2 Simple Ways to Annotate a PDF in Chrome

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Google Chrome supports viewing a variety of documents online, including PDFs. Google Chrome supports viewing a variety of documents online, including PDFs. We’ll show you how you can annotate PDF documents in Chrome.

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How to Annotate a PDF in Chrome

How to Annotate a PDF in Chrome

PDF documents are useful and versatile, but annotating them isn’t as straightforward as standard text documents. Fortunately, with the right rools, it’s still easy to annotate a PDF. Here’s how to do it.

Quick Answer

🙋 Can I annotate a PDF on Google Chrome’s built-in PDF file viewer?

❌ Unfortunately, Google Chrome’s default PDF viewer does not support file annotating. You’ll need a professional PDF editor or extension to help annotate a PDF file.

Annotate a PDF in Chrome with a Free Online PDF Editor

The best way to annotate a PDF in Chrome is using an online tool. PDFgear’s online editor is one of the best tools for the job.

Whether you’re going to add a comment, draw lines, add marks, or create stamps, PDFgear can do it all for free and without affecting formatting.

Step 1. Open a PDF in PDFgear online PDF editor

Head to PDFgear online PDF editor in Chrome (or any other browser). Click on “Upload PDF files” to add your PDF files. You can also drag and drop your files if you prefer.

Upload PDF to the Online Editor

Upload PDF to the Online Editor

Step 2. Annotate the PDF File Online

Locate and click on the “Add or Edit annotations” option. You can find it in the top right corner. The full annotation tools will pop up below, which includes

and more.

Annoate a PDF Online

Annoate a PDF Online

Step 3. Download the Edited PDF

After you finish the editing, you can click the Download button to save the PDF to a specific location on your device.

Download the Edited PDF

Download the Edited PDF

Annotate PDFs on Google Chrome with Adobe Acrobat Extension

The Google Chrome Extension is also an excellent option annotating PDF documents. Adobehas an official extension for Acrobat, making it a great way to interact with PDF documents in Chrome.. It covers basic annotation features, including highlighting, signing, adding comments, etc.

Step 1. Go to the Chrome web store, and choose to add the Adobe Acrobat extension to Chrome. Pin the Adobe Acrobat extension to Chrome.

Step 2. Open the PDF file on your Chrome browser. This will automatically bring the Chrome extension into action. Access the annotation options from the extension.

Step 3. Use the annotation options in the extension. You can ad comments, highlight, and other annotation options.

Annotate a PDF in Chrome Using the Extension

Annotate a PDF in Chrome Using the Extension

While Adobe Acrobat extension allows for document annotation, its interface design is less than intuitive. The plethora of buttons are a little confusing. Moreover, the extension’s feature set is somewhat limited, with the more advanced features requiring a paid for subscription.


Does Google Have a PDF Editor?

Google does not have a specific PDF editor, but it can let you edit PDFs through Google Docs. You can edit a PDF file with Google Docs as you would do with a Word file.

Google Docs converts PDF files into Word and lets you edit the file. Once done, you can save the file back in the PDF form.

How Do You Draw on a PDF in Chrome?

To draw on a PDF in Chrome, you can use an online editor or a Chrome extension. PDFgear Editor Online is a full-featured tool to help you with annotation tasks. It’s free, safe, and user-friendly.

Can I Annotate a PDF without Adobe?

Yes! You can use several options to annotate a PDF without Adobe. You can either use a third-party PDF editor extension or an online PDF editor.

Several PDF editors are available online, offering outstanding functionality in editing and annotating PDF files in Chrome. Our favorite, is PDFgear. There are also third-party Chrome extensions.

Can You Annotate PDFs Directly in Google Chrome?

Yes, you can annotate PDF files directly on in Chrome. But Chrome does not come with a PDF editing option in itself. You need to use a Chrome extension or online PDF editors to help with PDF annotation.

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