How to Insert Checkboxes in a PDF in 3 Simple Methods

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This article explores 3 most effective ways to add checkmarks to your PDF files, such as using PDFgear and Adobe Acrobat, along with offline and online alternatives.

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Insert Checkbox in PDF

Insert Checkbox in PDF

When you receive a questionnaire or feedback form, you can express your choice by ticking or crossing the box, making data collection and organization more efficient.

You don’t have to copy a checkbox from the internet and paste it onto the PDF form. There are some PDF editors like Adobe or PDFgear that allow you to add checkboxes, form fields, and other elements in a professional way.

How to Insert a Checkbox in PDF Using PDFgear

PDFgear stands out as an excellent free PDF editor, simplifying the process of adding interactive checkboxes to your PDFs. Most PDF editing software charges for the ‘Insert Checkbox’ feature, but PDFgear provides a free solution.

Its intuitive interface allows you to fill out PDF forms with checkboxes and tick marks or crosses without needing any special skills. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive set of PDF editing features, enabling you to edit your PDF file as you would in a Microsoft Word document.

Follow the simple steps below, you can insert a checkbox with just a few simple clicks using PDFgear:

Step 1. Open PDF File in PDFgear

To add checkboxes in PDF, first, you have to download and install PDFgear on your device on Windows or Mac device.

Open a PDF in PDFgear to Add Checkboxes

Open a PDF in PDFgear to Add Checkboxes

Once you install the app, open your PDF file by clicking on the “Open File” button.

Step 2. Add Check Boxes in a PDF

Once the file is open, navigate to the ‘Form’ tab in the top menu bar. From there, you will find various options to fill out PDF forms.

Open the Form Filling Tools

Open the Form Filling Tools

Click on the checkbox icon, then drag it to where you want to add it. You can adjust the size of the box by pulling its frame. Now, you can choose to place a tick mark or a cross in the checkbox.

Add Checkboxes to PDF Using PDFgear

Add Checkboxes to PDF Using PDFgear

Step 3. Save the PDF forms

once you are done working with your PDF files. You should always save the form by selecting the “Save” or “Save As” button in the upper left corner to save it to the folder of your choice.

How to Add Multiple Checkboxes in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe, the creator of the PDF format, leads the way with Adobe Acrobat for editing PDFs. When you add a checkbox with Acrobat, you can customize the appearance of the checkbox by changing the line thickness and style. It also allows you to choose from various styles like a circle, cross, diamond, square, or star.

However, it’s a bit tricky to learn and can be costly. For basic checkbox needs, it might be more than you need. Now let’s walk through the steps to insert multiple checkboxes in a PDF with Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and open the PDF file you want to edit.

Step 2. Click on the “Tools” option in the toolbar and select “Prepare Form” from the dropdown.

Step 3. Once in the “Prepare Form” mode, click on the “Add checkbox” icon. Draw the checkboxes or use the checkbox icon to add multiple checkboxes as needed.

Select the Add Check Box Icon

Select the Add Check Box Icon

Step 4. To customize the checkboxes’ appearance, click on the “Properties” option. Adjust settings such as form field, visibility, colors, line style, and tick mark font size.

Customize the Check Box Properties in Acrobat

Customize the Check Box Properties in Acrobat

Step 5. Click “Close in Preview” and then “Save” to complete the process.

How to Add a Checkbox to a PDF Online for Free

The quickest way to add a checkbox to a PDF is by using an online tool. PDFgear offers a free method to add checkboxes to your PDFs without downloading any software. As an online tool, it allows unlimited PDF uploads and edits without the need to register. This makes it easy to add checkboxes to PDFs from any device.

Here are the simple steps to insert a checkbox in a PDF using PDFgear’s free online editor:

Step 1. Upload your PDF File Online

Open your web browser and go to PDFgear’s online PDF editor.

Upload a File to PDF Editor Online

Upload a File to PDF Editor Online

Click the “Upload PDF files” button to upload the PDF form that you want to add checkboxes.

Step 2. Add Check Boxes to PDF Online

After your PDF is uploaded, pick the “Add and Edit Form Fields” option, and a toolbar will show up.

Add and Edit Form Fields Online

Add and Edit Form Fields Online

PDFgear provides various options, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and list boxes.

Insert Checkboxes in PDF Online using PDFgear

Insert Checkboxes in PDF Online using PDFgear

Click the checkbox icon in the top toolbar and tap on the form where you want to put it, then a new checkbox will appear.

Step 3. Download the PDF Form

Right-click inside the check box and select Properties to change the checkbox settings such as size, visibility, and appearance.

Customize the CheckBox Properties in PDFgear

Customize the CheckBox Properties in PDFgear

Preview the document to verify your settings are correct, then download the form file to your device.

Insert Checkbox in PDF: FAQs

How to Insert a Tick Mark in a PDF Form?

Step 1. Launch the PDFgear application and open the PDF form you want to edit.

Step 2. Look for the “Tick” tool under the Form tab. Click on it to activate the tool.

Step 3. Move your cursor to the location on the PDF form where you want to insert the checkmark. Click to place it.

How to Add a Fillable Text Box to a PDF Without Acrobat?

PDFgear is a great alternative to Acrobat for adding a text box to a PDF. Open your PDF file with PDFgear, then navigate to the ‘Annotate’ tab and choose ‘Text Box.’ Place your cursor where you want the text box, and you can now type the desired text into it.

How to Add a Clickable Checkbox in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat?

To add a clickable checkbox in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, go to the ‘Prepare Form‘ mode under the ‘More Tools’ tab. Click on the checkbox to create it and then access its properties by double-clicking on it.

How to Group Checkboxes in Fillable PDF Form?

Step 1. Open your fillable PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Find ‘Prepare Form’ under the ‘Tools’ tab.

Step 2. Right-click a checkbox, choose ‘Properties,’ and name the checkbox group when prompted.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 for each checkbox, entering the same name.

Step 4. Now, your checkboxes are grouped. Marking one checkbox marks all with the same name.


No matter whether you want to tick or cross answers on a PDF form, all 3 methods mentioned in this post should work for you. Using Adobe Acrobat to insert checkboxes into PDFs can be costly, as the software is not free, and subscriptions can be quite expensive.

PDFgear may offer a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution for inserting checkboxes into PDFs. Whether you want to insert checkboxes into a PDF online or offline, PDFgear is the only tool you need to download for everything.

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