4 Ways to Fill in a PDF Form on Windows and Mac for Free

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Explore four effective methods for filling in PDF forms on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Andriod. While PDFs maintain their non-editable and cross-device compatibility advantages, this article guides you through overcoming these constraints, ensuring seamless modifications to PDF forms when needed.

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How To Fill In a PDF Form on Windows and Mac for Free

How To Fill In a PDF Form on Windows and Mac for Free

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a preferred choice across industries for its ability to integrate text, images, hyperlinks, and sound into one document. This versatility makes PDF ideal for cross-platform collaboration and efficient reading.

Using PDFs ensures accurate data transfer, but entering data into PDF forms can be cumbersome. Fortunately, there are several tools and software solutions designed to simplify this process.

Read on to learn how to efficiently fill out PDF forms on various platforms.

How to Fill out a PDF Form on Windows 10

PDFgear is a multi-functional PDF tool that offers all-in-one PDF management, providing PDF hyper-compression, editing, multi-format conversion, cropping, deletion, merging PDF, and other solutions for all users. It allows you to operate cross-platform, whether you are on Windows 10/11, macOS, or iOS systems.

Moreover, it is a completely free PDF processor, so you don’t need to worry about any costs. Of course, downloading PDFgear gives you additional access. If you need to fill out a PDF form, PDFgear can significantly help you complete the task.

Step 1. Get PDFgear on Your Device

Go to the official website of PDFgear to download and get it. Or you can click the below button to install PDFgear on your Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

PDFgear – Free Fill In PDF Documents

PDFgear allows PDF form filling on Windows, macOS, and iOS without the need for formatting conversion. Create dynamic PDF forms with checkboxes, drop-down menus, text boxes, radio buttons, and signatures.

Step 2. Open a PDF Form with PDFgear

The main interface of PDFgear is straightforward, you can understand the functions it covers at a glance.

Click “Open File” > Select a PDF form you need to fill in from your device > You will then be taken to the PDF editing page.

Import PDF Forms to PDFgear

Import PDF Forms to PDFgear

Alternatively, locate the “Fill Form” feature in the “All Tools” toolbar, choose a PDF form, and automatically navigate to the filling page.

Find the "Fill Form" Feature

Find the “Fill Form” Feature

Step 3. Fill in a PDF Form

The PDF form becomes fillable automatically. Click on the designated box to add text, check available options, select items from drop-down menus, and more.

Fill in the Form with PDFgear

Fill in the Form with PDFgear


Furthermore, if you want to create a fillable PDF form to share, PDFgear provides the solution: simply go to the “Form” toolbar and add fillable text boxes, checkboxes, images, signatures, and more. Additionally, you can enhance security by adding a watermark to prevent tampering by others.

Step 4. Save PDF from PDFgear

When you have finished filling out the form in PDFgear, you can click Save As at the top left to choose the file location and format and save it, which will not cause you to lose the original data but also get a modified data form.

Save PDF Form from PDFgear

Save PDF Form from PDFgear

How to Fill out a PDF Online

PDFgear also offers an online version. When it comes to filling PDF forms, the PDFgear online form filler proves to be highly efficient with features comparable to most offline software. Please don’t worry, your data remains secure, as PDFgear doesn’t retain it, and your files are always well-protected through SSL encryption.

Additionally, the PDFgear online version has no device limits. Therefore, consider using PDFgear’s online form filler to complete your PDF forms.

Step 1. Access to PDFgear Online Form Filler > Click “Select PDF file” > Select a PDF form > Jump to the form filling page.

Upload a PDF Form to PDFgear

Upload a PDF Form to PDFgear

Step 2. Select “Add and Edit Form Fields” to access the form-filling mode.

In addition to filling out the PDF form, PDFgear’s online form filler makes it easy to add drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, fillable text boxes, digital signatures, and list boxes.

Fill out the PDF Form Online for Free

Fill out the PDF Form Online for Free

Furthermore, PDFgear’s online form filler enables you to efficiently create fillable forms. Printing or sharing a PDF can also be easily accomplished with just a few clicks using PDFgear.

How to Fill in a PDF Form on Mac

Preview is a tailored PDF processor designed for Mac users, available for use on Mac computers and MacBooks. It facilitates the conversion of diverse file formats to PDF and provides quick options for compression, editing, and more on PDF files.

To make a PDF form editable, follow these three simple steps.

Step 1. Since Preview is a built-in application on Mac, there’s no need for a separate download. Simply open a PDF form with Preview or change the default PDF viewer to Preview on your device.

Step 2. Navigate to “Tools” > Hover over “Annotate” > Select “Text” > Place the text box on the form > Type your words > Adjust text color, size, alignment, italicize, and bold.

Fill in PDF Form with Preview

Fill in the PDF Form with Preview

Step 3. Save the PDF form and share it with others.

However, this method isn’t an efficient way to fill out a form, and it lacks convenience. Adding numerous text boxes can lead to alignment issues, making the process time-consuming. Therefore, for Mac users, PDFgear remains a more optimal choice for form completion.

How to Fill in a PDF Form on iPhone

PDFgear introduces a robust mobile application for iPhone. It enables swift PDF form completion anytime, anywhere, without the need for account registration, login, or subscriptions.

Rest assured, PDFgear for iPhone does not impose watermarks on your files, nor does it demand payment for watermark removal.

You can complete the operation of filling in PDF forms by following three steps.

Step 1. Get PDFgear on your iPhone > Open PDFgear > Tap the “+” button > Click “Browse” and choose a PDF form.

Select a PDF Form from iPhone

Select a PDF Form from iPhone

Step 2. Find “Edit” in the upper-right corner.

Fill PDF Forms on iPhone with PDFgear

Fill PDF Forms on iPhone with PDFgear

Once you access the editing page, click on the drop-down menu at the top and select “Fill & Sign”.

Tap the Fill & Sign Button 

Tap the Fill & Sign Button

Step 3. Tap the blank area of the form > Input your information. Additionally, you can include a signature after filling.

Once you complete the process, click “Done” in the upper-left corner.

Click Done to Complete the Process

Click Done to Complete the Process

If you prefer not to install any software on your device, consider an online tool worth mentioning. No registration, subscription, or watermarks are required.


How to Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form?

There’s no need to make a conversion with PDFgear. Install PDFgear on your device > Click “Open Files” > Select a PDF form to import > Place the cursor on the blank area > Type information into the form > Check the options > Save the completed PDF form. Try PDFgear now!

Can I Fill in a PDF Form Without Adobe?

As we all know, Adobe is a very professional PDF editor, but because it charges too high most people are discouraged. If you’d rather not spend money, both the web version of PDFgear and PDFgear for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad provide quality services at no cost.

Is It Possible to Write in PDF Form?

If you want to write on your PDF form, then you can directly enter the PDFgear Online Form Filler and click “Select PDF file” to upload your document, select the Add and Edit Form Fields button to write on your PDF form in edit mode.


With the help of tools and software, you can indeed fill out PDF forms efficiently. You can choose different ways to try it according to your different device systems and needs.

Of course, PDFgear can be your first choice because it is device-independent and has both online and offline versions, and the simple operation process and logic make you understand and complete the operation quickly.

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