Quick Methods to Make PDF Landscape from Portrait

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If you are still looking for the methods to make PDF landscape, you are in the right place. Read on and get the detailed tutorial to solve how to make a PDF landscape or vice versa.

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How to Make PDF Landscape

How to Make PDF Landscape

Rotating a PDF to landscape orientation can be a game-changer for those who work with spreadsheets, graphs, or other documents that require a wider display.

It can also make printing PDF on wider paper formats, such as posters or brochures, a breeze.

Plus, for those who prefer landscape orientation for consistency or personal preference, it’s an easy way to ensure all documents are displayed in the same way.

Fortunately, there are various PDF software tools and online PDF editors available to make this process quick and easy.

So, whether you’re working on a project or just want to improve your document display, rotating your PDF to landscape orientation is a simple solution that can make a big difference in your workflow.

Here in this post, you will earn 2 essential methods which are all for free to rotate PDF to landscape orientation.

Using a Free Online PDF Rotator to Change PDF from Portrait to Landscape

There are lots of online PDF flippers around, but few of them are totally free and support using without limitation.

In this part, meet PDFgear online PDF rotator, which is free but quite powerful. PDFgear online PDF rotator supports changing PDF from portrait to landscape, also, changing PDF from landscape to portrait.

Get the steps to flip your PDF files.

Step 1. Navigate to PDFgear Online Rotator

Directly get to PDFgear online PDF rotator. Then hit the Select PDF files button which allows you to upload the local PDF files.

Upload PDF Files to PDFgear Online PDF Rotator

Upload PDF Files to PDFgear Online PDF Rotator

Step 2. Change the PDF from Portrait to Landscape

PDFgear online PDF rotator supports users previewing the PDF pages. Now you can input your page number at the top.

Then at the right panel, you can hit the Rotate to flip the page you selected.

Click the Rotate PDF blue button, you will see your PDF orientation has changed already.

Flip PDF from Portrait to Landscape

Flip PDF from Portrait to Landscape

Step 3. Save the Rotated PDF

PDFgear will automatically change the PDF page orientation after you click the Rotate PDF. And then you will have a button named Download. Hit it will lead you to export the changed PDF file.

Save the Rotated PDF File

Save the Rotated PDF Files

Head to the local file and open the PDF file which was already changed to landscape. This method is really a thing which costs nothing but a stable internet connection.

Steps go on there, you have to know that PDFgear online PDF rotator is quite limited when rotating a large file over 50M.

However, PDFgear also covers you up so well.

PDFgear provides a free offline application, which is also free to use as well. It won’t ask for sign up, credit cards, or something else.

The best part of its offline application is it supports applying rotation on all PDF pages at one click. With PDFgear’s powerful features, you can also convert, edit, sign, protect and chat PDF for free.

How to Make PDF to Landscape from Portrait

How to Make PDF to Landscape from Portrait

There are still some other methods that you can change the PDF from portrait to landscape. Some of them are free to use while some of them are quite a paid method. Is there a method that works for you?

Check them out.

Some Extra Solutions to Make PDF Landscape from Portrait

If you are a macOS user, I would love to recommend Preview, the known for all macOS built-in program, that works great on changing PDF file orientation.

It is made for viewing, but works on some PDF workflow scenarios so well.

How to Make PDF Landscape with Preview on macOS Devices?

  • In case you have changed the fault PDF opening software. You need to click on the PDF file and choose Open with Preview. Then select the pages you want to rotate by holding down the Command key and clicking on each page.
  • Click on Tools and select Rotate Left or Rotate Right to rotate the selected pages, or select Adjust Size… to change the orientation of the entire document.
  • Save the PDF file by clicking File > Save or File > Save As… if you want to save it with a different name.
How to Make PDF Landscape via Preview

How to Make PDF Landscape via Preview

You got a PDF orientation changed already. You can preview the PDF in the exact orientation you want now.

Is there any free PDF rotator which is already built-in in Windows devices? Nope! There is no free PDF tool that supports making PDF landscapes from portraits.

That’s why we recommend using PDFgear online PDF rotator, which is totally free to make PDF landscapes and no working system is required either.

It works on Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile devices. But for PDFgear offline applications, you can only get it to work on Windows 10 and 11, macOS which M1 supports.

Also, PDFgear for iOS is available now. only PDFgear for Android is on its way.

FAQs When Make PDF Landscape

How do I ensure that my landscape PDF prints correctly?

To ensure that your landscape PDF prints correctly, make sure that your printer settings are set to landscape orientation and that the paper size matches the size of your document.

Also, you may also need to adjust the scaling and print quality settings to optimize the print output.

Will making a PDF landscape affect the content or layout of my document?

Changing the orientation of a PDF to landscape should not affect the content or layout of your document, as long as you adjust the margins and spacing accordingly.

However, some elements like headers, footers, and page numbers may need to be adjusted to fit the new orientation.

Can I convert a landscape PDF back to portrait orientation?

Yes, you can easily convert a landscape PDF back to portrait orientation using a PDFgear online PDF rotator or the offline software.

You can find the detailed steps from the post about changing the PDF file from landscape to portrait.


Learn how to make a PDF landscape from portrait using two free methods: PDFgear online PDF rotator, which works anywhere on any devices and Preview on macOS devices.

PDFgear also offers a free offline application that can apply rotation to all PDF pages at once. Maybe you will love to give it a try. But for macOS users, the Preview would be your best choice.

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