Exploring Advanced Methods to Highlight in PDF Online

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Highlighting serves to emphasize important content within PDF files. This article introduces three online methods for adding highlights to your PDFs. All you need is an Internet connection; there’s no need for downloads.

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How to Highlight in PDF Online

How to Highlight in PDF Online

Highlighting in PDFs allows for text emphasis, adding notes, and comments. This not only aids in precise location but also enhances collaboration efficiency. However, drawing on non-editable PDFs can be challenging.

So, this article offers three solutions to highlight in PDFs helping you save storage space without requiring downloads.

Using Adobe Acrobat Online to Highlight PDF

Adobe Acrobat Online, an Adobe-provided web-based tool, allows users to directly view, manage, and edit PDFs within a web browser. It boasts robust text and annotation highlighting capabilities.

Nevertheless, it imposes a cost for complete access, restricting certain users from utilizing its advanced functionalities.

Step 1. To access the Adobe Acrobat online website, logging into an account is mandatory, making registration is required.

Step 2. On the home page, click “Edit Text & Images”, and choose a PDF file to upload.

Upload a PDF to Adobe

Upload a PDF to Adobe

Step 3. On the left, you’ll see the toolbar, select the third tool from the top, which is the “Highlight” tool, and then drag your mouse to select the desired highlight text.

Highlight the PDF Online

Highlight the PDF Online

You can customize the highlight color and thickness within the Adobe Acrobat Online Editor.

Adobe Acrobat online editor offers various subscription plans starting at $14.99/month with feature variations. In contrast, the PDFgear online editor is entirely free and devoid of functional use restrictions.

Free to Highlight in PDF Online with PDFgear

PDFgear is a versatile online tool that offers a wide range of editing functions for PDF documents, no installation, no registration, and no watermarks.

You can easily add text, underline, strikethrough, shapes, signatures, comments, stamps, and even create editable PDF forms, etc.

Step 1. Upload the PDF to PDFgear

Go to PDFgear online editor > Click “Choose files” > Select a PDF from your device.

Or, you can directly drag and drop the PDF file to the upload box.

Add a PDF to PDFgear Online Editor

Add a PDF to PDFgear Online Editor

Step 2. Highlight the PDF Text Free

Click “Add’ or Edit Annotations” > Select the first “Highlight Text” tool > Drag your mouse to select the text.

Add Highlight in PDF with PDFgear

Add Highlight in PDF with PDFgear

Step 3. Customize the Highlight

You have the option to adjust both the highlight color and opacity.

Make Some Customization of the Highlight

Make Some Customization of the Highlight

You might encounter the need to process a scanned or image-based PDF. Wondering how to add highlights to it? Don’t worry; PDFgear can lend you a hand.

How to Highlight Scanned PDF Online Free

For scanned PDFs, PDFgear also has a solution to assist you in adding highlights.

Step 1. Open a Scanned PDF in PDFgear

Drag and drop a PDF into the box, and upload it to the PDFgear Online Editor.

Step 2. Select Highlight Text in the Scanned PDF

Go to the “Add or Edit annotations” ribbon > Click “Add Shapes” > Select a rectangle > Box out the text you want to highlight.

Select the Text to Be Highlighted

Select the Text to Be Highlighted

Step 3. Highlight in the Scanned PDF

Select a fill color > Match the stroke color to the fill color > Customize the opacity to a value lower than 50% to create transparency.

Add Highlights in the Scanned PDF

Add Highlights in the Scanned PDF


How Do I Highlight Part of a PDF Online?

When using the PDFgear Online Editor, you can easily highlight specific content in your PDF. Just upload your PDF to PDFgear > Click on “Add” or “Edit Annotations” > Select the “Highlight” tool > Choose the portion you wish to highlight.

Can I Highlight PDF Online for Free?

Certainly. Unlike Adobe Acrobat’s online editor, PDFgear provides all features for free, including online highlighting. What’s more, PDFgear can handle scanned or image-based PDFs with ease.

How Do I Highlight Text in a Scanned PDF Online?

You can highlight text within scanned PDFs using PDFgear Online Editor with the steps below:

1. Simply upload the scanned PDF.

2. Go to the “Add or Edit Annotations” toolbar.

3. Choose a rectangle from the “Add Shapes” menu and enclose the text.

4. Match the fill and stroke colors.

5. Reduce the opacity to below 50%.


In summary, this article has provided valuable insights into effective methods for highlighting in PDFs, including scanned PDFs. By exploring three distinct approaches, you now have a comprehensive guide to enhance your PDF documents online, simplifying and optimizing your workflow. Whether you’re working with text or scanned content, highlighting in PDFs has become more accessible and straightforward than ever.

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