How To Combine Word Documents Into PDF Online Free

Last updated on August 25, 2023

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No watermark, no need to download and install any software. PDFgear is a versatile PDF tool, and merging Word files is just a piece of cake for it.

Merge Word Into PDF Online Free

How To Combine Word Documents Into PDF Online Free

How To Combine Word Documents Into PDF Online Free

If you have multiple files to share or keep organized, you may be looking for a way to merge multiple PDF files into a single file. No registration or email is required, you can combine as many Word documents as you want in seconds with PDFgear’s merge tool.

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How to Use PDFgear to Merge PDF Online

Merge word documents into PDF is easy, Now let’s take a look at how to use PDFgear to get the job done.

Step 1. Convert the Word Document into PDF

To merge Word files, the premise is to convert them into PDF documents. Visit PDFgear Word to PDF converter and import your Word files into the converter.

Download the New PDF

Download the New PDF

Wait for PDFgear to automatically convert the Word file to PDF, the process will take no more than three seconds.

Step 2. Combine the PDF File

Select PDFgear Online Merger in the toolbox to jump to the corresponding tool page. Drag and drop two or more files to bind, rearranging files or pages as desired. For more information about how to merge word using iLovePDF, you can click to learn.

Click the Merge PDF Button

Click the Merge PDF Button

When you’re ready, click the Merge button.

Step 3. Save the Merged PDF

Sit and relax wait for the magic to happen in PDFgear and the blue download button appears after the combination is complete. Click on it to download your all-in-one document!

Download the Merged PDF File

Download the Merged PDF File

You can also use our reverse converter to turn the binded PDF into a Word document if needed.

Combine Word Documents into PDF Online: FAQs

Is It Safe to Use PDFgear to Merge PDF Online?

Yes, customer security is our priority. Thanks to the advanced level of security technology, you don’t need to worry about any file security. PDFgear will not save any of your files or copies, the server will delete your uploaded files the moment you refresh your browser or leave the website. Click on Privacy Policy to learn more about security.

How to Merge Non-PDF Files Online for Free?

It’s simple to combine documents in any format. You may convert your PPT, Excel, or picture files to PDF using our converter tool. Following the steps above to combine the files into one using PDF merger after converting them from their original format to PDF.

What System Does PDFgear Require?

As a cloud-based PDF tool, we strive to make it accessible to all Internet citizens. You can use PDFgear on any operating system including Mac, Windows, and Linux for all your PDF-related work. Additionally, PDFgear works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Even on iOS and Android mobile devices, you can access our website directly from your internet browser.

Is Free to Use PDFgear?

Yes, the all-in-one tool PDFgear is completely free. Most PDF-related desktop programs and online tools are paid access. But you can use any of our 20+ PDF tools for free without any limitations. With PDFgear, creating and managing PDF documents is even easier.


If you want to merge multiple Word documents into one PDF, PDFgear PDF Editor is a very simple and easy thing to do. And the completion of this series of operations does not charge you any fees. So if you have time and demand, please be sure to try this simple and easy way to learn.