2 Ways to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form for Free

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Changing the font size in a PDF form can make it easier to read or fill in, but PDF forms are hard to change due to the format feature, how do you get the job done? This article will give you two efficient methods.

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How to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form

How to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form

Many users find the default font size in PDF fillable forms too small for comfortable reading and filling. A smaller font size strains the eyes and makes it difficult to read the form questions and fill in answers accurately.

Allowing users to increase the font size improves readability and the overall filling experience. In this post, we will introduce easy ways to change the font size of your PDF fillable form.

Let’s get started.

Directly Change Font Size in PDFs with Online PDF Editor

Step 1. Go to the Adobe Acrobat Online website > Sign in to your Adobe account or create one if you don’t have an account > Click “Edit” > Select “Edit PDF” to access the Adobe Acrobat online editor.

Find the Edit PDF Tool

Find the Edit PDF Tool

Step 2. Click on the “Select a file” button or drag and drop your PDF form into the editing area.

Upload your PDF File

Upload your PDF File

Step 3. Click “Edit text & images” > All text will be boxed and can be changed > Choose the text you want to change the font size > Click the “Font size” drop-down to choose the number.

You get a new font size for your text just like how we do in a Word file.

Change the Font Size Online 

Change the Font Size Online

Step 4. Hit the “Download” button or “Link” button to finish the last step to keep your new file on your device or share it with others by sending the link.

It’s definitely the best solution to change font size in a fillable form using Adobe Acrobat online PDF editor as it’s the birth mother of PDF. The only bummer is that it doesn’t provide you with this service for free.

You either have to subscribe by paying $19.99/month and then start a 7-day free trial. To avoid this unpleasant experience, we are going to show you a free and stable solution in the following part.

Using PDFgear to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form

PDFgear offers a comprehensive range of text and font editing tools for programmatic PDF manipulation at no cost.

The ability to dynamically write on PDF and edit text in existing PDFs makes it superior to other PDF editors.

It’s easy to make a fillable form on PDF or convert PDF files within just a few minutes. Changing font size is just a small application of this powerful tool.

Just like Adobe Acrobat, PDFgear also provides a desktop version and an online version. The online version helps with some more basic functions in editing PDFs like underlining text or strikethrough text.

PDFgear Desktop offers a wide array of features, including the ability to freely adjust font sizes in fillable PDF files, with no limitations on file size, quantity, or watermarks.

Step 1. Install and Open PDFgear Desktop

Download the PDFgear Desktop and install it on your device. It’s available for macOS, iOS, and Windows. Open the software with a double click.

Open Your File with PDFgear Desktop

Open Your File with PDFgear Desktop

Step 2. Select the Text and Change Its Font Size

Click Edit > Edit Text > Select the font of which you intend to change the size > Change the size number.

Change the Font Size

Change the Font Size

Step 3. Exit the Editing and Save the Change

After you are done adjusting the font size, don’t forget to save it and exit the editing. Click Save or Save as to get the result.

Save your File

Save your File


Is it Possible to Change the Font Size to PDF Fillable Form for Free?

Yes, it is possible to change font size in PDF fillable for free. You can use PDFgear Desktop to do this in three minutes. Install PDFgear and open your file with it. Then Hit Edit > Edit Text > Choose the text > Change the size > Save your file.

How to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form on Windows?

Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. Click “Edit PDF” > Select the text you want to change > Go to the “Format” tab > Adjust the font size in the toolbar.

How to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form on Mac?

You can use Adobe Acrobat or Preview to do this.

In Adobe Acrobat, Click “Edit PDF” > Select text > Go to the “Format” tab > Adjust font size in the toolbar.

In Preview, Select text > Right-click the mouse > Choose “Font” > Set the font size.

How to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form Online?

Use online PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat Online. Upload the PDF form > Select text > Adjust font size.

Final Thought

Changing the font size in a PDF fillable form might be challenging, but it is frequently required to improve readability and user experience. While Adobe Acrobat offers a straightforward method for changing fonts globally, this can disrupt form layout and requires a subscription.

Free alternatives like PDFgear provide more granular text management, allowing font sizes to be modified individually per text field without altering the overall form design. When considering your alternatives, bear in mind the importance of preserving formatting, minimizing manual corrections, and making text legible on screen and in print.

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