How to Highlight PDFs in Chrome & The Best Extensions

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This guide demonstrates how to effortlessly highlight and annotate PDFs in Chrome using online tools and browser extensions, streamlining your reading and document management.

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How to Highlight PDFs in Chrome

How to Highlight PDFs in Chrome

Discover how to efficiently highlight PDFs in Chrome without the need for software downloads. Explore online and Chrome extension options like PDFgear and Glasp, and uncover the top 5 PDF highlighter extensions for Chrome.

Whether you’re a Windows enthusiast or a dedicated Mac user looking for highlighting, this guide equips you to highlight and annotate PDFs directly within your browser.

👉To save your time, directly download the best free PDF highlighter tool used in this article which even can highlight a scanned PDF with ease.

Highlight PDF in Chrome Online

If you prefer a hassle-free approach without software installation, consider using the online PDFgear PDF editor. It allows permanent PDF highlighting in various colors. There’s no need for app installations, but ensure a stable internet connection and restrict uploads to files under 50MB.

Additionally, PDFgear also provides a desktop software version compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS to enhance your offline PDF experience. The desktop version allows easy text highlighting in PDFs without file size and quantity limits and facilitates text extraction from highlighted areas.

Step 1. Visit PDFgear Online PDF Editor and upload your PDF file.

Visit Online PDF Editor

Visit Online PDF Editor

Step 2. Either right-click on the selected text or click the marker icon in the panel to choose the highlight tool and highlight the text.

Highlight Selected Text

Highlight Selected Text

Step 3. Save your highlighted PDF.

Save and Download the Highlighted File

Save and Download the Highlighted File

Highlight PDF Using a Chrome Extension

For a feature-rich experience, you could consider the Chrome extension “Glasp”. While it offers handy and full-featured highlighting, be aware of occasional performance issues or crashes.

Note that technical and security restrictions may prevent highlighting on specific websites, such as Google products, note-taking apps, bank apps, and local PDF files. In such cases, try other websites for your highlighting needs.

Step 1. Install the Glasp’s Chrome extension.

Install the Glasp’s Chrome Extension

Install the Glasp’s Chrome Extension

Step 2. Create and log in to your Glasp account.

Sign Up A Glasp Account

Sign Up A Glasp Account

Step 3. Open a PDF in Chrome and click the Glasp icon.

Open A PDF File and Click on Glasp Icon

Open A PDF File and Click on Glasp Icon

Step 4. Select the highlight tool, choose a color, and highlight text.

Select Text and Highlight 

Select Text and Highlight

Step 5. Find all your highlights and annotations on your Glasp home page.

Retrieve All Your Markups on Your Home Page

Retrieve All Your Markups on Your Home Page

The 5 Best PDF Highlighter Chrome Extensions

For dedicated Chrome users, Chrome extensions offer diverse functionalities. Check out our list of the top 5 PDF highlighter Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.

Glasp: Social Web Highlighter

Glasp is a versatile Chrome extension for PDF and web highlighting. It’s free and user-friendly, offering YouTube summaries and Kindle highlight imports. Easily capture, tag, search, and share content.

Get Glasp for Chrome


Kami stands as an interactive learning platform that provides PDF annotation, markup removal, and drawing capabilities. Its integration with OneDrive and Microsoft Teams enhances teaching, feedback, and assessment.

Get Kami for Chrome

Weava Highlighter

Weava is a widely used research tool known for its seamless PDF text highlighting and organization features. It simplifies research, increases productivity, and saves users hours each week with its efficient workflow.

Get Weava Highlighter for Chrome

Web Highlights

Web Highlights is a free, user-friendly productivity highlighter suitable for websites and PDFs. It caters to students, bloggers, programmers, and online readers. The tool offers offline mode, syncing capabilities, and easy access to research and notes.

Get Web Highlights for Chrome

Liner: ChatGPT AI Copilot for Web&YouTube&PDF

LINER ChatGPT: AI Copilot for Web & YouTube excels at collecting and highlighting web content, including YouTube videos and ChatGPT responses. This renowned Chrome extension enables users to search and highlight multiple words on PDFs and web pages.

Get LINER for Chrome

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Google Chrome’s developer-friendly environment, you can not only highlight but also enjoy PDF viewing and editing using its extensions. Highlighting PDFs in Chrome is effortless.

Select the online PDFgear editor for a hassle-free experience, or opt for the feature-rich Chrome extensions based on your stability and specific needs. Streamline your document management and elevate your productivity today!

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