3 Simple Ways to Annotate a PDF in Chrome

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PDFs are widely used for sharing documents because they maintain high-quality formats. If you’re looking to add annotations to a PDF in Chrome,here are 3 simple methods for you.

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How to Annotate a PDF in Chrome

How to Annotate a PDF in Chrome

Receiving a document in PDF format has become quite common these days. However, what if you have to annotate or mark up a PDF and forward it? We will check out a few methods to help you in how to annotate a PDF on Chrome.

Annotate a PDF on Chrome Using the Online PDF Editor

One of the easiest and simplest options you can use for annotating a PDF on Chrome is to use an online tool for the purpose. PDFgear Online tool is one of the best choices from this perspective.

It serves you as the best and perfect pick for editing and annotating your PDF files. It lets you annotate PDFs as you would work with a Word file.

Step 1. Open the PDF in PDFgear online PDF editor

Visit the PDFgear online PDF editor using any browser of your preference.

Click on Upload PDF files and add your PDF files to it. You can even drag and drop your files with ease.

Upload PDF to the Online Editor

Upload PDF to the Online Editor

Step 2. Annotate the PDF File Online

Locate and click on the Edit or Add annotations option. You should find it in the top right corner. This will open the Editing and annotation options.

Annoate a PDF Online

Annoate a PDF Online

You can choose from several annotations and markup tools available. You can add notes to the PDF file, add comments to the PDF, even highlight and underline text in the PDF, etc.

You can also choose to add signature, stamp, and watermark to the PDF.

Step 3. Download the Edited PDF

After you finished the editing, you can click the Download button to save the PDF to a specific location on your device.

Download the Edited PDF

Download the Edited PDF

Annotate a PDF on Chrome in Google Drive

Yet another excellent option that you can use for annotating a PDF file on Chrome is to use Google Drive. Google Drive lets you convert the PDF file into a Word document and then edit or annotate it. You can then save it back in the PDF format. It also provides you with effective markup options.

Step 1. Upload PDF File in Google Drive

Open Google Drive on Chrome and click on New> File Upload. Select your PDF file and upload it to your Google Drive.

Add File to Google Drive

Add File to Google Drive

Step 2. Open Your PDF in Google Docs

In the next step, open your PDF file with Google Docs. This will open PDF in a doc format. You can easily apply any of your preferred editing and annotation options as per your own preferences and needs.

Step 3. Apply the Annotation Options

You can apply as many annotation and markup options as you would prefer. You can add checkboxes on Google Docs, double underline the text, and insert vertical line.

Annotate a PDF File in Google Docs

Annotate a PDF File in Google Docs

However, the annotation options available on the tool may be quite limited and basic in nature.

Step 4. Save the File as PDF

Once you completed the editing, just click on File > Download > PDF document. This will save your file as a new PDF.

Save the File as PDF

Save the File as PDF

Annotate PDFs With a Third-party Extension on Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Extension is one of the excellent options to help you enhance the annotation options with ease. It provides several PDF annotation options for making and editing features.

Coming from Adobe, who developed the PDF file format, it is the trusted option for your PDF annotation needs in Chrome.

Annotate a PDF in Chrome Using the Extension

Annotate a PDF in Chrome Using the Extension

Step 1. Go to the Chrome web store, and choose to add Adobe Acrobat extension to Chrome.

Step 2. Open the PDF file on your Chrome browser. This will automatically bring the Chrome extension into action. Access the annotation options from the extension.

Step 3. Use the annotation options available on the extension. You can check several options, such as adding comments, highlighting, and other annotation options.


Does Google Have a PDF Editor?

Google does not have a specific PDF editor. But it can let you edit PDF through Google Docs. You can edit a PDF file with Google Docs as you would do with a Word file.

Google Docs converts PDF files into Word and lets you edit the file. Once done, you can save the file back in the PDF form.

How Do You Draw on a PDF in Chrome?

The best option to draw on a PDF in Chrome is to use a PDF editor on Chrome. You can use an online editor or a Chrome extension.

If you are using an online editor, PDFgear online PDF editor should be a good option. In terms of a Chrome extension, using Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension is the best choice.

Can I Annotate a PDF Without Adobe?

You can use several options to annotate a PDF without Adobe. You can either use a third-party PDF editor extension or an online PDF editor.

Several PDF editors are available online, offering outstanding functionality in editing and annotating PDF files in Chrome. Among them, the PDFgear online tool is one of the excellent options. You may also use third-party Chrome extensions for this purpose.

Can You Annotate PDFs Directly in Google Chrome?

Yes, you can annotate PDF files directly on PDF. But Chrome in does not come with a PDF editing option in itself. You should use Google Drive, Chrome extension, and online PDF editor are a few of the best options that you can put to good use.

The Closing Thoughts

Some of us hate PDF files because of the difficulty in editing them. However, there are a few methods that can be helpful in annotating and editing your PDF files on Chrome without the need to install any extra software.

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