How to Add Text to a PDF With/Without Adobe Acrobat

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There are moments when you have to add text to a PDF. At such a critical time, it’s important that you have a free but handy PDF editing tool. This page introduces 2 free ways to add text to a PDF.

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How to Add Text to a PDF

How to Add Text to a PDF

To better share ideas with others or locate specific pages, there are instances when you may need to add comments or annotations to a PDF file.

Depending on your needs, there are many different ways to add text to PDFs. We’ll go through easy methods to insert written text into PDF documents on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, whether you need to fill out forms, add text fields, or annotate documents.

How to Add Text to a PDF in Adobe

When adding text to PDFs, Adobe Acrobat offers comprehensive text formatting choices as well as full editing tools allowing flexible text box insertion anywhere on the page. Beyond simple text entry, it provides additional tools and security measures.

Here are the procedures for using Adobe Acrobat to add text to a PDF.

Step 1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2. Navigate to the “Tools” tab in the top menu > Click “Comment”.

Click the Comment Button

Click the Comment Button

Step 3. Hit “Text Box” directly > Type in whatever text you need in the text box > Adjust the size and format of the new text.

Add Text to PDF

Add Text to PDF

Step 4. Save your PDF. Work is done!

Adobe Acrobat has its advantages and reputation for editing PDF but its high subscription fee leaves it out of the first choice pool.

Try PDFgear for a smooth but free experience in adding text to a PDF. Both PDFgear online and PDFgear desktop can offer you fantastic results.

How to Add Text to a PDF Free

There are 2 ways to add text to a PDF for free and both online and offline available.

Method 1. Add Text to a PDF with PDFgear Desktop

PDFgear provides a fast and safe way to insert text into PDFs. A key advantage is its cross-platform compatibility – it works seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and iOS. The text tools allow quick insertion and formatting without text boxes.

Streamlined text adding and editing makes it a king in this field. Check the steps to add text to an existing PDF here:

Step 1. Open the File

Download and install the PDFgear Desktop and open the PDF file with PDFgear by clicking on “Open File”.

Open the File with PDFgear

Open the File with PDFgear

Step 2. Add and Edit Text

Find the “Edit” tab in the top menu > Click “Edit Text” > Left click on any spot in the PDF > Type in any text > Save the changes.

This feature allows you to edit your existing PDF text directly, without the need to add a text box beforehand.

Edit Text and Save the Changes

Edit Text and Save the Changes

Step 3. Save Your PDF

Save your PDF file as another file in case you want to change the text in the future.

Save the Change and Download the PDF

Save the Change and Download the PDF

Method 2. How to Add Text to a PDF Online

Users may edit PDF files online using the free and practical PDFgear tool without having to download any software or register for an account.

Users can just visit the website, upload a PDF, and begin editing straight away. After editing is complete, the changed PDF is available for download without any restrictions or watermarks.

Step 1. Open the Website

Open PDFgear online PDF editor website and drag your PDF into the window.

Open PDFgear online Website

Open PDFgear online Website

Step 2. Add and Edit Text

Navigate to “Add and Edit Annotations” > Click “Free Text” > Click any place in your PDF > Edit the text.

 Add and Edit Text

Add and Edit Text

Step 3. Download Your PDF

Hit “Download file” or “Print file” to save the PDF.

Download or Share the File

Download or Share the File


How to Add Text to a PDF Document?

Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and select the “Add Text” tool under the “Content” menu. Click to add a text box, type your text, and customize the font, size and formatting as needed. Reposition the text box anywhere on the page.

How can I Add Text to a PDF for Free?

You can use PDFgear online or PDFgear desktop to do this. If you use the convenient online version, you just need to open the website, upload your PDF, click “Add or edit annotations”, edit your text, and save your file.

Is It Possible to Add Text to a PDF without Acrobat?

It’s possible to add text to a PDF without Acrobat. You just need to download PDFgear Desktop which is a powerful and free PDF Editor. You can add text to a PDF within 3 min with PDFgear.

How to Add a Fillable Text Box in PDF?

To add a fillable text box in a PDF, open the file in Adobe Acrobat DC, use the “Prepare Form” tool to draw a text field, set its properties to make it interactive, enable the ‘Fillable’ option, and save the PDF. The text box will now allow user input.


Thanks to the many software tools and apps that are now readily available, adding text to PDFs is simpler than ever. The primary methods for adding text to PDF files on desktop and online were discussed in this article. There are several free and convenient programs that may be used to complete forms, annotate documents, or enter text fields. While Adobe Acrobat continues to offer the greatest features, competing software, such as PDFgear, offers equivalent capabilities for routine PDF modifications at zero cost. Enjoy all the convenience for your work!

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