Can You Print PDFs with Comments, Mark-ups, and Annotations? Here Are 4 Detailed Methods for You

Last updated on May 31, 2023

Summary :

PDFs are widely used in offices. Printing PDFs with comments is an excellent way to improve feedback and facilitate collaboration. This article introduces four device-compatible printing methods.

Print PDFs with Comments

While virtual printers offer various printing formats, all these options will flatten your comments when printing. Nevertheless, certain software provides the option to preserve comments when printing pdf with a virtual printer.

Now, how can you select a practical and efficient printing tool or software? Read on to learn the solutions to this matter.

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How To Print PDFs with Comments Using Adobe Acrobat

When you want to rotate, convert, compress, crop, scan a PDF or fill in a PDF form, the first choice that comes to your mind is Adobe Acrobat. Because it has always been able to provide very professional and extensive solutions for editing PDF documents.

You can not only add comments to your PDF files but also print a PDF with a comments summary. This greatly reduces the communication cost and feedback time between you and your colleagues.

Here are a few simple steps on how to print PDFs with comments in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1. Personalize Modify Commenting Settings

Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat > Click Edit in the upper left corner > Choose Preferences to open a pop-up > Uncheck Hide comment pop-ups when Comments List is open and check Print notes and pop-ups in the Commenting categories.

Personalize the Commenting Setting in Adobe Acrobat

Personalize the Commenting Setting in Adobe Acrobat

Step 2. Print PDF

There are 3 ways to fire up the print process:

1. Press “Ctrl” + “P” on the keyboard (if you are a Mac user, press “Command” + ”P”).

2. Click the Print file icon in the upper left ribbon.

3. Select Print in the File drop-down.

Bring up the Print Window on Adobe Acrobat

Bring up the Print Window on Adobe Acrobat

Step 3. Print PDF with Comments

Navigate to the Comments & Forms > Choose Document and Markups in the drop-down > Click on Summarize Comments > Tap on Yes in the pop-up > Click the Print button.

Save a PDF with Comments from Adobe Acrobat

Save a PDF with Comments from Adobe Acrobat

Now you get a PDF copy with comments:

PDF with Comments Summary

PDF with Comments Summary

If you are a Mac user, fortunately, you don’t have to install additional software on your device to print PDFs with comments.

How To Print PDFs with Comments Via Preview

Preview is a very powerful built-in PDF Viewer for Mac. Of course, it is also very good at editing PDFs. You can comment, encrypt, and sign PDFs.

To better facilitate collaboration, Preview allows you to display comments in the form of annotations while printing.

Step 1. Open PDF File

Select the PDF > Click Open with > Choose Preview

Open PDF with Preview

Open PDF with Preview

Step 2. Fire Up Print Windows

Two methods are available on Preview to start print:

1. Press the shortcut “Command” + “P” on the keyboard.

2. Click the File drop-down menu > Select Print button.

Start Print Process on Preview

Start Print Process on Preview

Step 3. Customize Print Settings

Check Show Notes > Click Print in the lower right corner.

You can see the printing effect in the preview window on the left.

Print and Save a PDF with Notes

Print and Save a PDF with Notes

If you are a Windows user and find the subscription fees of Adobe Acrobat too high, then the following Adobe Acrobat alternative is exactly what you need.

How To Print PDFs with Comments With Foxit

As one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, Foxit is not only a good PDF reader but also a recommended PDF editor and converter. Foxit supports you to extract pages from PDFs, crop pages, and printing PDF files with a comments summary.

There is no complicated operation process, three steps can perfectly solve your problem.

Step 1. Open Foxit on Your Device

Install Foxit Software > Click Open File on the left panel > Choose a PDF from your device.

Open PDF with Foxit

Open PDF with Foxit

Step 2. Set Commenting

Go to File > Locate Preference > Click Commenting in the Preference pop-up > Check Print notes and pop-ups.

Check the Commenting Settings

Check the Commenting Settings

Step 3. Print PDF with Comments

Navigate to File > Choose Print > Click Summarize Comments > Choose Document and markups in the drop-down > Tap on OK.

Print a PDF with Comments from Foxit

Print a PDF with Comments from Foxit

Foxit offers a free trial period of only 14 days, after which a subscription fee ranging from $14.99 to $149 is required.

However, it is worth exploring PDFgear, a PDF printer that provides a wide range of professional functions.

How To Print PDFs with Comments Using PDFgear

PDFgear offers an exceptional printing function. It allows you to share, fax, convert, and save documents through printing. With easy settings, you can utilize advanced features like batch printing, PDF printing with annotations, and color printing.

Furthermore, PDFgear provides a one-stop PDF solution, offering PDF creation, editing, sharing, and a range of features such as cropping, scanning, compressing, splitting, and rotating PDFs.

It also allows free chat-based interactions for analyzing, extracting, and summarizing PDF articles.

Step 1. Install PDFgear Desktop

Enter the official website to download the PDFgear Desktop or you can install it by clicking the button below.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Import PDF to PDFgear

Open PDFgear Desktop > Click Open File in the main interface > Choose a PDF from the device.

Open PDF with PDFgear Desktop

Open PDF with PDFgear Desktop

Step 3. Print PDF with Comments

Click Print on the upper ribbon > Check Print Annotations > Tap on Print.

If you have series PDFs, you can choose the Batch Print button and click Add PDF Files to import other PDFs. There is no quantity or file size limit, please feel free to use.

Print PDF from PDFgear

Print PDF from PDFgear


PDFgear currently only supports printing comments in the form of annotations.


How Do I Save a PDF with Visible Comments?

Although you can’t edit a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can you print a PDF with visible comments. Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader > Go to “File” > Choose “Print” Tab > Click “Summarize Comments” > Choose “Document and Markups” > Click on “Print”.

How Do I Print Comments from a PDF in Word?

You can Print comments from a PDF in Word by following these steps: Open PDF with Microsoft Word > Press “Ctrl+P”/”Command+P” > Check “Print Markup” in the “Print All Pages” drop-down > Click “Print”.

Is It Possible To Print a PDF with Comments?

Sure. You can print PDFs with comments with Adobe Acrobat, Preview, Foxit, and PDFgear. But considering the subscription fee and device adaptation, PDFgear will be the best solution. Because it is completely free and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even iOS.


In conclusion, printing a PDF with comments is a straightforward process that requires just a few simple clicks. However, when it comes to selecting the right tool, it’s important to consider your system and specific requirements. For this purpose, we highly recommend PDFgear, a free and professional PDF Printer.

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