3 Free Methods To Insert PDF Into Excel

Last updated on April 27, 2023

Summary :

Are you searching for a convenient method to embed PDF documents in your Excel sheets? Do not miss this post. The article presents three distinctive techniques, each of which is not only free of cost but also highly efficient in accomplishing the task.

How To Insert PDF Into Excel

Excel uses tables to manage data, and all data and information are clear at a glance. You must have encountered the need to insert PDF into Excel in your work and study so that you can manage these data more intuitively and conveniently. If you don’t know how to import PDF to Excel, the following tutorial guides you on how to insert PDF files into Excel online or offline.

How To Insert PDF Into Excel Online

If your PDF file is full of all kinds of data, and you want to import it into Excel. Then the most direct method is to convert the PDF file to Excel, and then you can easily edit the data in Excel. Here is a video tutorial about how to convert PDF to editable Excel with PDFgear.

Step 1. Go to PDFgear Converter

Click the button below to go to PDFgear Online Converter, and select PDF to Excel in the toolbar.

The tool is compatible and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and anyone can access PDF to Excel online converter for free.

Step 2. Import Your PDF File to PDFgear

Click the blue Choose file button in the middle to add your PDF file or drag and drop your PDF to convert it to Excel.

Upload the PDF to Excel Converter

Upload the PDF to Excel Converter

Once the PDF file is uploaded successfully, PDFgear will automatically perform the conversion task and convert it to Excel within 3 seconds.

Step 3. Download the Converted Excel File From PDFgear

The blue Download button will automatically appear after the conversion is completed, you can click it to download the Excel file to the local.

Download the Excel File

Download the Excel File

Then you can copy the content from the transformed excel file and paste it into another excel file.

PDFgear online tool is free and unlimited, but it can only be used when you have an Internet connection. PDFgear desktop is a robust application that will save you time and effort. So why wait? Download PDFgear today and experience the power of seamless PDF to Excel conversion.

100% Clean & Safe

How To Insert PDF Into Excel 365

Inserting a PDF into Excel as an object preserves the formatting of the PDF file, which is also a practical way. No need to download any third-party software, you can insert PDF into Excel through the form itself.

Step 1. Open the Excel Document by Microsoft Excel

After opening the Excel document, click the “Insert” > “Object” button in the top menu bar.

Click to Insert the Object

Click to Insert the Object

Step 2. Insert PDF into Excel in Microsoft Excel

In the pop-up dialog box, select the “Create from File” tab and click the “Browse” button to select the PDF document to be inserted and click Insert.

Create the Object from File

Create the Object from File

Step 3. Click to Change Icon Microsoft Excel

Select “Display as icon” click the Change icon and add caption text to your PDF file, then click the “OK” button to complete the process.

Select to Change Icon

Select to Change Icon

How To Insert PDF Into Excel as Image

Inserting a PDF as a picture into Excel is one of the fastest ways. Here’s how to insert PDF into Excel by referring to the step-by-step steps below. You can convert PDF to PNG or convert PDF to JPG quickly with the help of PDFgear.

Step 1. Open the Excel by Microsoft Excel

To insert an Excel file into a PDF, first open it. Now, click the “Insert” < “Picture” button.

Insert the PDF as A Picture

Insert the PDF as A Picture

Step 2. Insert the PDF into Excel in Microsoft Excel

Find and double-click the PDF to insert it into Excel, then click the Insert button.

Select the PDF File

Select the PDF File

After inserting a PDF file, you can resize the inserted PDF icon within the layout options.

Step 3. Add a Link to the PDF in Microsoft Excel

Right-click the link and browse to the location I want to link to.

Insert the Hyberlink

Insert the Hyperlink

Once the PDF is embedded in Excel, double-click it and select Yes in the pop-up notification.

How TO Insert PDF into Excel FAQs

Can you insert a link to a PDF in Excel?

Open the spreadsheet, on the “Insert” tab click the “Picture” option, and insert the pdf into excel as a picture. Right-click the picture embedded in Excel, then select Link and select a PDF file and link it to the picture.

What is the shortcut key to insert PDF into Excel?

There is currently no shortcut key to insert PDF into Excel, you can only follow the above method to manually click to complete the operation.

How to edit PDF before inserting it into Excel?

The PDF format has many features, but it does not support modifying the text in it. If you want to modify the data contained in the PDF file, you can use a PDF editor or convert PDF to Excel. PDFgear is a clean and secure online tool that allows you to edit PDF and quickly convert it to Excel.

How to ensure the original formatting in the case of PDF inserted into Excel?

Can you open a PDF document in Excel? Of course, you can, you can open PDF files as objects in Excel. First, create a new blank Excel document, and click “Insert > Object” in the menu once.

Is It Possible to Insert Multiple PDF Files into Excel?

When you want to display multiple PDF documents in a form, what should you do? You can create multiple hyperlinks in your form corresponding to PDF documents to achieve this.

The Bottom Line

Inserting PDF into Excel is simple & easy. Microsoft Excel provides options to link, embed, or insert as object to tailor to specific needs. Use techniques outlined to integrate PDFs into spreadsheets for dynamic experience.