How to White Out PDFs [4 Methods for All Platforms]

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It is an efficient way to redact and protect content in PDFs by whitening them out. what should you do on different platforms? Here are four solutions for you to choose from.

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How to White Out on a PDF

How to White Out on a PDF

If you want to replace the text, pictures, or objects in a PDF, then white out the text allows you to easily do that. Additionally, whitening out the PDF can also protect some content in the PDF file that cannot be leaked.

While blackening out text in a PDF will still achieve the same effect, whitening it out will make the PDF look better overall. Especially when the background color of your PDF is white, it is difficult to detect the whitening action, which can better protect the security of the document.

Let’s take a look at 4 effective ways to white out on PDF.

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How to White Out on PDF Free

PDFgear desktop software is a free PDF whiteout tool that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS. You can download and install it through the official website of PDFgear.

No registration, no login, and no subscription – PDFgear offers various professional features.

Free PDF Whiteout Software

White out or blacken text in PDF for free, without losing PDF documents’ quality.

Don’t worry, The operation logic of PDFgear is very simple, even if you are a novice, you don’t need to spend too much time learning it.

Step1. Import a PDF to PDFgear

Fire up the PDFgear > Click Open File to select a PDF and import.

Add the PDF to PDFgear Desktop

Add the PDF to PDFgear

Step 2. Box Out the Area for Whitening Out

Locate Annotate > Click Rectangle > Drag your mouse to select the area.

Select the Area 

Select the Area

Alternatively, you can insert a white image to cover the text or pictures in the PDF. Click Edit > Add Image > Choose an Image from your device.

Add an Image to Your PDF

Add an Image to Your PDF

Step 3. Change the Color to White

Change the fill-in color and border color to white in the theme pane.

White Out the PDF with PDFgear Desktop

White Out the PDF with PDFgear

How to White Out on PDF with Adobe Acrobat

As the originator of PDF, Adobe Acrobat is the first thing that comes to mind when encountering any problems related to PDF files.

When you want to find a solution on how to white out on PDF, you must first locate the “Redaction” tool in Adobe, and achieve the process by redacting text or images in a PDF.

Check out the detailed step-by-step instructions and screenshots below.

Step 1. Fire up Adobe Acrobat > Click File > Choose Open to import a PDF.

Open a PDF in Adobe

Open a PDF in Adobe

Step 2. Hit the Tools tab on the left > Scroll down > Find and click the Redact button.

Click the Redact Button

Click the Redact Button

Step 3. Tap on Properties > Redaction Tool Properties pop-up appears > Click Redacted Area Fill Color option > Choose the white color.

Set the Redaction Color

Set the Redaction Color

Then you can white out on PDF in 2 ways:

➡️Redact Text & Images: Click the Mark for Redaction drop-down > Select Text & Images > Drag the mouse to select text or images > Hit Apply to white out on PDF.

➡️Redact Pages: Click the Mark for Redaction drop-down > Select Pages > Choose to redact the current page or specific page > Hit Apply.

White Out on PDF in Adobe

White Out on PDF in Adobe

However, Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn’t support you redacting the PDF. You must complete the subscription which costs $29.96 per month.If you want to find a free tool to white out on PDF, please read on to learn the following 3 solutions.

How to White Out on PDF on Preview

For Mac users, Preview is a lifesaver for reading and editing PDF files. The operation of whitening out on PDF can be completed with a few simple clicks.

Step 1. Right-click the file > Click Open with > Choose Preview.

Open PDF with Preview

Open PDF with Preview

Step 2. Click Tools > Hover over Annotate > Select Rectangle > Box out the area you want to operate.

Select the Area

Select the Area

Step 3. Change the default margin and fill-in color to white.

White Out on PDF with Preview

White Out on PDF with Preview

Preview is only suitable for Mac users. For users using other devices, online tools will be a better choice. Whiteout on PDF online is not limited by any device or system.

How to White Out on PDF Online

PDFgear online PDF editor offers various features for PDF processing. Compressing, splitting, converting, extracting, rotating, and creating a PDF is made easy with just one click.

As for editing in PDFs, PDFgear supports adding signatures, images, texts, shapes, highlights, and so on.

To white out on PDF with PDFgear, follow the 2 steps below.

Step 1. Upload the PDF to PDFgear

Go to PDFgear online PDF editor > Click Choose files > Select a PDF from your device.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file directly to the upload box.

Add the PDF to PDFgear

Add the PDF to PDFgear

Step 2. White Out on PDF

Click Add or Edit annotations > Choose Add Shapes > Add Rectangle > Box out the area > Navigate to Change Color and Change Stroke Color > Select the white color to set both of these options.

Alternatively, you can select the area with the Text Box tool.

White Out on PDF with PDFgear

White Out on PDF with PDFgear

Since the PDFgear online tool limits files to 20MB, consider using PDFgear software, which is also completely free. It supports batch processing without any file size or quantity limits.


How To White Out a PDF for Free?

PDFgear can help you white out on PDF for free. Go to PDFgear Online Editor > Upload the PDF > Navigate to Add or Edit annotations > Hit the Add Shapes button > Choose a shape you desire > Cover the content > Change the fill color and the stroke color to White.

Can I White Out a PDF with Adobe?

Yes. You can white out a PDF with the redaction tool in Adobe. Fire up Adobe Acrobat Pro > Locate the Redact tool > Click Mark for Redaction > Select Redact Text & Images > Box out the area > In the Properties, change the Redacted Area Fill Color to white > Hit OK to apply the redaction.

How Do I White Out Text on a PDF With My iPhone?

PDFgear can be used on iOS, so you can white out the PDF on iPhone using PDFgear. Download the PDFgear > Navigate to Annotate > Choose the Rectangle or Circle > Box out the area > Change the fill color and stroke color to white.


The above four methods of whitening PDF efficiently are all very desirable. You can choose different ways to whitewash the PDF depending on the device you are using and your vision. Of course, PDFgear is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS, and also has online tools, so PDFgear will be a tool suitable for the majority of users.

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