3 Simple Ways to Remove Signature from PDF[Free and Paid Options]

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Learn how to easily remove signatures from PDFs with our simple step-by-step guide. You can remove digital, handwritten, or stamped signatures with ease.

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Remove Signature from PDF

Remove Signature from PDF

You might need to remove or delete a signature from a PDF if you made a mistake, want to replace it, or no longer need it on the document. However, when dealing with legally significant documents, be cautious and keep backup copies.

No matter whether you want to remove a signature on Mac, PC, or online, PDFgear can help. Follow these simple methods to remove or delete a signature from a PDF.

How To Remove Signature From PDF on Mac and Windows

Unlike other free PDF editors, PDFgear doesn’t limit your access to advanced features, including editing PDF text, AI OCR technology, and PDF conversion. It also allows you to create signatures using a mouse, touchpad, or keyboard for document security.

PDFgear Desktop does not offer a direct signature removal feature for security and legal reasons. Nevertheless, it provides a workaround that involves covering the signature with a rectangle. Here’s how PDFgear can help you with that:

PDFgear Desktop – Add Digital Signature to PDF

Easily sign your PDF documents with PDFgear Desktop. Use various signature options, including uploading an image or creating a custom signature.

Step 1. Open the PDF Document

Launch PDFgear Desktop and open the PDF document that contains the signature you want to remove.

Click on the “Annotation” tab in PDFgear to access all markup tools, and choose the “Rectangle” tool from the annotation toolbar.

Choose to Add a Rectangle

Choose to Add a Rectangle

Step 2. Draw a rectangle to cover the signature

Click and drag to draw a rectangle over the area where the signature is located. This rectangle will cover the signature.

Remove the Signature

Remove the Signature

You can adjust the size and position of the rectangle to ensure it completely covers the signature.

Step 3. Save the PDF

After covering the signature with the rectangle, save the PDF document to apply the changes.

How To Remove Signature From PDF Online

If you seek a no-download, no-installation solution, PDFgear’s online PDF editor is a top pick. It enables free online removal of digital signatures from PDFs, whether or not you’re the signer, ensuring data security.

As previously mentioned, PDFgear lacks a direct signature removal feature. You can only use a workaround by adding a rectangle to conceal the signature.

Step 1. Visit the PDFgear online PDF editor on your web browser. Upload the PDF document from which you want to remove the signature.

Open a PDF with PDFgear Online

Open a PDF with PDFgear Online

Step 2. Once the PDF is loaded, select the “Add Shape” tool and choose the “Rectangle” option from the editing menu.

Add a Rectangle

Add a Rectangle

Step 3. Draw a rectangle over the area containing the signature. Make sure the rectangle completely covers the signature. Adjust the rectangle’s color, size, and opacity as needed.

Remove the Signature Online

Remove the Signature Online

Step 4. Save the edited PDF and the signature will be covered by the rectangle.

How To Remove Signature From PDF in Adobe Acrobat

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your Windows or Mac computer, you can easily remove a digital signature from a PDF in just three simple steps, provided that you are the signer of the PDF. Follow these steps to remove a signature in Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Start by opening Adobe Acrobat and click on “File” at the top. Then choose “Open” to open the PDF file where you want to get rid of the digital signature.

Remove Digital Signature in Adobe

Remove Digital Signature in Adobe

Step 2. Once the PDF is open, find the page with the digital signature you want to delete.

Step 3. When you’ve located the signature, hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click on the signature area you want to remove. Then pick “Clear Signature” from the menu that appears.


Is legal to remove a signature from PDF?

It’s unethical and inappropriate to remove a digital signature from a PDF document without the signer’s consent. For security reasons, you can only remove your own signature.

Why I can’t remove the signature from PDF?

You may not completely remove the signature, as the signature may be embedded in the PDF document itself. Additionally, some signature tools may leave behind a “ghost” signature that can still be detected, even after removal.

What software removes digital signature?

For digital signature removal, use Adobe Acrobat or PDFgear as explained. Note that it may have legal implications, so ensure proper permissions and understand consequences.

How to edit a signed PDF?

For editing a signed PDF, you can convert the PDF to Word using PDFgear. Then, you can edit any text in the PDF document, including the added signature

The Conclusion

In this article, we’ll explore three methods to remove signatures from PDFs. The first two methods are cost-free, and PDFgear offers a wide range of features beyond signature removal, including PDF compressing, PDF text editing, and more. While Adobe Acrobat offers a convenient signature removal option, it comes at a cost.

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