How to Effortlessly Copy Stamps from PDF

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Discover the methods to copy stamps in your PDFs, step by step, and unlock a smoother PDF work!

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Verifying files with electrical stamps is crucial for legal papers or receipts. Instead of scanning a stamp, you can now add and copy electric stamps directly to a PDF file.

But just like signing on a PDF, creating the same stamps for different PDF files could be exhausting. And to copy the stamps from a received PDF to another seems confusing.

Well, no concerns at all now since this post will show you three simple and effective methods to copy stamps for PDF. Let’s figure it out!

Copy Stamps from PDFs Online for Free – No limitations

Web-based applications are quite convenient and accessible for use. If you travel a lot with diverse devices, then online tools will ease your work of copying stamps from a PDF anytime and anywhere.

🤩PDFgear online toolkit has comprehensive features for you to edit PDF files or more without any downloads. It’s free, unlimited, and requires no registration. 👇

Step 1. Upload the PDF with Stamps

Navigate to PDFgear online editor. Select or drop the PDF with stamps to the editing box.

Add a File to Pdfgear Online Editor

Add a File to Pdfgear Online Editor

Step 2. Copy the Stamp for PDFs

When the file is uploaded, right-click the stamp within the PDF. Hit Copy for stamp pasting. Or press Ctrl + C on the keyboard to make it copied.

Copy a Stamp in PDFgear Online

Copy a Stamp in PDFgear Online

Step 3. Paste Stamps to Other Pages

  • Right-click on the place where you want to paste the stamp.
  • Click Paste or Press Ctrl + V. And get the same stamp generated.
Paste the Stamp in PDFgear Online

Paste the Stamp in PDFgear Online

The stamps are maintained in the original format when copied, for you to re-paste them as needed.

Many PDFs with stamps often get encrypted, so make sure the file is editable before stamp copying, if not, you need to unlock the PDF first.

Apart from stamp copying, you often need to get stamps removed and create a new stamp if there’s any error in the original stamps. And with PDFgear online stamp editor, these can all be realized flexibly.

Make Stamp Copying Quicker and Easier with PDFgear

Manipulating stamps on a PDF online requires a stable and fast Internet environment. If you want to tackle large files without the Internet,  PDFgear software is a boon to make work faster and more independent.

PDFgear is a powerful and feature-rich software for PDF editing and organizing. It’s also a cross-platform solution for Windows, macOS, and iOS users. What’s even better? Having PDFgear on your device charges nothing!

Let’s nail it in three steps:

Open a PDF in PDFgear > Right-click the target stamp > Duplicate 

Now the stamp is pasted automatically beside it, and you can drag it to any other area in this PDF.

Duplicate a Stamp in PDFgear

Duplicate a Stamp in PDFgear

Copying stamps with PDFgear is a breeze.

PDF Files Stamp Copying for Adobe Acrobat Pro Subscribers

Known for all, Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the most professional PDF solutions and the first choice for exploring advanced PDF features.

However, the popularity has positioned this product as less affordable, but if you have invested in renting this software, the following steps will work in your favor.

Step 1. Open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 2. Copy the Stamp from a PDF

Click on the stamp you want to duplicate. Press Ctrl + C to copy.

Step 3. Paste the Stamps

Now press Ctrl + V to paste the stamp to the target pages.

The paste can also apply to different PDF files, just add more files in Adobe Acrobat Pro to do so.

Copy Stamp to Another PDF File in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Copy Stamp to Another PDF File in Adobe Acrobat ProCopy Stamp to Another PDF File in Adobe Acrobat Pro

The methods mentioned above cater to both online and software users. However, the high cost of Adobe Acrobat Pro hurdle for many.

In such cases, PDFgear performs as the best Adobe Acrobat alternative, and the online stamp copier is highly recommended for its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and no-installation.


How do I create a stamp for a PDF?

Open your PDF in PDFgear Online Editor.

  • Add or Edit annotations > Add Stamp
  • Choose a default stamp or upload a customized stamp
  • Download file

Are there any restrictions when copying stamps in PDFs?

Yes, though PDF stamp copying is quite feasible nowadays, several restrictions remain, such as,

Flattened stamps cannot be copied

Encrypted PDF does not allow stamp copying

Read-only PDF does not enable stamp copying

Do PDF stamps print?

Yes, like other markups in a PDF, stamps can be printed too. But to ensure they appear on the printed page, you’ll need to adjust the print settings to include both the document and the stamps in the output.


This post provides insight into three methods to effectively copy stamps for PDF files. Whether you prefer working online or with software, both options can meet the demands of a streamlined workflow.

When it comes to PDF authentication, the free and simple PDFgear online editor stands out as the best choice for stamp copying.

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