How to Quickly Fill Out PDFs Online for Free [2024]

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Interacting with a fillable PDF for surveys is no longer a deal. Read on and get the detailed guide to fill out files online for free.

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Fill Out a PDF Online for Free

Fill Out a PDF Online for Free

Fillable PDF files are now widely used as a more instant and environmentally-friendly info-collecting option.

When registering for enrollment or taking a consumer survey, you often receive fillable PDF documents.

But how to fill the file if there’s no app on hand doing so?

This article will show you step-by-step the methods to fill a PDF online for FREE. No matter where you are, having a device with networks, tasks can be easily completed.

Mastering PDF Forms: Quickly Fill Files with PDFgear and Do Even More

PDFgear is a 100% free PDF solution with no email registration. Its online toolkit is well-equipped and aims to ease your work anywhere, and anytime.

The online PDF form filler is effective with fast file opening and thumbnail viewing.

Within a few steps, work on your PDFs with no fuss. 👇

Step 1. Open PDF in Online Filler

Add a PDF to PDFgear Online

Add a PDF to PDFgear Online

Step 2. Fill PDF

Now, follow the prompts. Enter info, or check in the blanket or checkbox presented.

Fill Out a PDF in PDFgear Online

Fill Out a PDF in PDFgear Online

Step 3. Download PDF for Saving

After completing the form, click Submit Form or Download to save the file.

Save the Filled File in PDFgear Online

Save the Filled File in PDFgear Online

This document is now on the device for submission.

To make some edits or changes in the fillable files, PDFgear also enables text highlight signatures and even form creation in a PDF.

Sometimes the files you receive may not be truly fillable ones. In this case, you can make it editable and add text to it.

Bear in mind that opening files over 20MB in the online tool usually takes longer. To make work more efficient, PDFgear software is provided as a boon.

PDFgear – Free Form Filler

Experience remarkable efficiency in PDF filling, form creation, editing, converting, and more.

This software is also free and requires no sign-up. The comprehensive features can cope with more PDF annotating and organizing works.

Fill Out a PDF with PDFgear

Fill Out a PDF with PDFgear

Alternatives to Fill Out PDFs with Ease

PDFgear’s online form filler not only covers your PDF filling needs but also offers additional features. If you want to open files via Chrome or you’re an avid fan of Adobe, the two ways below are for you:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome owns the biggest Internet browser market share. If it is your default browser, you already have a handy form filler.

Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer for you to present the files and offers great convenience when you obtain the fillable PDF directly from web pages:

Open Chrome > Click the link of the file you need to fill > Fill the file out > Download

Fill Out a PDF in Google Chrome

Fill Out a PDF in Google Chrome

Chrome is handy, but it does not offer any advanced PDF-filling features. If you need a professional tool for filling, here’s the one for you.

Adobe Acrobat Online Filler

Adobe Acrobat sets the industry benchmark with its expertise in PDF editing and E-signing.

While its software holds many of us back for the costly subscription, the online form filler is free to use.

  • Open a file in Adobe Acrobat online filler and signer
  • Fill the PDF out
  • Save the PDF to your device
Fill Out PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Fill Out PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat’s online filler can generate a link to the file for submission or share, making collaborating simpler.

Please note that you’ll still be asked to sign up or log in to Adobe before file filling, and get free access once every 30 days. But for temporary use, it’s a good option.

All the methods introduced above are accessible on any device and come with no charges. Still, if you want to fill out a file with no limit, PDFgear is the one to go.

For more questions about filling out PDFs online, find the answers below.


How to fill out a PDF form that was emailed to me?

Before filling out a PDF, download the PDF from the email and make sure it’s fillable:

Open it in PDFgear online form filler > Fill out the PDF > Download the file to your device

Why can’t I fill out a PDF form online?

There are several reasons for that:

  1. The PDF is opened with a viewer that does not support fillable files.
  2. The web browser is not compatible with the online form filler.
  3. The PDF is not fillable.
  4. No internet connection

Thus, you should check your browser, files, online tools and internet connection before filling out the form.

How do I make a fillable PDF for free?

PDFgear form filler is free for you to create a fillable PDF. Simply

  • Open a PDF in PDFgear
  • Add and Edit Form Fields
  • Add Textbox, Checkbox, Dropdown, or Listbox to make the file interactive
  • Download file


The three online methods are all fast and free for you to fill out PDFs with. Google Chrome and Adobe’s tool are handy, but they’ve got some limits. So, we recommend PDFgear – it’s hassle-free with no sign-up needed and no use limitations.

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