Free Online PDF Editor with Whiteout Tool: White Out Texts, Images in PDF

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Check this guide showing you the best PDF editor with whiteout feature. It can easily help you remove any selections of texts, images, annotations from a PDF page. Start reading now!

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Whiteout PDF Online Free

Whiteout PDF Online Free

Whiting out a PDF means using a white square to hide or remove any content in a PDF. It is similar to redacting a PDF, except that redacting usually means hiding your content below black bars.

The whiteout tool is quite useful for all PDF editors. When last-minute mistakes are found, you can cover them all in just several clicks without being noticed. Moreover, others can’t possibly access the content below the white square so the confidentiality of your document is protected. Now, check the following content and follow us to white out your PDF.

The Best Free Online PDF Editor to Whiteout PDF

People will love using PDFgear online editor to white out any PDF at their first upload. Firstly, PDFgear puts data security into priority. No data will be shared with third parties. Secondly, this tool is completely free.

You can upload any PDF, whether it is big or small, and use the whiteout tool as many times as you want without costing a penny. What’s better, it provides more practical tools for you to edit PDFs, for example,

1. Edit text, format text, underline text, strikethrough text.

2. Add comments, highlights, and annotations to the PDF.

3. Add your legally binding e-signature to a PDF document effortlessly and securely.

4. Easily enrich your PDF with stamps to communicate messages in a straightforward way.

How to Whiteout PDF Online for Free Step by Step

PDFgear’s online editor makes it extremely easy to whiteout PDF. Even if you have never tried to whiteout a PDF before, you can catch up with the steps easily. Now, let’s get started!

Step 1. Import Your PDF

Go to PDFgear’s online editor, click on “Choose Files,” select your PDF, and upload. Drag and drop will also work.

Open a PDF in Online Editor

Open a PDF in Online Editor

Step 2. Select the Areas You Want to White Out

Click on “Add or Edit Annotations” > “Add Shapes.” Choose from a circle, square, or polygon, and apply it to the area you want to white out.

Select the Area You Want to White Out

Select the Area You Want to White Out

Can’t find what you want to white out? Type in anything in the search tool, and PDFgear will help you locate all sensitive information in the PDF document.

Step 3. Change the Fill and Stroke Color

Click on the paintbrush icon, select white, and everything inside the square will be covered. Then click on the eraser icon, select white too, and the shape will disappear as well.

Change Filler Color and Strike Color

Change Filler Color and Strike Color


1. What is whiteout in PDF?

Whiteout means using a white square to remove or hide any information in PDF. Whiteout is a useful tool to fix last-minute mistakes in PDF and make sure others don’t have access to specific content.

2. How do I white out in Adobe for free?

Download Adobe Acrobat and launch it. Open your PDF file. Go to Tools > Redact. Under the option of Mark for Redaction, choose Text & Images. Select specific text and images you want to whiteout. Go to properties of the redaction tool, change the fill color to white, and then confirm.

3. Is there a free online PDF editor with whiteout?

Yes, there is. PDFgear is a completely free online PDF editor with a whiteout feature. You just need to shape a shape, then change the fill color to white, and you get a whited out PDF. No download, no hidden charge.


Now, you are a master in whiting out PDFs. Feel free to use PDFgear’s whiteout tool or any others to help you create more professional PDFs. By the way, PDFgear desktop doesn’t only allow you to white out a PDF but also provides you with more advanced features like unlocking PDF. Have a fun PDF editing journey at PDFgear!

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