How to Free Change Dates on Documents in Detailed Steps

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Need to change or modify dates on PDF files? This article introduces various methods with walk-throughs for changing dates for PDF documents and scanned documents.

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How to Free Change Dates on Documents

How to Free Change Dates on Documents

As a mainstream document-sharing format, PDFs are used widely. There are occasions when you need to edit scanned documents due to various reasons such as fixing typos or updating information.

For instance, you may need to update dates in PDF files. There are numerous ways to achieve it. It is essential to explore the most efficient one. In this article, we will provide detailed instructions to edit the dates on PDF files.

How to Change Dates on PDF Documents

In the domain of PDF document management, correcting date errors or updating dates on the documents are very common requirements. Having the correct tools is the key.

Some PDF editors can be time-consuming as they require manual adjustments. Instead, PDFgear enables users to directly edit text and images in PDF files effortlessly.

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Launch PDFgear, and click Open File to locate your PDF file.

Launch PDFgear

Launch PDFgear

Step 2: Edit the Date

From the Main Menu, click Edit and select Edit Text to switch to editing mode. Locate the date you want to edit and simply change it.

Switch to Editing Mode

Switch to Editing Mode

Step 3: Save the File

Click the Save icon on the left top corner to save the changes.

How to Change Dates on a Scanned PDF Document

Scanned PDF documents play an important role in professional or personal settings. A scanned document is image-based so you need to convert it to text based document for editing. Fortunately, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) makes the conversion possible. Therefore, PDF editors with built-in OCR tools can edit scanned documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro, as an all-in-one PDF solution can edit the scanned document without converting it. The following shows the instructions.

Step 1: Launch Acrobat Pro and open the scanned file. Alternatively, right-click the scanned file and select “Open with Adobe Acrobat Pro”.

Launch Acrobat Pro

Launch Acrobat Pro

Step 2: Click Tools and then Edit PDF. Acrobat Pro automatically applies OCR on the document. Select the date you want to edit. Edit the date.

Apply OCR in Adobe

Apply OCR in Adobe

Step 3: Click the Save icon to save the file.

Although Acrobat Pro is a powerful tool for editing scanned documents, it requires a costly subscription and uses a significant amount of computer hard disk storage space.

In contrast, PDFgear is a lightweight PDF editor that also offers a free OCR feature for processing scanned PDF files.

How to Change the Created Date on a Document

The properties of a PDF file include information such as its name, size, folder path, owner creation date and time, and the date and time of the last modification.

You may need to change the creation date for a PDF file. Every PDF file has a “Remove Properties” feature which allows you to change the creation date of a PDF file.

Step 1: Right-click your PDF file and select Properties.

Select Properties

Select Properties

Step 2: Click the Details tab. Then click the link Remove Properties and Personal Information.

Click Details

Click Details

Step 3: On the Remove Properties dialog, select Create a copy with all properties removed. An identical file is created in the same folder.

Create a Copy

Create a Copy

Step 4: Right-click the identical file and select Details. You can see the creation date is changed to the current date.


How to change a date on a document on iPhone?

Open your document on Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone. Then edit the data directly. Save and export it to a PDF file.

Can I change the creation date on the Word document on MacBook?

Open the Terminal. Type cd to navigate to the folder storing the Word document. Type the touch command and use the t option to specify the creation date.

How to change the modified date of a PDF document?

Use any PDF editors that support editing PDF metadata such as Adobe Acrobat. Click File, select Properties, and then Description. Change the modification date as needed.


Modifying dates on PDF documents can be achieved by using various software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDFgear. Whether you need to change dates in a PDF file, modify dates in a scanned document, or edit the properties or metadata of the document, there are efficient methods provided in this article.

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