try to hold down the keyboard ALT – F9 this shortcut key combination to make the field or page number show up.


Through the overview of this article, I think you have understood how you should add digital page numbers to your PDF files on Windows and Mac with the help of different tools to have a more comprehensive understanding of the steps and methods. You can choose different ways to try according to your needs. Of course, here is the most recommended PDFgear, because it is a completely free tool, whether it is the online version or the desktop or cell phone. And it is suitable for all devices, you do not have to worry about the limitations of the platform. So, if you need to add page numbers to PDF files, PDFgear can help you provide a free and efficient solution. And there are other useful things it does like adding links to your PDF.