How to Edit and Enhance a PDF Resume in 3 Methods [Free & Paid]

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Get to know the simple methods to edit and polish your resumes for a successful job application!

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Edit a PDF Resume

Edit a PDF Resume

Browsing through the array of resume templates online gives you more choices as you prepare for a job application. Most of these templates are, however, in PDF format, which poses a challenge when you want to make adjustments to the content or refine the layout.

Fortunately, this article delves into three effective strategies that will enable you to type, delete, and modify text, guaranteeing that your resume is well-filled and ready for submission.

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Modify Resume Content with the Free & Smart PDF Editor

PDFgear is a free PDF editor that offers both online and desktop software. Unlike most professional PDF services, it requires no sign-ups nor credit card binding.

Moreover, being powered by ChatGPT, it eases your work for resume proofreading, wording checks, and file rewriting. Descriptions of your skills and achievements are improved during the process of chatting with your PDF resume.

Step 1. Launch PDFgear

Head to PDFgear’s official web, and install the software > Launch PDFgear > Click “Open File” to upload the resume.

Open a Resume in PDFgear

Open a Resume in PDFgear

Step 2. Edit the PDF Resume

Navigate to “Edit” on the interface. Choose “Edit Text” to delete content from or fill your info into the resume template. For professional photo adding, click “Add Image” to put pics on the resume.

To utilize the PDFgear Chatbot, press the little robot icon, and start chatting with your file in the chatbox.

Edit a Resume in PDFgear

Edit a Resume in PDFgear

Step 3. Save the Edited Resume

After the editing, hit the”Save as” icon to download the file to your devices.

Save the Edited Resume in PDFgear

Save the Edited Resume in PDFgear

PDFgear works well without an internet connection. Its web-based PDF editor is also a handy tool for any device. While PDFgear fulfills most of your editing needs, if you are a Mac user or an Adobe Acrobat subscriber, there’s no need to shop around.

Fill Your Resume Templates using Apple Pages

Pages is a piece of free software for most Apple devices. It provides various of functions for resume editing and many fancy-looking resume templates for you to utilize.

Step 1. Open a Resume in Pages

Open Pages > Select the resume from your device > Click “Open” to start editing.

Open a Resume in Pages

Open a Resume in Pages

Step 2. Edit or Create a Resume

When the file is opened in the app, choose the features you’d like to use on the user interface.

Create and Edit Resumes in Pages

Create and Edit Resumes in Pages

Step 3. Save the Resume in Pages

When the editing is done, click “File” at the topmost of your screen > Choose “Save…” > In the pop-up menu, name the file > Click “Save” to store the resume.

Save the Edited Resume in Pages

Save the Edited Resume in Pages

Though this app performs effectively, there is an apparent limitation in using Pages. It does not support opening PDFs but files in doc. or .txt. Therefore, you need to convert the PDF to Word before opening it in Pages.

Edit Resume Text via Adobe Acrobat Online Editor

Possessing advanced and comprehensive features makes Adobe Acrobat a specialist for PDF tasks.

However, it is not affordable for most users. The Edit is featured as its premium tool, hence you’ll have to make a subscription for the accessibility.

Step 1. Open Adobe Acrobat’s online editor > Hit “Select a file” to upload the PDF resume template.

Step 2. Select the functions you prefer to add or change text or images within the resume template.

Step 3. When the editing is done, click the “Download” button > Customize the PDF format in the pop-up window > Press “Download PDF” to save the edited document.

Save the Edited Resume in Adobe Acrobat Online

Save the Edited Resume in Adobe Acrobat Online


How can I edit my resume in PDF for free?

As mentioned in the earlier section of this page, you can edit a resume for free with PDFgear. It is a PDF software that enables text editing, deleting, pic adding, etc., and requires no payment and registration.

How to add text to a PDF resume without Adobe Acrobat?

Under the situations of not using Adobe Acrobat, you can use PDFgear’s online editor to add text to a PDF resume:

Navigate to PDFgear Editor Online > Click “Upload PDF files” and select a file to edit > Hit the “Add or Edit Annotations” button > In the toolbar below, choose “Free Text” > Put the text box to the places you want to add text.

How do I change the formatting in a PDF resume?

PDFgear is a free PDF editor to help change the formatting in a PDF resume. You can change the fonts of the text, adjust the layout of the content, and crop the pages to the desired size.


Editing text and images on PDF resume templates is now a breeze. The three methods mentioned above empower you to make changes to your resume effortlessly on any device.

PDF Gear stands out as an extraordinary option, offering a completely free and feature-rich editor. It allows you to adjust the content on a resume, and get pertinent wording suggestions from its AI chatbot.

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