2 Simple Methods to Extract Images From PDF in High-Quality

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Discover the methods to extract images from a PDF using a free tool PDFgear or with Adobe Acrobat, choose the best in your favor.

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How to Extract Images from PDF

How to Extract Images from PDF

Extracting the images allows you to pull those graphics out of the PDF for archiving, presentation, or advanced editing.

However, normal PDF viewers can not fulfill it and the images are often of low quality.

In this post, we’ll introduce 2 simple methods to address this issue. Let’s now delve into step-by-step guidance on quickly extracting images from PDFs.

How to Extract Images from a PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most powerful PDF editors in the market, it allows you to edit a PDF like in Word.

You can simply copy an image in the PDF to the clipboard or export all images in JPG format. But for novices, the advanced features may bring a steep learning curve.

Step 1. Open the PDF containing images in Adobe Acrobat Pro. > Select the ‘Selection Tool for text and image’ from the toolbar. It looks like an arrow cursor.

Step 2. Scroll down to find the image you want to extract, and click to select it. > With the image selected, right-click inside the selection and choose ‘Copy Image’ or ‘Save Image As’ from the context menu.

Step 3. If copying, you can then paste the copied image into another document. If exporting, choose image format options like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc., and save the exported image file to your computer.

Copy and Export PDF Images with Adobe Acrobat

Copy and Export PDF Images with Adobe Acrobat

Image extraction in Adobe Acrobat is a cinch, but it’s big-ticket. if you’re hesitant to make a subscription, here’s a free but also powerful tool to help you out.

How to Directly Extract Images from a PDF for Free

PDFgear offers a zero-cost image extraction feature. It allows you to get photos or logos straightforwardly from editable PDFs at high quality.

What’s more, PDFgear allows you to convert the whole PDF to JPG, or extract comments from PDF.

Step 1Install and launch PDFgear on your Windows or Mac device > Click “Open File” > Choose the File to open.

Open a PDF in PDFgear to Extract Image

Open a PDF in PDFgear to Extract Image

Step 2. Find the image you wish to extract > Click the image > Click the down arrow icon “Save” on the right > In the pop-up window, customize the file name and save location for files > Press “Save” and the pics are saved as JPG swiftly.

Extract and Save Images from PDF in PDFgear

Extract and Save Images from PDF in PDFgear

Usually, it’s infeasible to obtain pictures from a scanned PDF since the whole file is image-based. However, by using the screenshot feature of PDFgear, you can still get the images.

Find “Home” at the topmost toolbar > Click “Screenshot” > Click and drag to select the region of the image > Click “Done” or “Save.”

Screenshot Images on PDF in PDFgear

Screenshot Images on PDF in PDFgear

The quality of the screenshot for scanned PDF is not guaranteed and the exact result depends on the original file clarity.


These tow options are for easily extracting images from PDF files, and all of them can maintain the clarity of the images. If you want an effective tool, PDFgear is the one for you.

It is easy to get started with, and there’s no need to worry about file security. You can experience many advanced AI editing features for free.

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